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May 20, 2015


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Nice !

hi simon,

i have a question. on ielts exam i wrote a good essay for task 2 but i can't almost write anything for task 1 maybe three bad sentences. my score was 4.5...well, according to you, what is my score for task 2 ?

hi Simon
I've already paid through Paypal for two video lessons about writing task 2 (lessons 3 and 4), but i didn't receive any email or information about it, Could you tell me how can I access to these videos?

Nowadays, foreign movies gain more popularity than local casted films, why people make this choice is because people always interested in new and exotic scenes, however, which will lead to the reduction in local movie market, causing a deep concern for local movie makers.

Hi Simon,

I think your advice is really nice, I wrote an introductory paragragh and posted it, I think I will practise more and find my own way for a higher score, I had two tests already, but my writing point never went above 5.5.

Nowadays, foreign film is more popular rather than local film, the reason for such trend is that overseas film culture seems to public to more attractive. However, government can fund local film market to reverse the trend.

it is indisputable that overseas films have increasingly retained larger share in local film market, especially in developing countries. The reason why people are more likely to watch foreign film might be that curiosity and quite fashionable. To begin with, based on human nature, most people are quite curious about something they do not realise or familiar. So overseas movies can be as the best media to publicity other countries's culture, which fulfil people's curiosity to the world outside of their life. In addition, it is indeed fashionable to speak other countries's language and watch its relevant movies, particularly among young people, who are more likely to show off to talk about the latest movie such as Hollywood blockbuster in front of their friends. such movies normally invest beyond several millions dollars to make one film.

it is indisputable that overseas films have increasingly retained larger share in local film market, especially in developing countries. The reason why people are more likely to watch foreign film might be that curiosity and quite fashionable. To begin with, based on human nature, most people are quite curious about something they do not realise or familiar. So overseas movies can be as the best media to publicity other countries's culture, which fulfil people's curiosity to the world outside of their life. In addition, it is indeed fashionable to speak other countries's language and watch its relevant movies, particularly among young people, who are more likely to show off to talk about the latest movie such as Hollywood blockbuster in front of their friends. such movies normally invest beyond several millions dollars to make one film, people would consider that it really deserve to watch it due to huge investment.

Sorry, it seems a little long.

It is true that more people tend towards watching foreign movies rather than domestic products. While there could be some reasons for this trend, I believe that government support on local film industry can change this tendency.

There are some reasons why foreign movies could be more attractive than local products. The main factor can be different atmosphere and environment shown in the movie. Many people like to see locations and people which are new and are different from their own place. For example, location and nature on countries such as Canada and New Zealand makes these countries product more interesting for nature lovers. Another reason could be due to the antecedent of that country on movie production. France and Italy for instance have an old history on film industry and so productions from these countries can be considered attractive for many viewers worldwide.

In my opinion, governments should provide financial support for their local film makers and help them to promote their productions. Firstly, movie industry is a good business model that can create different job opportunities and can help the boost of economy. The lack of government support in BC film industry in recent years, for instance, caused that many movie companies shifted their business in other part of the country and costs province thousands of jobs and money. Secondly, investing in this economy sector can be a source of income by attracting more tourist and visitors from other part of the world. Holly wood, for example is more visited than 2500 years old Acropolis in Greece because of its well-known film industry.

In conclusion various factors can contribute to the attraction of foreign movies for many viewers, and I believe that government financial support can help local producers to compete with them.

It is true that there has been a remarkable affinity for most people watching international movies than their home productions. While, there are several reasons of this increasing trend, I would argue that governments should continue to providing adequate financial assistance to their native film fraternity. (46 Words)
In conclusion, although there are a variety of factors which tempt people to choose international movies over their native cinemas, it seems to me that government funding could definitely be helpful for local film industries. (35 Words)

Nevertheless, such trend might be reverse in accordance with local authorities' financial support. Governments can give funding assistance to domestic directors and subsidy to the ticket price. For one thing, expenditure on film making is quite high for those directors, who properly consider whether the expense of film producing can be covered. in light of this, under funding support by governments, it will have less worries for those directors while creating movies. For another, if the ticket price subsidy can be given by governments, it would encourage more movie fans to watch local performance to a great extent. Also, in order to protect local film market, free download domestic movie online can be allowed and there are certain amount of fees charge on upload international movies.

Overall, there are two main motivators to lead that more popularity on watch foreign product. However, i believe that government support can prompt domestic movie industries development.

Hi Simon, this is Frank, i have written the whole task for this topic, can u give me some suggestions about it. Thanks

Here is my outline:
Nowadays,most people like watching the foreign movies instead of the domestic films.In my opinion,the oveasea films can promote the culture communication of different countries with wonderful superstars and skills, the local film can also be produced with remarkable scenes if it is generously assisted by the governments.
Body paragraph 1:
Foreign films takes a big role in culture communication to know the life of pepole all over the world. The reason for the popularity is that the successfully advanced advertisement,engagement of some international superstars,and the visual shock by some high technology-3D movies.
Body paragraph 2:
Measures of goverment: set up some special film training schools;financial support for movie making(equipment,skills training,precise post-casting ect).For example-some excellent domestic directors and films(Zhang Yimou,Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dargon)
In conclusion,foreign movies which have enhanced the globalization of cultureis is more and more prevailed,but some domestic films can be improved by subsidies from the goverment as well.The audience can get much more choices in the cinema.

I rectified my Introduction as follows:
Nowadays,most people like watching the foreign movies instead of the domestic films.In my opinion,the oveasea films can promote the culture communication of different countries with marvelous superstars and awesome visual images, however,the local film can also be produced with remarkable scenes if it is generously assisted by the governments.

Hi Simon,

I am trying to understand the correct use of while and I encounter two opposite situation where you told to put and remove while.

please clear the situation.

While the divorce rate increased from 1 million to 1.5 million during the same period.(where you told to delete while on 16 of feb 2012)
and another

'while' at the beginning of the sentence:
While the numbers of people who use the car and train increase gradually, the number of bus users falls steadily.


Hi Simon,

Can you please clear the basis fundamenl of putting comma before and as I have noticed it few time but I want to understand its need.

like vegetables, and £3.00

Food and non-alcoholic drink purchases ______ £51 to weekly household expenditure - £13.10 of which ______ ______ on meat and fish, £3.70 on fresh vegetables, and £3.00 on fresh fruit. Non-alcoholic drinks ______ ______ £4.00 ______ weekly expenditure, and £2.10 per week was spent on chocolate and confectionery.


- foreign movies are in good quality

- film producers and directors spend a huge amount of money to attract people

- scenes created, sound tracks, exquisite performance, and background music make foreign movies excellent and worth watching

- many people prefer to watch them because the want to find out about a new culture, custom, and values in other societies

- young people choose to watch these movies in order to augment their language skills

Spending of Government:

- investment in film industry has several benefits

- provide employment

- many job opportunities can be available for younger generation

- movies are representative of a nation's traditional values, we can endure our old values

- film production and movies industry is a lucrative business and contribute positively to the economy of the country

-an effective source for learning foregin culture, customs and language
-high qualify, good concepts, fascinating stories, advanced technology,3D movies
Subsidise Movies:
-boost enconomy :
>high return ivestment, generate job opportunities,
>promote the culture,attractions,more tourists, contribute to the local economy through accomodation, souvenirs and transportations

Nowadays,people prefer to watch international movies rather than domestic movies, the main reason behind this is international movie has become a fashion trend among youngters worldwide.

Hi everyone here I am sharing my questions asked on IELTS Exam on 09 May 2015

Listening test

Section 1. A conversation between a travel agent and a woman.
Section 2. A review of 5 local restaurants in a certain area, their positives and negatives, location and a price guide.
Section 3. A conversation between a teacher and a student about building design including the building layout with a balcony, outer shower, water tank, windows, temperature control and so on.
Section 4. A study about laughter that explained who laughs more, males or females, reasons for laughing and its benefits.

Reading test

Passage 1. About a few tourist destinations and what makes them special.
Passage 2. About a project manager position, what skills it requires and suggestions for better project management.
Passage 3. About the invention of kites and its role in airplane invention.
Passage 4. Principles of Flying (Aerodynamics)
and its evolution to the most modern Aircrafts

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a letter)

Write a letter to your former teacher and ask him/her to write a letter of reference for your job interview. In your letter include the following:
- Why do you think he/she is the right person to write the letter of reference?
- What job did you apply for?
- Why do you think this job is suitable for you?

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Some people say that science study should be mandatory in schools, others argue that it is unnecessary. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Reasons: foreign film provides better quality; visual effect; the stories are good (sometimes, they are from best-selling book); starred by world popular actors; good movie advertisement and marketing.

Government should support local film: local film shows country’s culture; can promote culture or tourism place; make diversity in movies in the world; it means support local product; example: one of my local movie.

Hi everyone here I am sharing my answer(Introduction & Conclusion) for Writing Task 2 of IELTS Exam on 09 May 2015

Writing Task 2 ( The essay)

Some people say that science study should be mandatory in schools, others argue that it is unnecessary. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


People have different perspectives about whether science education must be a compulsory part of their school curriculum. Though there are several benefits to studying science in schools, I believe that a well-balanced academic foundation of other subjects would also be necessary. (41 Words)


In conclusion, while there is a wide range of advantages for most pupils by learning science in their school timetable, I would argue that a perfect balance on other essential subjects should also be given equal importance. (37 Words)

Many people tend to be watch international movie more than domestic films; however, it is argue that the state should involving money for their local film industry.
1st Para
International choice
Gain the knowledge
Culture/custom experience
2ed Para
I agree
Benefits: encouragements for rising up local film industry
gaining the opportunities for new creators,
the winning percentage in the national cinema exhibitions

It is no double true that people desire to see the foreign films would rather than the local products on the other hand, it is argue statement that the government to giving the financial funds for Domestic film fund.

sorry, correct the mistake
it is no doubt ture that ...

Hi Wang,

For any video problems, please email me on ieltssimon@gmail.com

@ Hi Rajkumar Mohanan

Here is my brainstorming for Your topic:

Mandatory Science:
- many scientists are interested in scientific phenomena from their early age
- children have a curiosity to find out the true answer of their questions
- science can reply to their questions in an comprehensible way
- simple scientific experiments is fascinating for students and promote them to engage broadly with science
- if we encourage scientific study in our school, we will lay the foundation of future scientific breakthroughs

Not necessary:
- scientific subjects is not tangible for students and the may be discouraged to pursue school
- art and music should be taught instead of that
- this help them to improve their sense of creativity
- children need to play sport, and find out how to set a goal, co-operate, and how to manage their ability in teamwork
- teachers should be trained to become able to teach scientific subjects which means a financial burden for schools


@ Rajkumar Mohanan

My Introduction:

People have different view with regard to the necessity of scientific study in school curriculum. While I agree that science is essential for young children, I would argue that other topic are equally important.

Dear Mahdi,

I strongly recommend you to purchase video lessons from Mr. Simon if you are looking for indeed a right method of writing techniques.

Just Do not wait

Dear Simon and all,

I wrote the essay trying to immitate Simon's formula and technique. This is my third attempts. Any comments from the community are welcome.

It is true that a growing number of people prefer to watch foreign films than films made in their home country. There could be several reasons for this, and I believe national governments should not subsidise their home movie industries.

Perhaps the main reason why foreign films have become popular recently is the development of the internet. In the past, children did not have many options rather than watching films made locally because they did not have other alternative sources. Nowadays, in the internet age, young people grow up with easy access to variety of films that are shared in the internet. Watching these online movies helps younger generations have a comparison between their locally produced and foreign films, and therefore develop their preference for foreign films, which usually have more exciting special effects.

Personally, I believe that governments should not intervene in the film industries. Firstly, films are essentially commercial products that are produced, marketed and sold by business people, and so they should compete fairly in the market. Secondly, it has been proved that the competition drives innovation, so government intervention will not encourage their film industry to be creative and innovative. If a government gave financial support to their home film industry, other industries like music, and entertainment may also request support, and it would difficult for the government to meet all of these requests. Finally, if a film industry in a country wanted to compete against foreign films, it would have to produce more films that are more attractive, and reflect the taste of their audience rather than expecting support from the state.

In conclusion, the internet helps foreign films become popular in many countries, but in my opinion, governments should not therefore give support to local films.

(292 words)

This can be similar to 'Cause and Solution' essay structure.

1) What is the main problem? Many people prefer to watch foreign films than locally produced films

2) What caused the problem? or Why could this be?

3) What are the solution? Governments give more financial support to local film industries

It is a fact that in many countries, the people prefer to watch overseas films rather than the local ones. There are various reasons that have caused the situation and the following essay will discuss them and how governments should react in details.

For a number of reasons, a lot of people prefer to watch foreign movies than the local produced ones. Firstly, they believe that overseas films have higher quality in terms of visual effect and audio. For instances, films such as Batman or Spiderman had been watched by people all over the world, due their sophisticated digital effects. Secondly, many people choose to watch foreign films due to the poor quality of the local actors and actresses. They think that these local artists could not play their role in the maximum capacity which negatively impact to the films’ quality.

There are some things that governments should do in order to improve the quality of the local film. Governments could give some scholarships for their best actors and actresses to study further about acting in foreign countries. And then, governments could play their role as a mediator between the local and overseas producers. They could cooperate in producing films, therefore local producers could learn how to generate high quality films. It is believed that these things would give positive effects to the local film industry.

In conclusion, instead of watching local films, many people choose to watch overseas ones. They believe that overseas films are better than local ones in all aspects. Governments should response to the condition by sending their best actors and actresses to study acting overseas and by cooperating with foreign film producers. By doing these kinds of things it is hoped there will be improvement for local films industries.

This is a popular trend these days that many people would love to enjoy foreign films than domestic films. However, domestic films still remain certain potential that should be exploited by the government accordingly.

On the one hand, foreign films could contain several spectacular scenes which could excite viewers until the last second. Indeed, people would probably curious in regard to new destinations and new experience which they could only capture through foreign movies. For example, Asian might be interested in filming in Europe and America and vice versa. In addition, oversea movies invested significantly to achieve world-class level have more advantages to travel across continents, thereby introducing a large variety of figure works of various countries. Consequently, the outcomes of such oversea movies would be enthusiastically praised by local crowd.

On the other hand, domestic films have been certain value that the government should endeavour to promote their productions appropriately. It does not only benefit to local film industry, but it also contributes in advertising their cultural and traditional images out of boundary of the countries. As a result, more people would deeply understand their cultural characteristics. Therefore, the international relationships would also be enhanced gradually. Furthermore, these could open more opportunities in term of cooperation between local movie makers with other international motion pictures.

In conclusion, although the foreign films have been more engaging elements, potential values of domestic films should be paid more attention by local movie producers. In my opinion, government’s funding could be a helpful value to push the domestic films reaching a higher levels.

Dear Simon,

I have a confusion about how to use the phrase"by and large" in IELTS writing Part 2. Can I replace "in conclusion" with this?


Hi everyone here I am sharing another question for your introduction & conclusion practise

Writing task 2 (an essay)

Some people believe that students should be allowed to evaluate and criticise their teachers to improve the quality of education. Others think this is disrespectful to teachers. Discuss both views, give your opinion and include relevant examples.

All the best

It is true that a majority of the population enjoy and patronize internationally-produced-and-released films compared to home-based movie productions. And with this trend, the government should provide more financial assistance in boosting the local movie industry.
Foreign films are becoming increasingly popular due to a number of reasons. Firstly, international filmmakers invest on a movie's overall production. They invest greatly on audio-visual effects in creating a unique movie experience that depicts reality or fantasy, depending on the movie genre. Secondly, foreign films have relatable, unique and creative storylines and plots. For example, hundreds of movies have been released in the past decade, but none of these are similar. Thirdly, the overall staff,from directors and producers to actors and extras, is world- renowned or have gained a wide fan base. And lastly, they spend a lot on promotion and marketing. They release trailers that leave moviegoers curious and excited for the full-length film.
It is important that the government give monetary support to the local movie production for home-grown movies. A bigger operaitng budget improves the quality of the the films being released. Furthermore, it inspires young, creative and budding moviemakers to produce movies that in turn, can be internationally-acknowledged. Supporting the local film industry creates more jobs that are sustainable and at par with the international standards.
There is no arguing that moviegoers and fanatics do enjoy international films better than domestic movies because it utilizes a holistic approach to give the audience a stimulating sensory experience. Still, the local administration should advocate for home-grown movies to give it an edge in the international market and boost the country's economy at the same time.

Hi everyone,
I tried to ask the above question and here is my first attempt to write an essay. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

It is true that a lot of young people would likely love to see international movies than their home countries films. There are various reasons for that and local authorities must subsidize their film industries.
It is argued that foreign movies are much more preferable than domestic films, and there are two main reasons for this fact. The first reason is that Hollywood movies could offer variety of kinds with better quality as well as more exciting and interesting. For example, the “Fast and Furious” films series may definitely draw attention of any one who loves adventure and beautiful scenery. In addition, people always want to explore somethings new even via virtual environments. By watching foreign movies, they can both learn and enjoy at the same time. Many young people nowadays listen to international radio channels and watch foreign films to improve their language skills and expand their knowledge about new cultures and customs.
Recognizing that reality, local governments should pay more attention to their film industries to attract domestic audiences. First, movies are not only for entertainment but they are also very educational. Lots of children may understand history of their countries by seeing documentary films that might only be documented in their languages. Secondly, when the local film industries are invested properly, they can possibly provide more and more movies as good as international studios do. Finally, the growing of each small film producer could contribute to the development of the films industries over the world.
In conclusion, even though international films draw billions of young adults, but local governments should back their film industries to offer more options.


I am glad that I see the question I provided. Hopefully, I would achieve 6.5 of 9 next Friday.


It is certainly true that international movies gain more attention among viewers than locally produced films because of various global oriented interests shown in them.However,i do believe government should be supporting regional movie makers.
The main reason for the widespread fame of the foreign movies is that with the years of experience they have developed and groomed.So,international film makers have a good knowlegde of types of viewers and their demand.Thus,target audience movies and general audience movies are well admired.Also, foreign movie industries are financially strong.This allows them to make high budget movies with good casting,expensive costumes and challenging set designs and locations.On the other hand locally made movies lack all of this.Altogether,this appeals folks very much.
However,government should pay interest to promote local films.Firstly because every region has specific culture and issues.These when shown will result on the one hand in motivating people for solution of the local problems.While on the other hand will give a diversity to the international cinema.As a result,there is overall progress of a country.
In summery,where international movies are very much liked and promoted appropriate measures should be taken for the local film making industry as it is one of the heritage of a country.

Hi simon,

You are doing really good job. You posts are really informative.

hello guys! just wanna ask if a 2 part question like advantages and disadvantages type of question? Like in the second paragraph you write the advantages and in the third paragraph you write the disadvantages but just answering each question. If you guys get what i mean? heheh

Thanks for answering!

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