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Sunday, January 25, 2015


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thank you for answer all of these confusing questions. HAVE A NICE DAY. SIMON!!!!!!

HI Simon .I have question about writing exam ..could i use pencil and erase wrong words and repair sentences if it's not correct or not allowed for me in exam ,and also will i do all sub-exams on pc or based on paper .

Hi Simon,

your website is great. Could I ask whehter loosely paraphrasing the task question affect the task response & score or not?

e.g. Task: Many people believe that an effective public transport system is a key component of a modern city. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

e.g.My paraphrasing:
some people think differently on public transport. I agree an effective one is a key part to a city.

It seems that my introduction is not fully paraphrased word for word from the task question. the meaning is a little different, too. if not fully paraphrase, will it affect the score? does it affect task response?

I would be grateful if you could advise. Thank you!

Hi everybody,

So, it means I have to practice more spelling... Thanks Simon...

Thank you very much for your answers.

My opinion is that it is perfectly okay if you paraphrase in the task1. However, you will not impress your examiner by doing that in task 2. Examiners expect to see that the first sentence should lead to the essay argument. For example: An effective public transport system can bring prosperity of a modern city, therefore, I think, it is of paramount important for city development.

Dear teacher!
I've just practiced academic writing by writing paragraphs for few weeks because there're about 2 years for me to take IELTS Test if I want to study abroad with my university's scholarship. So I'm wondering about how long should I practice my paragraph writing before practice essay writing. And each day, I try to finish one direct topic with an outline and some of them with a complete paragraph. Should I continue that way? I mean should I write both outline and paragraph each day or just choose outline.
Thanks for reading and hope you answer me, Simon!

I have another question dear Simon,

If the instruction says a word/ a number and in listening the question will be asking for a date what will be the answer??? 1st november or just 1st???

Dear Simon
With my words I can speak English very well which means,I don't have any problems with Speaking and also Listening of IELTS(in class,my first listening test of IELTS was 25/40),but when i watch TV programs like News,I just understand some highlights of a report, not all.
How can I improve myself to understand all details?


Dear Simon

I have been following your website for 2 years. And I had taken the test three times. But the result of the 10th January 2015 result was the best, although I still need to get 7 in each band. But I'm happy since I got 7 in writing for the first time ever. I believe that your tutorial have affected to the score.

I got R 8, L 8, W 7 and S 6.5

I have to have more practices for the speaking. Thanks alot Simon for all the lessons.

Best Regards

Thank you Simon.

How you have got good bands in reading and listening?
I am very weak in this both subject..

How the individual section score affect the overall writing band? Is it the average of all 4 sections? I am good at task achievement and coherence & cohesion (say at level 8) but little low at lexical resources and grammar section (say at level 6.5). Will I get band 7?


You get the average of the four scores, rounded down. Examiners can't write 6.5 in boxes so unless it's a clear 7, a six is written. It's unusual to give scores that vary by more than one - for example, usually a 6 in GRA leads to a maximum 7 in TR, because the level of errors that a 6 makes invariably makes the arguments and development not easy to understand on first reading. To achieve an 8 or above in TR and CC you usually need at least 7 level LR and GRA. It is possible, but it happens rarely.

Hi Aysha,

For Listening: I live in Jakarta and the traffic is bad here. When I drive to work (passing through the traffic) , I usually listen to some English motivational CDs such as Stephen Covey and try to understand them. Sometimes,I also buy some English film and watch them without having the translation text and try to understand them as well.

While for reading, I have followed the advice from Simon. Taking the resources from the Economist or National Geographic website. I usually take one article and copy it into the Microsoft word. By reading the article in the softcopy, when I found some difficult words , I just block the word and press shift and F7, and the thesaurus will give the definition. So it help me alot.

Once again, thanks Simon for the tips.

Hi everyone, I live in United Kingdom. I had my ielts exam 2 years ago for 4 times got variable results. S-8 R-6.5 W-6.5 L 7.got disappointed and gave up. But now I have realised that giving up is not a solution for anything. I want to try again but but could not understand from where to start. I need motivation.

Hi Ritu. Don't worry, just keep following Simon's blog, it's very motivating.

Questions I encountered in speaking EXAM.
Advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Why some people like to share personal things publicly.

Is this trend promoting non serious attitudes and flirtation among people.

What is the best way to connect to family or friends.

Part 3 further discussion and my personal opinion and experience about the internet, social media and family and friends.

@ RITU :))

Hi Ritu,

As you said, giving up is not a solution, so keep trying... At least, you live in UK, so it is a big advantage for you... Just believe in yourself...Follow Simon's daily lessons... You will do great...Good luck to you...

Hi Simon,

I have been always thinking about if this sentence structure is right or not from grammar perspective:

"The first thing that I would do is think about my 4-paragraph structure"


Hi Simon,

I'm having a question about the IELTS Writing. Do I really have to rephrase the question? If I don't will I lose marks because of that?



Thanks Tim & Kamala, I really appreciate .
Thank you.

Hi Simon
I have a question about spelling in listening section. Which spelling is correct ,(Car Park/ or car-park)(Book Shop or Book-shop)

Dear Mr. Simon,
I'm worrying about how much time I should spend for each skill in a day and what is the best method to learn Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.
I've got 6.5 for the IELTS but I want to improve it.
Thank you very much

Dear Mr.Simon,

I find writing section is too difficult. I want to improve my writing score as soon as I can. I am at 5~5.5 now and i just need to get above 6.0.
I am qurious about which is better?
1. Very simple & easy sentences without a grammatical error
2. Sentences with conplicated & academic phrases and words but with some errors.
Also,, which is more important grammar or idea?
I do not know where to focus on my study. English or writing a good essay?
Plsease give me any recommend to raise my IELTS score

Is anybody giving Ielts Academic on Sep 26 2015 in Newzealand.

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