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February 11, 2015


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Hmmm, so these days we are learning the " anatomy" of ielts essays.

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for such a great website.

I would like to score 6 - 6.5 in writing, It's hard to remember topic based vocabulary.

I have some questions, Could please help me??

1) Many people says that achieving this score by learning common vocabulary which suites for all the topics. Is that best idea?

2) Could you please post me some helpful vocabulary that suites for all the topics?

Please Simon, help me!

Thank again,


Is this a discussion opinion question. I am a bit confused.

Hi Simon,

There is an online course that I find it very useful! I learnt a lot from it. Many tips or key points that the educator mentioned match the key points you has been taught on this blog but some tips I'm not sure they are good to be done in "IELTS" writing. e.g. Do you think it's nice to make future suggestions in the conclusion? I'm not sure because that seems going beyond what the title asks.


Sorry, this's the online course I mentioned.

Hi Vita,

As far as I'm concerned academic writing is different with IELTS writing.

Help me please to find speaking 7-9 phrases...I mean exception of Simon examples ....PLEASE

Hi Reza.tr
Of course an IELTS essay isn't exactly the same as academic papers that are published in academic journals. But IELTS will train you to think in a logical way and train you write those ideas clearly. As you can see in the above structure, we need to go from general ideas to specific ideas followed by examples to back up those ideas. Don't jump about in a random way. Keep your writing ordered and logical.

Dear Simon,

I am a big fans of your fantastic website. On 31/1/2015, I sit an ielts exam, but my writing score was out of my expectation.

The topic is:
Some people argue that too much attention and too much resources are given to the protection of wildlife animals and birds. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

In my article, I chose 'completely disagree‘ to write my essay.

Body 1: I dont think too much attention was given....
Example: in some developing countries, people kill birds for entertainment or food. (attention issue)

Body2: I dont think too much resources was given...
Example: some zoos in developing countries are facing financial shortage in keeping wildlife animals. (financial resources)


I have taken ielts for many times(in std), the average score for writing is 6.5. This time, I just got 5.5. Actually, I really do not know sth wrong with this essay structure? is it off topic?? Could you pls kindly give some tips?

Thank you for ur time.


Hi Louisa
Your essay structure is nice. I wish I can do that. Need more practice and advice from here website.

Hi simon
I have written this essay . Kindly give me feed back . Please

""The ownership of cars should be restricted to one per family in order to reduce traffic conjestion and pollution

To what extent you agree or disagree

Cars are now considered as a basic need of human in spite of luxury. That is why tremendous amount of traffic could be seen on the road which obviously is the main reason of pollution and massive traffic jam . Due to this It is argued that one family should hold one car to minimize this disaster. Though I totally disagree with this suggestion.

First and foremost, in my opinion,the life have become very hectic and busy . in a family almost every one engage in their activities like job, study etc . They could not bother to depend on one car .For example, If a father need a car to go for the job , the mother also need the to drop the children to school and go for grocery just to ease the life . If we consider it a reason of pollution and traffic jam I think the government should take some major safety measures to reduce such problems on high level . The government need to revive the road plan as per the need and demand to avoid the traffic jam and for the pollution it is best solution to restrict the use of old cars and bad condition cars as old and bad cars pollute the environment more.

Moreover, the cars business like its sale and import also play a vital role for the economy of a country . I am also working in a car company that is why I am saying confidently how major part it is playing for the growth of an economy . Every year many companies paying millions of tax to government . This tax could be use to facilitate the people rather to restrict them .

In conclusion, I firmly believe that if the people use the cars to make their life life easy it is their right . Strict rules and regulation on the buying of cars is not the solution of pollution and massive traffic . On high level there is a need to take the measure. As the cars not only ease the life of a people but its playing a marvelous role for the economy of a country .

Hi simon, I've studied your website seriously. I noticed that people in many European counties, like you have many ideas about the social issues. Unfortunately, I am Chinese, my 20-year education forces me to think and work based on books. I don't have any iedas without a book. If I write an essasy that hasn't appeared in your website or ebook, I have nothing to say. I really hope you recommand some websites or online videos that discuss IELTS related topics or social problems. Therefore I can improve my ideas、speaking and independent thinking,and understand the overseas world better. Thank you!

Kindly give me some feed back

"" people should work a fixed number of hours per week , and employee should not ask anybody to work more than this .

Jobs are the basic need of people to survive happily in this world . In some situation the jobs could be vey miserable for the employees especially if it is not properly managed by the employers.That is why it is always argued that the there should be certain working hours weekly for all the staff and I firmly agree with this point of suggestion.

First and foremost, more or less every human have limited mental and physical working energy . After a certain period of time if the energy is consumed more it could be very harmful for the health.So , it is quite wise to allocate the specific time duration to all the employees to work properly and healthy . Too much exposure to work could definitely destroy their health and performance . If the high management ask for more work after the working hours there are definite chances that the employers will not get the desired result.

Furthermore, if the staff is trained from the beginning to work in a specific time it could be the best practice of time management. Consequently, the people would cope with the targeted work more efficiently and nicely . So it is highly recommended to the employers to give them specific time for the best staff training because if the people think that they are asked to stay more even after the working hours may be they show laziness in the work.

Moreover, it is absolutely necessary for every human to spend some quality time with the family. So , if the people is not overburdened at work place after the working hours . This precious time could be spent more constructively with the families .So by mutual understanding of employee and employer a healthy environment could be built .

In conclusion , I am totally convinced with the certain working hours suggestion because it has not only tremendously beneficial for people but also marvelous impact on office performance .

good info

here is my Paragraph 1
On the one hand, parents certainly have a vital role to play in the upbringing of their children. Parents are the role model for almost every children, since they tend to imitate their parents in all aspects of life. Children spends most of their childhoods with their parents, which parents could use to teach their children the necessary attitudes like respecting others, being true to others, because these skills are important for a child's future. For instance, children who have a good parents would become a good citizen of a country, while children who lost their parents become criminal at very young age.

Can someone rate it please!!

Criminal point is not good i think
It could be
the neglegance from the parents may destroy the personalty of the children that is why it is observed that such children become easly influenced by the bad habbits
I m also poor in english .. But its a try

Hi Mike Wang
Yes, many Chinese and other Asian students have trouble in this regard.
For ideas about debates, including debates on social issues, check this:

@ Louisa
Hi, I might shed some light upon this question.
I Personally believe that the question was asking about the degree, the extent, rather than we should or not, which is the key difference between the 31/1 question and the model sample in Simon's essay.

So if you complete disagree with it, then your essay need to argue that why we should pay so much attention and use so many resources to do so. In other words, it should give reasons for valuing wild animal protection over other public sectors spending.

But in your essay, it seems to be arguing the need of protecting animals, rather than weighting the significance between the two. And I feel that it would be very difficult to actually compare them, so I'd say this essay may be easier to give a balanced view:
P1, it's necessary to spend a certain amount of resources protecting wild animals ( some ideas can be stolen from Simon's);
P2, but we should not over spend it as we have other important sectors to address.

Hope it helps, and I'm just a student who are also struggling with IELTS writing. This is just my personal opinion, though.

IELTS writing tasks are very effective in terms of preparing students for English level. However with the emergence of online university , distance education has shrunk the boundaries of the world and now people can easily gain international standards of education from any part of the world.

Dear Simon,

I was hoping to get a few points or the skeleton of this question. I notice it is a bit different from an argument essay.

Some people believe children should be allowed to stay at home and play until they are six or seven years old. Others believe that it is important for young children to go to school as soon as possible.
What do you think are the advantages of attending school from a young age?

I would really appreciate to hear your ideas on this.


Teachers play almost the same important role as parents do in children’s growth. Teachers can cultivate children how to work with other peers, because they tend to face a large group of pupils. Children should learn how to behave sensibly in class, regardless of many distractions abound them, and follow instructions, which are given by teachers. This skills are crucial important in their later life. For example, in the workplace, adults should know how to cooperate with their workmates and follow instructions given by the leader or director of the company.


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