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May 17, 2015


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Hi Simon,

I do agree with you! It's good to invest some money to seek an advice or lessons from teachers If he/she wants to achieve desired score. If I were in UK, I would go to your class, I think it would be a great help if i take some lessons from your class in UK.

To be frank, I went IELTS high class training for one and half month in Abu Dhabi UAE in April. But I feel i didn't learn too much from our teacher, My IELTS has little improvement, becasue our teacher didn't assign writing homework to us, by the end of class, our teacher spent only two classes with spekaing module. I need a class which a teacher can tell us about our weaknessess in IELTS, So that we can work on it in order to score higher in IELTS exam.

Excellent advise, the big question is who would be this teacher, as many students have experienced failure despite taking English courses.

@Tian, Would you further elaborate what kind a course you took, was it from British Council as I am planing to enrol in that one! But if it's not worth it I won't waste my hard earned money...

Thanks for your help

My great problem is in Reading. However, since I have used "The Magic Table" my scores have leapfrogged from 6.0 to 7.0-7.5 in my practice tests. Now it is not so hard to find sparkling keywords!
I hope that I get good result in real exam.

Hi Mahdi,

What is your technique in reading please? could you share your ideas please. thank you.

Here you can find one example of it:


Thanks Simon, have been following your blog for two weeks now, my test is on the 30th of this month. I hope I get my desired band.


The only thing that's holding me back from getting the score I need on the IELTS test is the HORRIBLE WRITING TASK 1! It's so difficult for me to understand the main features and group them together correctly. I can spend the whole 20 minutes allotted to complete the task looking at the graph and still have no clue about how to organize my writing in a correct and effective way. I've already read so many examples and even a couple of books on how to write the IELTS reports, but I'm still struggling with analyzing the data. It's like every graph I see is different, and I get so confused. My IELTS exam is in two weeks, so I'm in a rush now. Could you please give me some advice?

P.S. If anyone else has some valuable suggestions for me, please go ahead and tell me.

Dear Simon,

As you said before that you still read the comment but don't have time to reply them.i need the for my following question please,here or in reading section or wherever you want I read your advices every day.
I don't know how to use keywords table technique,may you explain what to do and how in details please?suppose I am going to practise reading section today ,what should I do first,second, third.....?I solve the exam first, check the answers, understand why did I do mistakes, then do table of keywords from questions and passages, is that what you mean ?

Many many thanks,I really struggle in reading section,if anyone can reply, I will be thankful.

Sorry, but how can that help me later? Or should I do the table first?I mean first I read first question and starting to write the first keyword and look for the synonyms?I mean will doing tables be at the same time of doing practise or real exam every time should I do tables ? After I got the table,what is this table for, what should I do with it?

Just make sure that the teacher you choose is experienced in IELTS, and an examiner if possible. If your teacher doesn't know or understand the marking criteria, it could be counterproductive.

dear Simon
My weakest point is writing.I still need to improve my time management and developing ideas.I had a private tutor for 5 sessions.but it didn't help me.I am really frustrated with IELTS.my writing score fluctuates between 6 and 6.5 and I need to get 7.

Dear all,

After taking IETLS test 4 times, I am now frustrated. My speaking has been improved from 6.5 to 7.5 and I have been scoring 7.5 in reading and listening.

Last time, I just scored 6 in writing. I could not believe this as I have written letter and essay very well. In fact, as per my expectation I would have received 7 or 7.5 in writing as I graded my answer on 4 criteria.

Would any one help me to improve my writing score? I would request someone if he is very good in writing to check my essay and letter. I can help others in speaking as I have been consistent in scoring 7.5 in speaking.

Hi Jay

Your scores seem very good for me. I would dream to get a score of 7.5 in reading and speaking consistently.

I believe you are taking the general test. I am doing the academic module. My situation is : my writing and speaking is fairly stable at 7.0. Of course, I am not in the position to check your essays.

If you are happy, we can make a deal like this: I can ask a native English speaker to check your essays ( a couple of them), but he can not mark your essays. In return, we practice speaking on Skype a few times, through this, I will know what is the level of band 7.5 performance like. It would be a bonus if you can give me some suggestions on my reading that I am struggling the most this moment.

Finally, where did you take your tests?

Please let me know if you are interested in this exchange.


Hi Simon,
Please help me to improve my writing skill. The problems are some mistake from my paragraphs special that is grammar.
How can I write correct sentences?

Many thanks,

I have a query. if i attempt y/n/ng type questions n write t/f/ng on answer sheet, will i get marks for these or not?because i think these are similar questions n one should get marks in any case.

Hi Jing,

I would happy to help others and that's fine for me. Please share your skypeID, will accept your request.

Happy Learning!

Hi Jay,

My Skype: jing.xu101

Hi Lana,

I would make a keyword table at the end (the last thing you do) as a vocabulary record. It's just a final reminder of the 'similar words' that you found when doing the test.

If you keep your keyword tables in one place, you can read through them from time to time (maybe once a week or once a month) as a way of 'cementing' your vocabulary knowledge.

Dear simon i took the academic test for the second time and here are my results listen 8 reading 8.5 speak 8. writing 6.5 . I couldnt believe because one month ago my writing score was7.they released my scores with delay because of double checking.Unfortunately I need 7in all sections Now I asked for remark and it will be sent to the IDP central office.do you think this will help....?is there any way they help me to save myscores .Ireally feel desperate. and cant stand resitting the exam .my previous scores are listen 8.5read 6 writing7speak 6.5

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