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Sunday, October 25, 2015


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you are 100% superman . love you simon . god bless you and give you whatever you want in your life

Thank you simon .. For answering our queries :))))

Hi simon. my exam was yesterday and the writing task 1 was table about number of people according to age group in one country in year 2000 and2010 and predicted number of population in year 2020.
while writing task2 about hand writing that will be no longer use for it .what could be the reassons for that? and do you think its anegative or positive devalopment? two questions assay

Dear Simon,
I also found some answers that random order on the same paragraph or passage related to the different questions .

however, I lost the points what was Topic of England's constructure. those questios seen Simon's had been mentioned that some of questions are more specific and difficult to separate 9 and 8.
so you know that last time I got 8 in reading.

if possiable, let us more practice on" some of questions are more specific and difficult to separate 9 and 8."

Thanks a lot

Hello Simon,
I have a confusion regarding one of the ielts questions that came up in recent exam,
We can learn a lot more from teachers than other sources(internet) Do you agree or diagree?
So my question is if we agree with the statement
Then we only need to describe the role of teachers in the whole essay? Or we have to write a second paragraph regarding other sources ? Kindly give the stratedy of how to describe this question. Im looking forward to yyour answer

I am giving mock tests in a centre. In listening part I wrote an answer "75 millimeter" and they cross it out for 's' (75 millimeters).
My question is in real ielts exam, would they be this much strict?
Another question is rather than writing the full, can I write 75mm? is it okay?

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