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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


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You've been very helpful ... Your guidance and work level suits us here, so keep up the good work!

Hi Simon
is it valid for the different questions of task 2?

Is the vocab. level determine my score?

I want to learn from you.your approaches are really good.

I am strictly following your advise and noticed that I am putting more time on the two paragraphs instead of introduction and conclusion. Hopefully, it will be worth practicing.
Thank, Simon

I feel comfortable with intro-4, 1st body-4, 2nd body-4 and conc-3 style

Hi Simon
My problem is that my body paragrahs are usually shorter than what you recommend , I have many ideas but I don't know exactly how to support them ?? what is your advice for me, please?
Thanks alot

My exam is on 28th Feb and I am not confident about writing task. But you gave me Golden advice. I will follow it now.Thanks Simon

Hi Simon.
I find your essays really well-constructed and with clear opinions.
What if I learn them by hard?
Will I able to write an essay for a random topic with using your technique of writing? (in three months)
Thank you in advance
Best regards Jasur

Actually I try to do it according to the number of lines. Now, i will try to write according to the number of sentences- thanks my teacher for "specifying" the number of sentences for an estimate! Of course again it will depend on how long or short our sentences are.

Hi Mr Simon

It Seems to be valuable advice which encourage me to prepare task 2 in writing. I have lack of confidence for achieve desired word count of the essay. This surely helps me to overcome that issue.. thank you very much.

Hi Jasur,
I will take my IELTS exam in May so I have only 2 months. I am so nervous as well because I have just met this blog lately and started to prepare. But we have Simon's Golden advice so lets do our best!! Hope you can get the score that you need! Just I thought one thing. I got advice from Simon before. If you have no idea which topic you should start, just do common topics like "education, family, children, work" first with Simon's ebook and his blog then do others. Thats what I am trying to do lately. Hope its helpful.

Dear Simon,

My name is tanzeel and i just purchased your IELT book Idea for Essays.

Kindly confirm, when i can receive that book on my email.

Hi Saya
Thank's a lot for your advice, I appreciate that.I will do so.

Hasib wrote this:
I feel comfortable with intro-4, 1st body-4, 2nd body-4 and conc-3 style

But you need to get most of your writing into the two body paragraphs -- that's where you will pick up the marks. It looks like your introduction is going to be the same length as the body paragraphs! Perhaps you write longer sentences in the body paragraphs?

Hi Simon
I got 7 in writing! Thanks so much for the materials provided. Still need to work out my speaking though.

And how many words do you contain in a sentence?

hello sir ,
i wanted to ask u at is it possible to write writing task in just 13 sentences as the question itself says 250 words and if yes can u give an example to it

We should write the answers of listening and reading in capital letter or not ????
Pls tell me

I have one question, can I write on both sides in agreeing and disagree like in the first paragraph I will say that we will discuss the both sides and give conclusion thereafter.

Hii simon my man wrong on the other hand she said you write only on other hand means do not use the

Hi Simon,
I purchased all your videos one month ago and studied them thoroughly and followed every step that you had mentioned but still my score did not move out of band 6 which is the same.
I was very confident this time to get band 7 but I'm not sure where am I going wrong! I even had enough time to review the answer, provided a good example in each paragraph and everything else was just as you mentioned.
The question is, How can I go to band 7? this is my 4th exam and I get 8 in all bands except for writing, for which I always get 6.

Hi Simon !

On Tuesday 31th October i am going to Istanbul for an important interview,and i have to pass an important English Test exam by your blog ! If i will be able to pass exam; you can be sure i will never forget u and ur advices that u share with us here. Even if i wont have good performance to get a job; i thank u ! I loved ur blog so much and i am sure i will maintain studying on here and improve my English..

Best Regards !


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