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Friday, September 18, 2015


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Thank you so much Simon! Useful tips!

Thank you so much for your dedication, Simon!

Although I'm currently in the US for vacation, your blog is still the very first webpage I visit everyday!

Hi Simon,

In IELTS Cambridge Book 1, Listening Test 2, Section 4/ Question 41


My answer for Q41 is: "Eat lots of"

But the model answer is " Eat lots"

Can I get a score in this Question?

Hi Simon,
Do I have to organize my talk in chronological order with what, where, when, how..? Or I just include all needed detail regardless of order?
Thank you

any 1 interested in practace on skype.my id is(dr.ishaq.leel)

very useful techniques. Thank you very much for your continuous blessings.

I am so grateful to you for your advice and tips which I find very useful and effective in improving my language skill

If they ask me "What's the negative effect of...?" can I answer "I don't think there is one, because..."

Hi simon....this structure a great easy of way attempt my speaking part 2 lot's lots thanks. ...


If it's about basketball, Will be the same tips?

This structure a great easy of way attempt my speaking part 2
thanks a lots

Thank simon its great technic forspeaking....

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