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Sunday, February 08, 2015


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Thank you for your great lessons Simon.
That's a good idea to "SHOW" our friend that we feel sorry.. Sometimes our friends do believe in that and sometimes they just know it all and can understand the reason without us explaining anything. Sorry sir, if its off the topic.

Dear Simon,

My friend and i ffind the writing test 3 in ielts cambride 6 is quite difficult, if possible , could you please give us some ideas to adress this task in next lessons? I really appreciate your help, thanks in advance .

"Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behavior. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome culture differnces.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion"

Dear Brian,

I'm really sorry that I couldn't be at your birthday party. I know that you might be angry with this now.

My mom, had a stroke just before I was going out to be at the party. I had to take her to the hospital and stay all the night there, that why I had forgotten to make a call to let you know about. Today we took her from hospital and got her back to the home. Thanks God, she's now getting better, Doctors told me that they are optimistic about her recovery.

Now I'd like to invite you to have a meal ,on Friday, at a very lovely restaurant, close to our home. Honestly, my mom asked me to join us, as she feels that her illness spoiled the time we could get together, and should do something to make up for this.

Sorry again and hope we can have all that good days again.


Dear Simon

Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration last Friday !

The purpose of this letter is to apologize for my absence without informing you.

It happened on last Friday. I got an unexpected and excited call from my sister, who is living in Australia with her husband, for visiting her due to my niece’s birth with three day early than expected. So I booked the flight tickets with my parents immediately and went to airport with only several hours left before the flight departed. When we arrived at the airport, our flight was checking on board, which left me no time to think about other important things. After I sat on my seat, your birthday invitation came to my mind. But the plane was ready to take off with all mobile phones required to be switched off under the air traffic regulations. So I couldn’t call you to explain this at that moment. After 11-hour flight journey, we arrived at our destination. I tried to reach you to explain why I didn’t turn up your party. However, my phone was out of work due to its service was out of boundary. Hope you can understand that I didn’t turn up your party.

Next Monday, I will fly back to China to invite you for a dinner with some valuable gifts such as Kangaroo belt for you to show my sorry for my absence.

Dear Sujan,
I hope you enjoyed your birthday party last week but I am really sorry that I could not attend your party though I had really wished to be with you on that day.

You know I have been working on my science project since last two months really hard. This project has made me experience a lot for developing my professional career. I had made a day off on your birthday to celebrate with you on your party but apparently, something went wrong with my robot on the same day and I had to call all of my group members to
study what was happening. All of us were really busy to fix this issue as our project
deadline was just two days remaining.

I am organizing a small gathering on my house next week. I would like to invite you and your family
to attend to this gathering if you forgive me.

Prateek Shrestha

Hi Brian,
How are you doing? Hope you are fine. I'm writing to say sorry mate!. I don't want to make an excuse but let me explain why I couldn't be at your party.
At the time when I was driving out , I found out that someone had a double-parked and blocked me in. I waited on and on but no one turned up, then I had to take a taxi heading your home, the traffic was murder and cars had to drive at the snail's pace. But what it made it worse was that the driver went in the wrong direction and I found myself in the middle of nowhere, no coverage phone, as I tried several times to make a call but failed. Then we forced to get back home, but that was too late that, thought would be annoying to call you.
Now I'd like to invite you a meal out of the town, at the very lovely restaurant to make up for this.
Hope you won't let me down and take it as a gift.
All the best

Hi Brian,

How are you doing? Hope you are fine. I'm writing to say sorry mate!. I don't want to make an excuse but let me explain why I couldn't be at your party.

At the time when I was driving out , I found out that someone had a double-parked and blocked me in. I waited on and on but no one turned up, then I had to take a taxi heading your home, the traffic was murder and cars had to drive at the snail's pace. But what it made it worse was that the driver went in the wrong direction and I found myself in the middle of nowhere, no coverage phone, as I tried several times to make a call but failed. Then we forced to get back home, but that was too late that, thought would be annoying to call you.

Now I'd like to invite you a meal out of the town, at the very lovely restaurant to make up for this.

Hope you won't let me down and take it as a gift.

All the best

Dear friend,

I am writing to ask you to apologies for not attending such occasion in your life.

The reason was that i was invited to my cousin wedding one week before.

As well I was overload whole week at work and I forgot to inform you that I will not attend you birthday.


Dear Richard,

It has been a while since we last met at the graduation ceremony, and you invited me to your birthday on last Wednesday.

Hope you enjoyed your day. I am writing to apologize for not attending your birthday.

I had put your date of birth on my smartphone to remind me. However, I lost my phone on Sunday before that when I went clubbing with my workmates. Thus, until now I have not updated and obtained all information on my new phone.

By the way, there is a gathering dinner at my house on this weekend. I would like to invite you to take a part in our dinner since we will celebrate your birthday again as well as the coming Chinese New Year.

Looking forward to your reply.



Hi Candy,

To begin with please accept my sincere apologies for not attending your birthday party. I absolutely know the importance that you give to such a special day. Let me explain why I was not able to be there and how I am going to make it up for you.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to downtown to buy you a birthday present and was planning to come to your place right away. I had my time to visit many shops and finally picked up one gigantic teddy bear for you as a gift. I thought it will not be that difficult to carry it to my car and unfortunately I was wrong. After snowy weather last week, all the sidewalks were iced as you know. I slid and fell right on to the teddy bear and hit my head to a tree. When I was awake it was Sunday afternoon.

The good news is I have no injuries or serious health issues according to my doctors. The bad news is I can not say the same thing for the teddy bear. I promise when they release me I will organise a joint party for my recovery and your birthday.

I apologise again for missing your birthday celebration party and hope to see you soon on a sunny day :)


Dear Joan,

how are you? How is your study going on? Last Monday was your birthday & hope you enjoyed the party. I am sure you are very angry with me because I was not there. I am very very sorry for this my friend.

Now I am telling you the reason of my absence. One of my cousins, who lives in New York, gave me a call on last Sunday that she was on the way to visit us. She requested me to receive her in airport on Monday at 4:00 p.m. I could not say 'no' to her because she has come after 10 years and she is not only my cousin, but also my childhood friend. So I was compelled to go to the airport with my parents and we reached home at 8:00 p.m. For this reason I could not attend your birthday party.

Now I am inviting you on next Friday at our home because we are going to organize a dinner party where you can meet my cousin. Please try to take a part there.

I am sorry again for missing your party. Hope you will not miss my party. Take care.



Dear Ebzan
Hi, how's life? I thought you will be okay. I write this letter because I want to apologize that I can't make to come for your birthday. I'm really sorry about that. I couldn't come because I had terrible problem. Last week my boss suddenly asked me to went out the town to met a investor for our company. I can't deny it because I'm the new employee in my company, if I could'nt do it, I will get fire and I can make a call or texting with you because the area is remmoted far from the big city, I'm so hard to find a signal of my mobile phone. I hope you will be understand that, I'm really sorry

For my apology, I want to take you with for short holiday in Bali next weekend, don't worry about fee I will threat you because you have a birthday.

I am sorry ebzan, please contact me as soon as possible



Dear Mark,
Hope you have an enjoyable birthday and please allow me to apologise for my absence on your birthday party. It was very depressed for me as well that i could not attend the important event, so sad!

All should be blamed was the unexpectedly urgent meeting when i was on the way to your home. I assumed that it should be finished soon, on the contrary, many issues were discussed and tons of arguments were made. Worse was that i need recorded all minutes down and sent them out immediately once the meeting finished. I was so pushed that even no time allowed to give you a call.

May I have your honour this time to organise another big dinner with our guys to celebrate your birthday. I will take my gift for your birthday and this time I promise that I will not miss the party anyway. I am looking forward your prompt response.

Best Regards,

Dear Shah,
Hope you find this letter with good health and the reason to write this letter is to apologise for my absence on your birthday party.
You know i have started my new software business and on last friday there was a deadline of one of the project and i could not finish that by deadline so the client were annoyed and given me 2 days more so i did hard to finish that task.This project not given me time to think about other important work.
I want to compulsate my biggest mistake so i would like to arrange a party at my home and i want to invite you and your family .
Best Regards,

Dear Allier,
I hope you find my letter in better health.
I apologize for missing your birthday party. I was looking through some of the event’s pictures online and I must say you had a fabulous birthday party this year. I could have met Jane, Sally and Pratica as all of them were present on this our annual reunion.
I had bought an amazing gift for your birthday present but at last moment I had to fly to Sinkiari for an emergency business meeting. It was so urgent that even I forget to give you a call before leaving.
I would like to invite you and your wife on dinner to compensate this. Let me know what your choice is, although I know what you will choose, and which day works best for you. I would like to present your wonderful gift to you as well.
Please let me know in advance if you want me to present something on your birthday.
See you soon,

Dear Maya,

First of all, i would like to sincerely apologize for not being able to fulfill your birthday invitation. I really hope that you enjoyed the party.

I know that you might be upset due to my absence then i will explain the reason why i cant make to your party. I had an emergency situation last week that my mother had me deliver her to hospital for she had fever for days and not seemed getting better. Then I spent that day accompanied her in emergency room. Unfortunately my phone was running out of battery so i couldnt call you.

Next weekend,i would be happy if you can go out with me for meals in your favorite restaurant, i will pick you up and treat you as well to make up my mistake. I wish you will aceept my apologies and my invitation.

With love,


very very nice

Dear Olivier,

I am writing to apologize for the absence of your birthday party. But I hope you had an enjoyable and wonderful one.

Let me explain the reason that I was not appear your party. One of my workmate got serious malaria and the doctor suggested us taking him to my country for treatment. You know it was my responsibility to look after my workmate and accompany him on the plane.

Now my colleague is turning better and I shall be back next week. I have got time to go shopping and choose one for you as the birthday gift. So may I have your honor to invite you to have a gathering the second day after I am back.

Again, sorry to miss your party. I look forward to your reply.


it shall be "I didn't appear your birthday party"

Hi John,

This is Di, I hope that you had a great and productive working day today.

I would like to apologize that I could not make it to our appointment yesterday evening. I feel really guilty that I had not informed you beforehand, although I tried to call you and left you a voice message.

The reason was that one of my colleagues had to be hospitalised after a car accident near the Central World mall and I got to help her working with the police. Fortunately, it was not a serious car hit, she is now in stable condition.

Regarding our appointment to discuss the plan to open a new shop, I have prepared detailed options. It would be great if we could have a discussion this weekend, maybe on Saturday or Sunday.

Once again, I hope that you could understand my situation. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Di Truong

ebal v rot

Hi Simon,

could you please help me with the following writing task 1. Suggest any model answer.

You bought a music concert ticket. However you are unable to go. So you offer the ticket to your friend.
- explain detailed the concert.
- why you are unable to go
- how can your friend receive the ticket.

Also suggest the areas of improvement in my answer to the task 1 mentioned above.

Dear Frank,
Hope you are doing great. I am writing to offer you a music concert ticket, which I bought last week. However, I won’t be able to attend this concert as I got injured in an accident yesterday.
This music concert is really cool and going to happen on the coming weekend. PEPRICO band is performing, which consist of 4 people specialized in their music techniques. This band is very popular because of the versatility they showcase in their performance. I also know that attending a live concert has always been on your bucket list. So, you are the first person, whose name stroked my mind to whom I can offer this ticket.
I really wanted to attend this concert as it has always been my favorite band. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this event, as my injury will take at least 10 days to recover and my doctor has suggested me to take full time bed rest.
If you are interested, you can collect this ticket anytime from my home. Let me know if you won’t be able to collect it from my home, I will arrange someone to deliver it to you.
Yours lovingly,

So good

task 1 : your best friend has invited you to his/her birthday party, but unfortunately you will not be able to attend it as you have a very important commitment on that day.write a letter of apology informing him/her about your decision.

write an informal letter.you must include the following
. what you are expected to do on that day
. why this commitment is so important to you
. how you feel for not being able to attend the party and what you propose instead

Dear Oktay,

I hope you're well and that you had a nice time on your wedding.

I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to celebrate with you and to share your happiness and
for not letting you know beforehand that I wouldn't be able to come.
I feel terrible that I haven't found the time to contact you until know.

The reason why is'nt coming your wedding is that my working wind farm has been inspected by manager
so I had to stay this. The inspection has been processed for 5 day the week when your wedding time.
I was so busy with that.

I really hope you'll forgive me for being so thoughtless and I hope you'll let me make it up to you.
For compensation this situation, I'm sending the gold that I cant comet come to the wedding. Please you accept it.I wish happines with your wife forever.

Speak to you soon,


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