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Sunday, October 30, 2016


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Hi Simon,

Can you please help me out with this recently asked essay in the exam.I mean,that how to structure this type of essays where you have to give your opinion in terms of positive or negative development and have to give the answer for the other question too.Waiting for your helpful reply, because I have my exam on this coming Thursday.

"Nowadays people buy a lot of unnecessary manufactured products. Is it a positive or negative development? What is the effect of this on the individual and the society?"

hello Simon
if i write "euro"without capital "E" could i get the score?
how about name and address

Hi Simon,
May I ask for your help on GT writing please. When the reason of letter is not very clear how do we need to start the writing? I have recently had this question in exam and would be very thankful to see your response to that.

Writing Task 1:
you have recently organized a party for your company at a hotel and every thing was good except few things write a letter to manager of hotel and say:
-detail of the party
-why you were pleased about the service
-suggest for improvement

Hi Dhaval,
Here is a "negative or positive" essay written by Simon: http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2015/12/ielts-writing-task-2-positive-or-negative-essay.html
Not sure about the latter though.

Hi Nkd,

Thanks for the help, and no problem for the latter part it's ok. Now I will concentrate only on positive and negative development essays because I don't have time exams on Thursday.

Hi Simon,
Please let me know if you come to Australia for a Session. I and my family will be more than happy to host you!

Hi, Simon. Always many thanks for your posts and work ! I have been greatly helped by your essays.... Though my questions are a bit irrelevant to this post, could you help me to figure out?

1) Can I get 7.0 in writing if my task1 is 6.5 and task2 is 7.0? (that means an average is 6.8333 -> rounded up to 7.0?)

2) Is it no harm to describe only one reason when the question is asking "reasons"?

Thank you in advance, your answer will be extremely helpful!


No. The writing score is not rounded up.

If the question asks for reasons and you give one reason then technically you are only partially answering the question. It's the same in General Task 1 when the question asks for problems or actions. Always fully answer the question.


then 6.8333 -> rounded down to 6.5...?
Are you sure?

Yes. That's one of the reasons it is very difficult to achieve the 7 level.

Hi, Simon,

In other words, I have to get each of 2 tasks 7.0 to get a 7.0 in total ?

then below estimation is wrong...?
(She also says that it's her guess.)


I can't give you any further information except to say that the scores are calculated using an algorithm that takes into account more factors that I can discuss here. Take my word for it that, generally speaking, when scores for Task 1 and 2 are combined, they need to reach 7.

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