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Friday, July 08, 2016


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hey,Simon,I got my score today.
Listening:7.0 Reading:6.5 Writing:6.0 Speaking:6.0
I know this isn't a very good band,but it was my first time to take a IELTS exam,and I wouldnt achieve this goal without your help in this website.
I just want to say,thank you very much.
Pulse´╝îI am gonna to have second exam in August,and I believe that I will get a better score next time. :)

Is it to give examples of my own experience in speaking part 3? Or even use the words I,me,mine?
Thank you

* is it OK

Every time in each answer "for example" looks unnatural.

Always we should obay this pattern?



Yes, it's definitely ok to give personal examples.


H. A. Kader and siamak,

You don't need to use the words "for example". You could miss them and still give the example in a natural way.

However, when I practise these steps with students, many people forget to give an example unless I prompt them with the words "for example". Just saying those two words forces you to move on to the example 'step' in your answer.

Remember that this pattern is just my advice - it's not a rule or obligation. However, I've worked with a lot of students who found it helpful to keep the 3 or 4 steps in mind when answering part 3 questions. If you don't use this technique, you might find that you repeat yourself instead of moving your answer forward.

great! i will follow your advice.

Dear Simon,
I did IELTS exam today. I am satisfied with all parts except task 1.
PLEASE tell me what my score will be in such condition

In task 1, there were 3 pie charts comparing the amount of different 3 groups of people including teenager, children and adult spending on different types of programmes.

I did write and compare and show all the similarities among these pie chart. HOWEVER, i did something stupid . I am so sad about that and I want to know what happens in such condition.

For example, I WROTE "sports and cartoons for children and adults made up 3% and 4%, respectively" , whereas the right one is that " drama and news for chidren and adults made up 3% and 4%"

I did choose the wrong name for each proporation. However, the number and figures are shown, but the wrong name in all the task 1. I am so skeptical that I did such....

so what will happen? my score will be 0? please tell me please



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