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Thursday, April 21, 2016


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Really effective. Most of the time i made this mistake. Thanks simon. But another thing i also face confusion that 60s and 1960s. Though i know 60s means sixties i.e., decade (time) means 1960 to 1969. On the other hand, 1960s means simply the 1960 year. Am i right or wrong? Please help me to clear it and if possible to give the easy example to remember both of this.

Can anybody help me how to answer this question please? It seems very difficult to organize an essay for this question, right? Please give me an idea how to answer this guys!

There are many types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important and should it be preserved or is international music that is heard everywhere nowadays more useful to a society?
Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Hi Simon,

I applied your suggestion and wrote one Task 1 essay with such structure: paraphrasing the question as the first paragraph (1 sentence) and summarising the main information in charts as the second (2 sentence).

However, after essay correction from some online service, it is advised that each paragraph of the essay have at least 3 sentences in each before it can even be considered acceptable by the examiner.

Could you give some comment about it? Thank you very much.

Hi lenra,

You are very lucky because Simon's done a model answer earlier on. Have a look at the following link:

Please note this is a 'two-part' question rather than a discussion one.

Hi,i have a question regarding to writing task 2.
Q-can we put example in an introduction?
Plzz help me with this que.
Thanks for ur wonderful website.



"the 1960s" means the decade only. It never means the year 1960. However, it is possible to have a possessive with a year e.g. "2008's financial crisis" = "the financial crisis of 2008". So, there is a small possibility that you might see "1960's" referring to the one year only, but that would be a possessive.



Please follow the link given by James above. I've done that topic already.

Thanks James!



That advice is completely wrong. Examiners don't need a certain number of sentences. Please believe me!



No, don't put an example in your introduction. Just look through my lessons to see how I do introductions, and follow that approach.

Hi,simon sir.
Big thanks from my heart.
Your daily lessons are reallyy a very helpful for me.
And i would say it is worth to visit here.

One of the key point to improve the score in the ielts is that you need to be appoarch consistently, as you follow Simon's website, in my opinion, we never doubt or be confused by other advice, I do not mean that these advice are right or wrong, but you need to ONLY APPOARCH CONSISTENTLY as Simon method or other method which you believe it is useful

Hi Simon,
Can we write "the figure for the USA" instead of "the figure for the elderly people in the USA"?
Thank you!

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