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November 24, 2016


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The line graph illustrates the quantity of waste products produced by companies A,B, and C for a period of one and a half decades.

It is evidently seen that company C has increased gradually in the production of waste from year 2000 to 2015. However, in companies A and B, both had a similar downward trend in the amount of waste that they produced in the same period of year.

It is interesting to note that in companies B and C, both had increase dramatically in their waste production with a staggering approximation of 2 tonnes between the year 2000 and 2005. In addition, the gap between both companies have remained in the amount of 4 to 5 tonnes. On the other hand, in the same period, company A had experience a decline in their waste production for more than a ton.

Furthermore, during the year 2010, company B and company C had the same amount of waste, which is seven tonnes, produced in this mentioned year. Moreover, after five years, company C remained its upward course until finally it gained its way to become the highest company that produced a huge quantity of waste products.

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Dear simon
why do you use past perfect tense in the last sentence ?
thanks in advance

Dear Simon,
Please tell me what is the meaning of use as "in terms of" in the first line?

Past perfect is used with by. It means that tge action or the verb happened before the time which follows the word by.

In terms of means regarding. Google it so that you can read some examples. Here it means that the line graph compares the three companies(in which area?) regarding their waste production. We compare the specific area of waste production not anything else, that is what in terms of means.

It is extremely clear.thanks

thanks a lot dear Lana as well as dear Simon. Now it is extremely clear.

Thanks dear Simon,
You site is relaly helpful and informative.
God Bless you.

Hi Simon,

Is it ok if I use "by-product" as "waste"?

Thank you.

Dear Simon,
Why do you use "while companies A and B saw waste output fall..." instead of "fell"
Could you please explain it to me?
Thanks in advance!

HI Huyen,

"fall" in this case is a noun, not a verb, because there was a verb "saw" in the sentence.
The same way with the sentence "The companies saw an increase..."

Hi dear Simon,
why don`t you group two decreasing lines together and the increasing one in another paragraph?
Which way is better?
Thank you

what's the diffence between "the amounts of waste" and "the amount of waste " ? Thanks

Why in the last paraphgh you used past perfect , the sentence started with by 2015 ..., can you please explain to me?

The line graph compares three companies in terms of their waste production, over a period of 15 years.
Overall, the quantity of waste produced by all the three companies changed considerably throughout the period. Though the waste production was higher in companies A and B during the initial year, company C had show a significant rose by the end of the period.
In 2000, company C had the lowest production of waste at only 4 tonnes while the amount of waste released by company A and B was 12 and nearly 8 tonnes respectively. Thereafter a slight increase can be noticed in the waste production of company B and C by 2 tonnes within 5 years whereas a reduction of one tonne of waste was seen in company A at the same time.
After 2005, the amount of waste released by company C surged to 10 tonnes which then became the highest waste producing company by the end of the period. On contrast, a decreasing trend is seen in the case of company A and B. By 2015 the output of waste from company A fell gradually by approximately 3 times and the waste output of company B nosedived to 3 tonnes.

Dear Simon

your answer in second graph why is [While companies A and B saw waste output fall over the 15-year period ,]
why not use the simple past [while companies A and B saw waste output fell over 15-year period ]

this question just boring me a long time ,hope you message


We already have 'saw' in the past, so we use the next verb in it's infinitive form. Look at an easier example with the first person "I":

"I saw him arrive"
NOT: "I saw him arrived"

Thank you

What a nice answer!
thanks a lot

Many Thanks for free guidance
let me ask, isn`t the last sentence of 4th paragraph unnecessary or redundant as it is kind of repetition of previous ones giving same information in different ways?

Hi there
Why did you choose to divide your body paragraphs into years this way?

I've read several posts of yours about 'Writing Task 1' and tried to follow the instructions though.. I don't know what exactly is my problem. I've felt that I'm repeating some same terms quite a lot of times and felt paralysed having no other thing to write more about. Nevertheless.. I tried to do my best and still ready to improve myself more by learning further !!

Thank you so much for your valuable advices & concerns always!

The line graph compares the waste produced by three companies over between 2000 and 2015.

Overall we can say that the amount of waste by company C increased while company A and company B decreased for a period of time.

In 2000, Company A produced the highest amount of waste which was 12 tones and company C produced the lowest amount of waste which was roughly 4 tones.
At the moment, Company B was in the middle of them in terms of the waste production.

Although company B was seemingly going to go over company A by 2015, a huge decrease in its production of waste started since then, and finally reached the point of the lowest production of waste.
In comparison to that, the amount of waste in company C continuously increased and by 2015, it has become the highest amount. As company C had a great increase over the period of time as well as a non-stop increase, Company A comparably had a continuous decrease, and a non-stop decrease as well.

hello sir
is it important to write the that units are given so and so..

Hi, Simon
Do you think it is necessary to describe the intersection point in the article?

Simon please respond

Can I group 2 lines and describe in para.3
and describe the last line in para.4 ?

The line graph compares the waste production by three different companies between the year 2000 and 2015.
Overall, it can be seen that there was a gradual decrease in the amount of waste output of company A and B, while company C increased dramatically over the period shown. It is also noticeable that company C produces the least in the three companies at first, but it became the biggest producer at the end of period.
In 2000, there were 12 tonnes of waste that were produced by company A, while the amount of waste material produced by company B and C was 8 tonnes and 4 tonnes respectively. Over the following 5 years, the waste output of company A fell to about 11 tonnes, while the figures for company B and C rose to 10 tonnes and 6 tonnes respectively.
Between 2005 and 2015, Company A cut its waste production by roughly 3 tonnes and company B’s waste also decreased to 7 tonnes. By contrast, the amount of waste material of company C rose to 4 tonnes over the same period of 10 years. In 2015, the respective amount of waste output from company A and B dropped to 8 tonnes and 3 tonnes, while company C’s waste rose considerately to 10 tonnes.

Dear Simon,
Can I use 'the amount of waste'instead of the amounts of waste ?

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