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Friday, May 15, 2015


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Hi Simon,
Thanks for this nice post. Please have a look on my answers and tell me your idea. I write this answers in situation same as speaking without spending long time on them and also without checking dictionary!

1. Yes, sure. I like to present my data. This can help me to show myself better.
2. In my opinion people afraid about people that they know more than them in their presentation. For example, when you have a presentation in university you may be anxious about professors!
3. In my idea, best way to become successful in presentation is to concentrate on what you want to present and how you want to do it. Also rehearsal in same room as you should present, can improve your presentation level.
4.Visual aids can help the audiences to understand more about the sequence of data. Also it can help them to keep in their mind for longer time than just hearing.

1. I have a mix feeling about giving presentations. On the one hand, I want to present my work in front of audience and my boss in order to demonstrate my hard work and achievements. On the other hand, I feel extremely nervous before giving presentations, which even affects me physically.

2. Most people often have fear of speaking in the public because their speech will be judged and criticised by the audience. In addition, presenters are more likely to forget what to say when they are nervous or stressed. Take me as an example, my mind often goes blind when starting a new slide.

3. The best way to improve the quality of presentations is to practice a lot beforehand. In this way, people can get familar with the presentation that they are going to deliver, as well as become confident. Sometimes, doing a mock presentation in front of friends or even without any audience will help.

4. Visual cues will definitely help in presentation, such as bring a note. I often print out some key words in a big size just as a reminder. I believe other people have their unique ways to provide visual cues.

Hi,simon,I read your blog and get so many tips about speaking,which contains :Answer-Explain-Examples model; If Clause...;some experiences about yourself,and so on.I think your tips are much more excellent and useful than some IELTS books require students to memorise some sentences or paragragh structure.
I cant tell you how excited I am to get some trainning by myself to expand the topic under your tips.
Thanks indeed.

I have to add that the first question is not in Part 3. Examiners are not allowed to ask personal questions such as 'do you like' in this part of the test.

Hello Simon,

1-I definitely do like giving a presentation. Infact, i am used to speaking and explaining my ideas clearly in a strong presentation. For instance, a couple of days ago i represented a remarkable project about my job which allowed me to improve my skills.

2-To my mind, there are several factors which contribute to feeling nervous in a presentation. lack of confidence as an outstanding element which makes a great difference to people's job.In other words, they cannot focus on their slides because giving a speech in front of audience give them a sense of shaming. Secondly, lack of enough knowledge about giving a presentation technics might damage their personality to do well.Finally,it would be hard for those people to work on some complicated subject which result in weak presentation

3-What i like to say about an important practice before a presentation is that individuals have to learn the optimal way of projecting a standard presentation. It seems to me that in this strategy they can easily cope with many problems occurring in that session.

4-In my opinion, using a great number of maps, diagrams and charts really can improve the efficiency of a good presentation. Actually, i believe that realizing and utilizing visual aids highly can increase people's concentration which allow them to extend their ideas in a great way.

Do you like giving presentations?
To be honest, it depends on the language.
If the presentation is in Spanish my native language and I am well-prepared. then I feel confident.
But if I have to give the presentation in another language I am less confident. Trying to speak correctly, takes precedence over the content of the presentation.

Why do some people feel nervous about giving presentations?

I think speaking in public, in front of a group of people you don´t know, is always nerve-racking at first.
But as you gain confidence I think it can be a rewarding experience

What do you think people should do before giving a presentation?
It is essential to prepare the presentation so that it is clear, relevant and interesting for the target audience.

In my opinion, the short talks with meaningful and skilful. in some case. I would like to persuade the stranger to buy. Even if the new products he or she never hear that before.

Of course, when people giving presentations to audiences in which it make them feel a little bit of anxiousness. No matter you are confident people. For the reason you would think about some of the situations happened, it is driven the chemistry effects on your mental, for instance, time limit, express clear of an idea, and emotional. Typically, the job interviews, academic report.

To giving a presentation, if you have a chance. There are some of advices in which you should prepare it before, such as context, visual aids, and simulation. Specially, using the imagination, and practiced a lot.

The visual aids are a good tool to support you when you are giving a speech .With the visual aids leads you more confident; moreover, the context is more powerful to convince. Take a particular example, the famous speech at TED. As you can see the lecturer seems to be confident, while he makes an address. on the other hand, the image leading the audiences' emotional to believe that the context are have a beef.

The above, I tried to answer with technique just as tracing Simons'.
Did I follow the rules, didn't I?

I do like giving presentations. Growing up, I began to develop an interest in getting people to understand my concepts through presentations. This interest grew when i was given the opportunity to present in class back in my schooling days. Ever since then, I began to enjoy the art of educating people through presentations.

I would say, nervousness comes about when one is not adequately prepared for a presentation, and does not have total control of the subject matter.
It may also come about when one finds himself/herself presenting for the first time.
To add to that, presenting before an unknown audience sometimes can be nerve-racking and could sometime lead to poor presentation.

I think by preparing adequately towards presentations is the key to giving a good presentation. Preparations should start, at least, a week prior to presentation, if not two weeks. This gives time to go over their work severally an make corrections if need be.
Secondly understanding what one is presenting is very important, to enable you answer questions which might be asked.

The use of visual aids and diagrams becomes important when you need your audience to have a clear cut picture of what you are trying to explain.
It may also help to shorten what might be an otherwise long presentation This can be achieved by putting most of what would have been written into a single diagram, making the presentation less boring.

Thank you.

Hi ,
1- To a certain extent, I like giving presentaions. I think they help people to build up confidence . This is especially true for students and they prepare them for important presentations that they might need to give in their future career.
For example, when I was at my final year in the college, I gave a powerpoint presentaion in gynecology to our group , I enjoyed the experience and I was surprised because I expected it to be more difficult. Also,my friends and the supervisor found it useful. The experience helped me to break the barrier that affects most students, which is fear.

2- I think there are several reasons why people don't like giving presentations. Firstly, some people are too shy, so they have a fear to talk about something infront of others. I remember a colleague of mine, who was very clever but he was so shy so whenever he wanted to give a presentation he became embarrassed and nervous, and that was a source of furstration to him .Secondly, they are afraid that someone would ask them a question which they mightn't know the correct answer to.
Finally, for some people, giving presantations is something boring so simply they dont like the idea as whole so they feel nervous.

3- I think when anyone has to present something, he or she should be prepared well. They should practice at home , trying to give a presentation infront of their family or friends. This would help them to be familiar with the topic and to be more confident.
They also should read about the topic thouroughly so in case anyone asks a question, they can answer with certainty. If they dont do that, they will probably get embarrased and anxious.

4- I like the visual aids in presentations and i believe they can help alot.
They provide better understanding of the subject. For instance, the use of photos or an animation to explain a process or a procedure would help the attendants to have the right idea about the subject.
Also, they keep people interacting with the presented material. This is particulary important if you give a presentation to young people because they can be distracted quickly.
I remember when I studied physiology at my 2nd year, I couldnt understand the the physiology of the cardiovascular system until the lecturer brought a short film at the end of the lecture explaining everything..

- Do you like giving presentations?
Yes I do, actually giving presentation is one of my favorites. I can mention several reasons, but the main one is my interest on scientific activities; and by giving presentation I will take opportunity to tell my own story and listening audience's points of view.

Why do some people feel nervous about giving presentations?
It might be occurs due to lack of knowledge. Also it sound too challenging for some shy people to have direct relation with others. Also or mental readiness is a contributing factor in this issue.

What do you think people should do before giving a presentation?
To give a qualify speech we need a sufficient studying; also we need to eliminate all unnecessary point in order to focusing on the main subject.

How can visual aids help in a presentation?
Nowadays, applying visual materials is becoming so popular. According to modern educational method by visual material we can bring audience attention more comprehensive.

Hi simon. I want to share my experience of speaking test which was held yesterday. I am aiming for 7 in speaking. This was my second attempt. In my first attempt I scored 6.5. However I want to talk about the marking which was happening infront of my eyes. It made me anxious during the paper. I was really ddevastated.She was writing ranges for each part on a small piece of paper the range for part 2 was 6.25-6.35. In part 1 she wrote a similar range using 5.xx. I dont remember the exact range which she weote with the number 5. There were multiple ranges starting with 5 in part 1 and 6 in part 2. I couldnt see the part 3 scores because immediately after scoring she said good bye.

simon do u have any rough idea what these ranges meant because I am pretty sure they were scores not something else. The examiner in my first try had made four coloums for each of the four components marked in the listening test. However he gave me 1.8 in each of the four coloumns for part 1 and 2.3 in part 2. The increase is similar to what happened yesterday 5. part 1 to 6.26-6.35 in part 2. I want to say that the increase in scores is similar in both tests. I would certainly want that they dont score infront of the candidates!!!!!

By the way I am not convinced by their method of scoring. There are many questions to ask such as why they score seprately for the three tasks? after scoring for three parts do they take an average of the three parts or they consider the part in which the candidate performs better? Why was she scoring 6.25-6.35 both the values are nearer to 6.5... she could had just written 6 or 6.5. In my opinion ielts examiners shouldnt score before the test is complete and specially infront of the student. They should listen the complete test and then give a score about the overall impression of a candidates speaking skills rather than marking each part separately.


These are NOT scores. These are times. She is definitely not writing scores.

How can u be sure about that because it doesnt makes sense!!!!!!!!!!! The first part is never more than 5 minutes... the times dont sum up even. if anyone had a similar experience do tell me.

Examiners have various ways of timekeeping. I won't explain this here. The numbers you refer to above are clearly not scores. Don't worry about this. You are not scored on different parts of the test either.

1. Of course, I want to express my opinions on what we concern or analyst these topics.
2. Well, I know a lot of people feel anxious about their presentations because of their voice. It is not clear or fluent enough to their audience approaching their speech.
3. To be honest, It's hard for us to prepare it in a few days. We should look up the primary information and practice day by day.
4. In my opinion, It's the good way for ourselves and other people to follow your speech. Visual aids present what you want to say when people need to remember the information longer..

1.Do you like giving presentation ?
Yes , I like giving presentation . I like talking and expressing my ideal to everyone. When I was at university , my teacher usually gave us the topics and articles for presentation. We would present group by group. In my group , people regularly gave me the chance to present . I was very exciting all the times .
2. Why do some people feel nervous about giving presentations?
I think this is a very popular problem. People feel nervous when they do a presentation just because they feel not confident about themselves . They worry about their opinions , appearance , …Perhap these things are just all in their head.
3.What do you think people should do before giving a presentation?
I think people should prepare carefully about the content of presentation , I mean you have to think over about what you will say . What you will present first and afterward . One more thing is to keep the atmosphere of presentation exciting.That is so good if you also prepare a game or some funny question. In that way , the audience will not feel boring about your presentation .
4.How can visual aids help in a presentation?
In my opinion , visual aids help our presentation much . For example , when you are talking about the increase in population in last years , if you have the chart and numbers on a projector , everyone will be easy to understand what you present .

Dear friends, here are my answers:
1. Do you like giving presentations?
I actually don’t like presenting idea in presentation form. Preparing presentations needs a lot of preparation and practice in order to achieve perfect result. And I also realize that it is something that has to be done in academic term or in workplace. For example, even though, I don’t like giving presenting for my final project to my professor every week, I have to prepare and presenting in order to finalize my project. If I don’t push myself to prepare good presentation, I will find difficulty in college and workplace, especially when I have to presenting an idea in presentation.
2. Why do some people feel nervous about giving presentations?
I think there are several reasons why those people feel nervous while they are giving presentation. Firstly, they are afraid to make mistake while they are presenting their ideas. This mistake might be happen when they have lack of preparation, such as only small number presentation materials. Secondly they find difficulty to find a way so that they can explain clearly their idea, so the audiences can fully understand. Finally, lack of practice while preparing for presentation will lead to nervous feeling in front of audiences.
3. What do you think people should do before giving a presentation?
I think preparation is a key to make good presentation. Firstly, I would suggest that they should start collection a lot of materials that relate to topic that they would like to present. Secondly, they have to organize their ideas in sequence logic so the audience can follow your flowing of ideas. Finally, couple of days before presentation time, they should practice doing presentation in front of their colleagues, so that they can give feedback to any mistake that might they do.
4. How can visual aids help in a presentation?
Visual aids can help presenters to deliver their ideas clearly. Having visual aids in your presentation can make easier for the audience to see visually the train of ideas that you convey. For example, when I have explain about how certain tool work in my final project in university, it is easier to explain this in visual form instead of in paragraph. However, too many visual aids in one page of your presentation can distract audience attention.

Hi everyone, I am looking for someone to practice throught skype. My skype ID:Remki.Design.Azer

I also looking for study partner. We can help each other in each section. Have a good day!

hi Simon,

Please take a look on my answers and give some feed back.

1.I would love giving presentations, In this way I can express my own ideas on a given topic.
2.I would have to say there are several reasons why some people are feeling anxious when doing the presentations this maybe because they are not really prepared with the topics that they need to tackle or they were not really used to talk infront of many people.
3.In my own opinion, First thing that they need to do is focus on the idea or the topic that they were going to present. Secondly, research on multiple books in the library for more details about the topic and Lastly, they can try to talk in front of the mirror so they would see how they talk or try to present this in front of their friends so they can give you feedback.
4. I believe that the visual aids is a big factor for a more successfull presentation. All the data that you need can be posted in the visual aids and the audience will be able to see the information taht you are explaining even if they might not hear you clearly.

1)Yes i like giving presentation because it give me confidence and courage to speak infront of the listeners such as our university professors always gave us some particular topic and instruct us to prepare a presentation.and in our univesity hall we discuss our.presentation 2) some people feel.nerous because.they were.afraid to be critised by the audience.and.secondly they put themselves.into the pressure just because.of that they easily.forget there.presentation.work 3)before.giving.presentation people should.try to.practice there presentation.infromt.of the mirror and they should relax.themselves.by having a glass.of.water for eg when.i.was.suppose to.give.my final presentation i practised and revise it.by heart.and try to relax myself by listening songs

Plz kindly.chexk my answers

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