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Sunday, September 25, 2016


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Dear Simon,
I attended an IELTS seminar with an IELTS examiner. She advised the following books. What is your opinion about it?
- Focus on IELTS Academic skills


Dear Simon, Is it acceptable to write plural form within bracket e.g. Painting(s), Toy(s)..

I have been suffering from this problem since I began. Every listening test I have at least 2-3 mistakes due to spelling or plural forms which I consider very frustrating! I am able to detect the words but a lack of few alphabets take my marks away!!

Hello Simon,
You are doing a great work. Thank you!
I will pass the exam on Oct 22. My last attempt was two years ago and I got overall 7 with L 6, R 7.5, W 7, S 6.5. I haven't had good preparation this time, less thank 1 month is left(
The volume of your material is impressive, I'am afraid, I won't manage to review everything( Would you please kindly advise me which parts of your website to look better at? Writing and speaking are the biggest problems for me. The rest I will manage somehow. Thank you in advance.

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