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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


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Hi Simon,

Thank you for advise.

Can we write opinion essay like this;
-support idea (body 1)
-opposite idea (Body 2)
-And conclusion, why support this idea and why not support opposite other idea.

Best Wishes,

Hi Zeki,

You can only do that if your 'body 2' paragraph contains your arguments AGAINST the opposite idea. That paragraph must NOT explain other people's reasons for supporting the opposite idea. As soon as you start writing about other people's views, you're writing a "discussion" essay instead of an "opinion" essay.

So, you can do this:

- Introduction (give your opinion)
- Body 1: reasons for your opinion
- Body 2: reasons why YOU think the opposite opinion is wrong
- Conclusion: repeat / summarise your answer

This is the structure that I used in the essay in the lesson linked below:


Hi Simon,
I want to ask you a question.
When I use your ideas and your vocabulary which you used in your book: "ideas for Ielts topics: 24 topics", will I be punished by examiners and police for plagiarism?

I am very worried, I am not joking.
Thank you

Hi Simon:
I appeared in IELTS on 20-Feb-2016 and got 6.5 :( My target was 7. In the Writing Task 2 I got a question ending in "It is a good or bad thing". And I followed the above discussion essay structure. Is the essay question I got is same as "Do you agree or disagree" question ?

The main differences between "discussion essay" and " opinion essay" is that the former type is focused on people perspective ( example, explain,, etc), the latter type is concentrated on your opinion

Hi Simon
I recently downloaded your video lessons for speaking. I am really keen on watching "Describe an activity" and "Describe your favourites". Much appreciated to post then soon because I don't want to miss them before my exam :)

IELTS discussion essays always ask for your opinion, so examiners are looking for your opinion very carefully in this type of essay too.


Don't worry! It's fine to use my ideas. Everyone has to get vocabulary ideas from somewhere.



"It is a good or bad thing?" would be the same as "it this a positive or negative development?" The question is asking for your opinion.



Yes, sorry about the delay. I'll get those videos done as soon as I can.

Hi Simon,
When the question is discuss both views and give your opinion, should I write some believes .... at the beginning of the first para and some thinks.... at the beginning of the second para,then write my opinion in the conclusion?

Hi simon
If you only agree or disagree and donot write a balanced essay..does that effect your score?

Hi, Simon.
I'd just like to ask if my structure on a certain topic needs improvement.

Question: Every year, several languages die out. Some think it is not important because life is easier with fewer languages in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

My structure: A number of languages in the world have increasingly been extinct. Several people believe it is nonessential as life becomes more convenient with lesser number of languages in the world. To this, I disagree. In this essay, I shall discuss the reasons why I believe such global phenomenon is essential and as opposed, makes lives more difficult.

Body 1- establish that the issue is vital
-as a language dies, all inherent info on its culture could be lost; missed opportunity to learn their way of living(i.e. medicine, artistry, envi)

Body 2- how cultural info/contribution could potentially improve present societal living conditions; a lost language can hinder people from such

Last paragraph- brief summary of substanciated points

What do you think? Thanks.

Hi Simon am Achu I have a question about opinion type essay that in such type essay can I write the second body paragraph about opposite view and restate my opinion in the same paragraph with words like 'however or neverthless' pls give a reply.. my xam will be on 29 th of April
Thanks in advance

Hi Simon
Could you pls give a reply for my question about opinion type essay. I m totally confused about the pattern which I followed for many years.. my xam will be on this 29 th and this is going to be my 7 th attempt always I received 6 band in my writing and time I got 6.5 but my target is 7. I m afraid that the reason for my low score might be the problem wit the structure. So pls help me


I'll write another lesson about this issue here on my blog tomorrow.

Hello Simon!

I think I made a mistake on my general training IELTS test.

The question was do you agree or disagree..... I believe I wrote a discursive essay instead of opinion essay.

Can I still get a 6.5 band score for my essay?

The other parts of the essay are ok.

Hi Simon,

I’m really confused about these two structures

1. Essay structure for giving both sides:

Introduction: topic + say that you 'partly agree'
On the one hand,...
On the other hand,...
Conclusion: repeat that you accept elements of both arguments

2. Don’t structure an “opinion” essay like this:

Paragraph supporting the opposite opinion
Paragraph supporting my opinion

I think the both bodies are the same. The only difference is what we state in the introduction and conclusion such as “partly agree” or agree/ disagree. Is that right? I can not clearly distinguish between these two structures. Can you help me?

Thank you

Hi Ngan,

Here's a lesson that describes what I'm trying to say in a more simple way:


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