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Friday, October 30, 2015


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Dear sir Simon,
Can you please teach rules for use of "comma".

Hi Simon,

Please advise which is correct: it was broadcast or broadcasted?

Thank you.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your story. I have read it again and again. Please clear this for me as you have written:" I first saw" . Could I use " I firstly saw"?

I have spotted some vocabulary words . Habitat,spectacular footage,fascinating,eye-catching,incredibly,well-known naturalist,persuaded,stunning photography,global scope. hope im right .

HI Simon,
" it was broadcast by the" or "it was broadcasted by". I think the passive is more accurate here.

Hi Minh, only I first saw

Trang Mr Bui

The past participle of 'broadcast' is 'broadcast' (NOT 'broadcasted') so 'it was broadcast' is correct.


Commas are used in English in a variety of ways and often they are a question of style. Usually, they reflect a pause in speech. Here's a basic list.


Hello simon
Im very cnfused n depressd...i took ielts exam on 10 oct...i got
8 in listening
6.5 in reading
7 in writing
7.5 in speaking
But i need 7 each.....i decided to attmpt again in november but someone told me that if u try to attmpt again in 3 mnths they dont give u required band intentionly....is that true????plzzz reply me
N everybody here if u had such experinc or know anythng about it plzz tell me n help me out

No, IELTS is business. So, They dont care with your score. and it is no matter how many times u admit. I know one of my friend who tried to take Ielts 3 times in 2 months. His results was 7,5 , 7,5 and finally 8


That is completely untrue.

Hi Simon,

I have a question regarding the third point in the question. From my understanding, what they've asked should be your feeling towards the TV programme. Therefore, I don't quite get why you begin your speaking with an explanation about 'how you FOUND that programme'?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot for your help.its really good website.

Additionally, I would like to suggest another phrase to substitute 'before it was first aired' with 'before its maiden broadcast'. Do you think that would be accepted in IELTS speaking or writing?

Thank you very much.

Thanku soo much sjm n Eldor

Thanks Mr. Bui for your help.


'Found out' means 'learned about' so it has nothing to do with feelings. 'Maiden broadcast' is fine in both speaking and writing though it is a bit formal and unusual. The problem with using words like this in the speaking test is that if you don't pronounce it 100% correctly it's unlikely the examiner will understand you and this can affect your pronunciation score.

Thanks Sjm! It's always nice to have your clarification.
Actually, it's a pity that I've got the wrong meaning of 'find out' for long, which is such a common phrasal verb in English, and that misunderstanding could be vital to the response to the question. To be more accurate, I also consulted the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary which showed 'to get some information about something/somebody by asking, reading, etc.'. Now I'm clarified.

Thanks again and best wishes!

Can you give me word for programme in our native language or mother-tongue?

Thank you for your precious writing skill, Simon.

Hi dear Simon
On top of every things I have to say thank you for all informative materials you have been providing us.
I was wondering if you could provide us with some tips for speaking part 2 about planning during 1 minuets which seems too short

Hi Simon .....
I wanna ask how can I overcome my nervousness problem while speaking I usually become too much nervous that I find it difficult to express myself..
Thanks in advance

Hi .
If there is any topic that you dont know about for example you haven't ever watched any educational tv programme . How do we answer that ? Do we have to make up the situation ?

I think it was shown every Sunday evening, which was the perfect time to watch a fascinating nature programme.

I also consulted the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary which showed 'to get some information about something/somebody

Hi Trang,

"Please advise which is correct: it was broadcast or broadcasted?"

broadcasted because you are using passive voice. It was broadcasted by...

you can use broadcast in this case.
CNN broadcast news ...

Hi Simon,

I just tried to read your answer aloud after reading through first, and it took me about two minutes and a half. Does it indicates that I am speaking too slow? And is there a recommend pacing for Part 2?


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