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Thursday, June 16, 2016


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True to a point, but you should really emphasize non-repetitive sentence structure. At the very least try, to vary vocabulary and tense where appropriate.

Can I expect a feedback from you guys please? Thanks.
Here is my writing:
Topic: The internet allows us to stay connected with each other no matter where we are. On the other hand it also isolates us and encourages people not to socialize. To what extent do you agree or disagree.
The internet is a blessings of modern science. People remain stay connected through the use of web always. Some other people assumes that internet isolates people and make a hindrance to become socialize. In my opinion, though internet provides us an opportunity to share our views to our relatives, colleagues and friends, it makes people alone as the physical attachment reduces.
Nowadays, different social media plays a vital role in deed. People can connect and share their thoughts, views, status with others easily via internet even with them who stay in home. Various social media such as Facebook, twitter, Imo, Viber, Skype etc help to connect each other. Now video chat like skype is also a familiar way to communicate with desired persons. It is used not only for personal relationship but also business purpose. Another issue is that location and distance do not matter to be stay connected in these days. People can meet their needs through internet which provides various facilities including e-banking, business, shopping, booking, payment of utility bills etc.
Some other people argue that peoples become alone today as no physical and emotional attachment is directly related to each other. Recently, people can do all the activities through internet. So, interaction to other people remains less than previous days. That is why, people now maintain a virtual relationship than actual friendship.
In summarize, I carefully agree that though internet has some drawbacks in our daily life. It has a great impact in our day to day activities and we can remain connected to all of our well-wishers as well.


Please note that I said nothing about vocabulary - that isn't a grammatical structure.

Verb tense is usually dictated by the chart, so it's not easy (and not usually necessary) to worry about varying that.

Of course, I'm not saying that every sentence can be short and simple. But I'm giving 'strong' advice to make an important point: many candidates are so focused on 'grammatical structures' that they forget about everything else. From your answer, I'm worried that you might fall into that trap.

Let me repeat my advice: focus on describing the information shown on the chart. 'Variety of grammatical structures' should be the least of your worries.

I would suggest that using 'whereas' (or 'while') to underpin contrast is a strong option, instead of repeating a phrase like 'By contrast'.
It is also possible to write sentences using adverbial gerunds, such as: Sales grew slowly, rising from $4100 to $5000.
'There was slow growth in sales' is another alternative structure, although it cannot be followed with 'rising from...'.
Starting the sentence with a phrase like 'It is noticeable that...' also generates another structure.
All the above befit the nature of Task 1.

Hello sir
I'm a new member of your group. I have seen your all videos that you have uploaded in youtube. Really, this is very helpful to preparing for ielts. I think those who wants to make yourself for ielts , you should watch simon class in youtube as well as online information.

Just a further note:
a 'which' clause is also a good candidate for inclusion in Task one: for instance:
"There was a significant fall in sales, which dropped from $5000 to $4100 over the period."

A good article to practice task 1 sentences.



to Gus
instead of which I recommend put dropping
There was a significant fall in sales ,dropping from ....to ....over the priod

This sentence shoes some variety in refering to a noun rather than using many relative clauses

Hi All,
I have just passed my IELTS exam. I have followed Mr. Simon ways in writing, reading and speaking. Simply I have achieved my target.
I suggest to watch his videos and ready his book along with Cambridge books.

I would like to thanks him for incredible effort that he is making for all are looking to pass IELTS.


To everyone

I completely agree with Simon on this point. Yes, it is good to have a bit of variation in your sentences, but in terms of grammar in Task 1, accuracy is by far the main component of this score. You can put in all the features you want, participle clauses, relative clauses etc, but if you have too many errors you will get a 5 or 6 for grammar.

hi simon ! i would like to thank you for the immense guidances and tips in this website !
i have been following your website since the early year and luckily i got the required bands !


Last year, my english teacher told me that i could only get 5.5 with my essays, but after following your advices, i finally got the marks that I wanted .
Thank you Simon !!

@Maya maybe your version contains a 'dangling participle'; this is exactly the point Simon is making I think - keep it simple unless you are an expert.

Well don fizz! I'm glad my lessons helped you!

Hello simon,
I’m going to take IELTS coming Saturday here in Nepal. I follow all your blogs well. Finally I found my problem with reading and listening. The problem is that I almost get the answer but couldn’t pick the right one. For example Cambridge IELTS 4 test 1 reading passage 2 “similarly although at least some cetaceans have taste buds, the nerves serving these have degenerated or are rudimentary.” And the question is “nerves linked to their ………………are underdeveloped”
I just pick the word ‘buds’ but the correct answer is “taste buds” same happen in the listening test. Though I find the answer, I couldn’t pick right one. Sometimes single word is right for the answer where I pick two or three words as my right answer and sometimes two or three words are correct where I just pick the one. I don’t have any idea how to cope with this and I also don’t have enough time. What would be the possible solution?? I almost near the band 7 on condition that these problems are not the problem at all. I must admit that you are my only one IELTS instructor to whom I trust since last 2 years and I don’t have any other choice than you. Due to insufficient time of practicing, I’m looking for quick solution and hope I will get that soon..
please help..
Kindly regards……

Dear Mohammad,
Thanks for the link you shared. It is a big help.
Keep posting.

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