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Sunday, January 29, 2017


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I agree too.

Now I fully understand what is native english. Thanks Simon.

Dear Simon,
is this true using below structures in WT2?

- it is no doubt true that...
- it would appear that ...
- viewed from that this angle...
- viewed from another angle ...
- another important reason could be thought that...
- it is evident that...
- as a result of this fact ...
- it is understandable that...


Hi Simon. I took notice. From that time on, I will try to sound naturally

Hi All,

I need to improve my writing skills.(I'm going to take IELTS exam under General Module) Although I tried to work lonely I don't feel that there is an improvement in my writing. Few days ago when I raise this issue in this forum SJM replied me by mentioning that I need feedback for my writing works.

If any IELTS teacher or Native English speaker or anyone like to help me on this please send me a message. I really appreciate your help.
My e-mail : jeff_hot123@yahoo.com

Thank you Simon

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