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August 24, 2015


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How would I understand the similarity between National policy initiative and New Zealand strategy? Moreover International working party and global team effort is also very confusing.Dear Simon your valuable advice will be appreciated regarding above matters.
Thanks in advance.

I hope you are doing so well,
I am writing you because, I was starting to studying IELTS Academic,
but my school which I would like to apply for as a requirement, told
me, you need ''General'' IELTS, so I tried to find in you website
the same video that I found with a great explanation in the case of
Academic, Task 1, I would love to buy them as well,

So do you please tell me where may I find your great advices all about
General IELTS, in writing task 1, well, actually for everything. because
as long I had understood,

Speaking is the same General and Academic,
Listening is the same as well,
Writing just Task 1 it is different isn't it?
and reading in I am not 100% sure if is the same.

In advance. Thanks so much,
I really appreciate your great help, I got your eBook and it is just

Alejandra Raffoul

hello guys,

I love Simon's sentences starting with "Even if", so i'll try in order to make my own sentences kicking off as same as he did.
even if i used to be so strong, but now i'm so old and vulnerable that i can live hard.
Scientists are used to conducting some interesting projects as so to help people's auditory problems out.
even if hearing impairment is a common problem of workers in this firm, but it will have improved by next year introducing helpful policies.


Women and children are vulnerable beings towards domestic violence.

Dear Simon
I have a question on the Cambridge 8 , Test 4 ,Raading question 6. The answer at the back of the book does not coincide with the given part on the text. Can you please help me to sort it out?
Thanks in advance

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