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Saturday, January 21, 2017


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I totally agree as i m stuck on band 7 while i need 7.5 .Can u please explain what i should do

Hi Guys , anyone with the answers for IELTS General Reading module? It was a bit tricky

Answers for General Reading -IELTS 21st Jan 2017

So very true!

Hi Simon,

Thank you for giving this valuable advice. I always keep that in mind. Knowing that my exam is due to at the end of this year, I try to remember as much advice as I can.

I was following this page more than a year because the method really worked for me, it helped me increase my overall band score from 4.0 (in May, 2015) to 6.5 (Sep, 2016). Now, I sometimes visit Simon's page like a habit.

Thank you very much, Simon.

Dear simon!
My exsm question yesterday was" new parents should attend parent classes to learn how to bring up their chlidren. Do you agree or diagree?

I wrote the whole essay about agree point of view.. i didnt write the other point... will i be able to get 7?? Last time i wrote both sides and i got 7..

Hi Simon

I am still new my first IELTS exam is going to be on 8/4/2017 please I need your help I am confused how to study and from where to start specially in writing and the passages.

Thank You :)

Love u Simon!!!!!

Help please :(

I absolutely agree with you and wish more test takers understood this. When someone who has an intermediate level of English says he/she needs a 7.5, for example, the first thing needed is to take steps to boost the overall language level. IELTS preparation on its own will not do that.

Dear Simon,

I am struggling to attain an overall band 8 for
the IELTS examinations. I have been achieving 9s and 8.5s for listening and reading, while getting 7s and 7.5s for writing and speaking, even with the extra private tutoring I am receiving. I would like to know if there is any consistent method for achieving my minimum score of 8 for each section. I am taking the general paper.


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