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Sunday, August 14, 2016


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good tips! but i think the second approach is more suitable for me...

Hi Simon,

I am free every day and I need a study plan for IELTS, I have to improve on reading and writing. What is your suggestion for that? I have 1 month.

I am Jason from China. Many thanks for your devotion to your Website and advice for IELTS candidates including me on it. I have followed your passages for more than six months and improved my writing skills with the help of what you have suggested on the site, then I achieved Band 6.5 for writing in a test. But what I am eager to get is Band 7.0 or more, so I have purchased your online courses (Writing Task 1) and had some difficulties in having access to the video.

I tried many times to play the video but failed, then I changed the browser and the same, so what should I do to watch the video successfully?

Another problem is about vocabularies used for describing a line chart. I have wondered whether I could replace "rise, increase or climb" with "ascend, soar, surge" or other words, and "plateau" for "keep stable, keep steady or level off" in a sentence.


You probably need to use a VPN to view the videos in China.

thank you very much Simon, actually 2nd and 3rd methods had crossed my mind but I wasn't sure about them and I was going to ask but now no need:)

so what you are saying is,

1- If I can't find a second idea to support my opinion, I can change to a balanced approach and that way I can partly support the opposite view.

2- I can write about for example, economic perspective supporting my idea in 2nd para, and another perspective for the 3 para.

3- defend your opinion with one idea in 2nd para and refute the opposite idea to "indirectly" support your opinion of 2nd para?

I have been following your blog Simon. The more I read it, the more I am convince why I only got band 7 in my previous IELTS exam. I am aiming for at least 8 in my writing so I can have the points for Superior English. I am still learning techniques from your blogs. Next week, I am going to time myself. Perhaps in another week, I will be sending you my essays for your comments and suggestions. Kindly send me a direct link or your email address so I can send you a sample of my writing. Please email to ebvillaflor814694@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon.


Yes, that's a good summary of what I'm saying.



I don't offer essay checking myself, but I have some trusted colleagues who do. For more information, email me at: ieltssimon@gmail.com

Hi i'm charnjeet from india i'm preparing for ielts exam i want to go abroad but i want to get a uk study visa is it possible

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