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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


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Highly informative video and this advice of listening given by you is valuable.
Thank you sir

Truly speaking, these days, I am mostly watching your videos repeatedly and they are really helpful for me.

I read BBC poadcast World news services and news daily. It helps.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your recommendations.

In the listening tests, some sections are spoken with strong accents. Please could you suggest where we can find this type of listening programmes with accents?

Hello Simon,

That video is really interesting! I am preparing to sit for IELTS exam, and after this video I would say that there is more to life than IELTS exam.

Pd. I really appreciate for sharing your experirence in IELTS training with us.


I would say this speech is authentic and pragmatic, which covers main issues in our society. I love this type of programme.

I like to listen to 5pm news hour on BBC radio 4, Infinite Monkey cage, Science hour, and All in mind on Podcasts.

Thanks Simon, I really appreciate your daily lessons.

I totally agree with Mayu there is more to life than IELTS exam.

Hello simon,

thank you very much for the advice, i watch BBC documentaries.

this program is really inspiring me to the best


Hello guys,
I experienced to listen these sources:
1- NPR talks
2- BBC 6 minutes Learning English
3- Nature podcasts of Nature Magazine
4- all speechs of John Moor University(Liverpool)
5- Delta book for Toefl
6- KIT book for Toefl

Dear Simon,
I really appreciate your advice, they are very useful and practical, thank you!
I also have one question: how to take the most advantage of listening or reading material? Listen to it again and again or take notes or the like? Should we write down the full text while listening?

Amazing talk !!!!!so intresting

Thank you very much,
"Food for Thought" for everyone!

Dear Mr Simon
The first time I know your webside. Thank you very much for your helpful and valuable for us.
I didnt take IELTS exam. my school request Toefl ibt. Do you know have any web for learn Toefl like your web

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