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December 19, 2016


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I have a question: If the question is "The amount of physical activity for children is 10 minutes", we choose true/false or not given?

Dear Sir,

So, when the answer of that question should be NO?

Dear Simon

I have a question.

best amount = 10 minuts or less → passage
best amount = 10 minites → question

So, I think answer is 'NO' becouse best amount is not '10 minutes'. Best amount is '10 minutes or less'.

Hi Simon,
I have a question related to general reading passage 2 from ILETS Cambridge 11 question 10.

Text is below

It's simple to use. Just Park your car and buy your bus ticket from the bus driver, with the correct money of possible. An individual adult daily return purchased prior to 12:30 hrs for use that day costs ...

The question is below

Bus drivers do not give change so you must have the correct money with you

In the answer part, correct answer was false, however, I think it is not given. If you have free time, please advice.

optimal - formal: the best or most suitable. SO it's synonyms.

Does the passage tell us that 10 minutes is the best amount of physical activity? But why NO if it's synonyms?

optimal it's formal variant = best or most suitable.Longman dictionary.

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