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Friday, February 26, 2016


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what it look like and its functions?
why you like it ?
is it a good electric advice than others compared old inherited watch?


Hi, Mr Simon.

They say it is better to do the practices of official cambridge books from cambridge IELTS 7 to cambridge IELTS 10 because the test style is similar to today's tests. What do you think about this view?

Thank you!


Hi, Mr Simon.

Most people recommend to do the practices of official cambridge books from IELTS 7 to IELTS 10 rather than other cambridge practice books because the test style is similar to today's tests. What do you think about this?

Thank you!

hi simon,
Describe an object is very suitable lesson for speaking skills because we saw these kinds of categories in official ielts examination for several times in recent years. i grateful from you for this detailed note...
good job man!

Hi Simon,

Is it a good idea to use linking words as "actually" and "definitely"? I will paraphrase two answers from your speaking lesson 2 as an example.

Do you like sport?
No, I'm not really a sports fan.
Actually, I'm not really a sports fan.

Do you think children should all have to do sports at school?
Yes, I think children should all be encouraged to try ...
Definitely, I think children should all be encouraged to try ...

Thanks in advance.


ROSHAVBG can i ask you some questions if you don't mind.

my email hobbitblue@mail.ru



Books 4 to 10 are all fine, in my opinion.



Both words are fine, but they won't raise your score. Yes and no are just as good.


Books 1 to 3 are not so good to practice?


what about speaking fast in the exam?

This is my problem and ı hardly finish time.

Will This effect my score in a bad Way?

hi Simon
are you agree with this division of speaking Part in the IELTS exam?
part one: informal,friendly–consider this to be like two friends chatting over lunch.

Part Two: semi formal, informational – consider this to be like you making a presentation to colleagues you work with.

Part Three: formal, academic – consider this to be like a job interview, where you are using your most formal language, sentence construction and grammar.

please help me to right understanding from speaking part in IELTS...

there is one thing that I need to know more, could I watch the video lesson several time if I paid for that ?
Actually, I think I don't have the ability to get every points for just watch one time.

Smartwatch is a wearable computing device which offers functionalities and capabilities similar to smartphone.
It get connected with your phones and laptops via WIFI.
You can run mobile apps, make calls, messaging via text or video.
You can access to news or weather updates.
It provides fitness monitoring capabilities.
It offers GPS coordinates and location directions and much more.

I am started ielts now..my grammar is very poor...so plz you provide me some help me for test.

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