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Thursday, February 25, 2016


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Thanks Simon

The stament is very useful

Many thanks for your informative website
waiting for more :)

I like the collocation very much ,
Next Monday I will going to the education show for free coupon then use it to registered ielts because you I am more skillfull ,and I am save enough money now(that was my new Year revolution´╝îwanna to achieved)even thought´╝îI am poor

From Shakhzod

Hello there, Mr Simon.

I have IELTS exam on 05 March . What do you recommend to do? I mean doing past exam papers or doing other new practices.

Thank you!

Thank a ton Mr Simon,

I practised your advise from year 2010/2011 till now for task 1, 2 and for reading.
Now i got my result.
L: 8.5
R: 9
W: 7.5
S: 7.5
You are a gem

Congratulations Arty! Great scores.

When we doing task 1, should we use past tense or present?

Hi Simon ,

I think you are one of the best IElTS tutor I have come across .

My question to you is , Can we use contractions in Task 1 ?

Thanks ,

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