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April 08, 2015


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Thanks Simon!

hello simon :
please tell me which sentence is correct.i have exam on 11 april and i am completely confused.

1/ chorleywood park and golf course is now located next to this original village area.

2/ chorleywood park and golf course are now located next to this original village area.

you wrote the first sentence on your 21/march/2014 lesson, but i do not know which one is correct.

thanks in advance.

Hello, Simon
I have a question
While I am reading books sometimes I find words that are informal...Should I remember these words or it would be better to skip them.Are informal words really necessary for IELTS learners?

Hi simon, I'm aiming for band 8-9 in my ielts test. But can you please let me know are there any students who have got band 9 by following this exact kind of essay writing structure?


Dear Simon,

I am completely lost for words to express my gratitude to you.

I gave the IELTS (General Test) on March 28, 2015 in India. It was my first (and definitely my last attempt).

I studied/practiced every single Listening/Reading/Writing Tasks (all the different types of questions for Tasks 1 and Task 2) ONLY from your website.

I was not particularly happy with the writing style and structure of Writing Tasks 1 and 2 that I found on other websites. So, I studied quite sincerely only from your website.


Listening: 8.5
Reading: 8.5
Writing: 8
Speaking: 9

I am deeply indebted to you and your website for this fantastic scores.

btw I was hoping to score Band 9 Overall.... I missed a couple of points I guess in the Listening question on Map (direction to facilities at a park) + Reading (Wikipedia article).

My handwriting for Writing Tasks 1 and 2 was not good.... I did practice handwriting and spellings too.... it's easy to make mistakes for simple, common spellings. Anyways

You're doing a wonderful job.... and I will always be grateful to you

God bless you

Kind regards,

Hi Nee,

Both are possible. It depends whether we consider the park and golf course as one place or two separate places.


Hi Attaboy,

It's difficult to answer to your question because it depends on the word. My general advice would be to take an interest in all English words, but focus most on those that are useful for IELTS topics.


Hi Sam,

Yes, I've had a few students over the years who got a band 9 using my exact structure and approach.


Congratulations Marie! Great scores, and I'm really happy that my lessons played a part in your success!

Dear Marie,
Congratulations for your briliant result.

Can I ask for how long have you been practicing for this outstanding performance?
I need 7 in each module and overall 7.5.


task 2: Nowadays more and more older people who need employment have to compete with younger people for the same jobs. What problems does this cause? What are the solutions?

April 11, 2015 writing task 2

HI Simon

You have given a large substantial amount of advice about how to write a good essay, which are from grammar, vocabulary, sentence etc but there is one thing is not clear for me: what are top 10 key points to produce a high band score writing

Again, highly appreciate your return


Hi Naz,

I registered for the IELTS test in mid-January.... and studied on-off, outside of my work and other commitments.

I practiced a lot.... with this website as the source.... both Academic and General Tests.

I also read newspapers, Natgeo, etc

Luckily, different accents did not bother me (except for Australian accents which I struggle to understand at times) as I travel/lived abroad quite a bit. So, that helped

btw I took my test at British Council

All the very best.... and here's wishing you get the band you want

Good question, NEE ! and of course thanks to Simon for clearing that confusion.

Dear Simon,
I have a question about and I would be grateful if you could help me in.
I know that these questions : 1-" to what extent do you agree or disagree"
, 2-"Is this a positive or negative?" , 3-"Do you think that it brings more advantageous or disadvantageous?" , 4-"Are there more advantageous or disadvantageous?" , 5-"Do you think this trend has more advantageous or disadvantageous?" all are opinion questions and I should give my opinion, and I know I can discuss one side or both side of argument depend on my introduction for
1-" to what extent do you agree or disagree" type of questions but I wonder if I must discuss both positive/advantageous and negative/disadvantageous for 2nd to 5th type of questions?
In your lesson on wednesday,May 16,2012 you have mentioned that for B questions (for example: "Is this a positive or negative?"), you can answer by giving both side or only one side,depending on the view in introduction, whereas in your lesson on wednesday,August 08,2012 you have given an exam question :...."Do you think this trend has more advantageous or disadvantageous?" and in your tips you have said: give your opinion , as well as discussing both the advantageous and disadvantageous. Please guide me that I must discuss both views for 2-5 type of questions in the body or I can discuss only one side?

Dear Simon,
i am facing a problem in opening the link of "common topics" , when i click it , it takes me to a blank page.
can you please help me to fix this error.


Hi simon.....
Your website is very helpful
Page for common topics is not opening ... can anyone please right the common topics here in comment

Sorry about the 'common topics' link. It should work now.

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