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Monday, December 01, 2014


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Thank you so much.It was a good practice.While I am waiting for my Ielts results , I am still following your great lessons.

simon is the best ielts teacher. love you so much

Hey guys,
I need someone to practice everyday for speaking part.My skype adress is adrlmz.add me please :)

Dear Simon
May I ask weather the order of the information given in multiple choice question is the same as in the context or not.

10. C
11. D
12. D




my answer is



1. As per Simon's technique: first read the question no.1, and try to find its answer , then the question no.2 , and so on and so forth.

2. Usually, most questions are given in the same order as the information in the passage- Except, the headings ones. So, it's helpful if we search for answers in chronological order.

3. For the reading section, it requires BOTH TECHNIQUES - "skimming and scanning, as well as , general comprehension" of the text .

4. So, skim and scan quickly to find where a specific answer is located for a question. However, it's equally important, to be able to understand what information and theme is being discussed, as we go along with the passage. If we are too busy skimming and scanning the text, the chances are quite high that we will end up choosing the incorrect answers.
Furthermore, a general understanding of the passage, also accelerates our speed to accomplish the task within the limited time.

5. It's better to leave the trickier questions for later; we should try not to spend too much time on just few questions- as all questions have equal marks.

6. For the sake of practice, whatever we read, we should try to get in the habit of extracting information quickly from any article, and that really facilitates to acquire the specific reading skills which we need for the IELTS.

10- C
11- B
12- D




Hi, Simon, this website is really helpful for me.I have collected a plentiful data from your site, but I want to know that about reading modules. I am having a great problem when I practice reading. skimming and scanning is not problem to find out keyword, but the main problem is occurring to close reading. that's why I can't correctly answer. so, how to overcome this problem. please help me for your consideration.

Mr Simon ,great job you are doing by helping others free of coast,please can you let me know how many types of questions are coming in Acadaemic section so it will be helpful to practice them , please can you help , Thanks

1/5= 20%

Thanks Simon!

hi Simon and all
can anyone discuss why the answers of the last question is D.

But why the last one is D?

can anyone please explain why No. 1 answer is c

hi simon, I am interested to buy ur ebook. can u pls direct me to the link pls? my exam would be on the 7th of Feb. this is already my third attempt as i always fall short on the writing part. i believe i lacked ideas with the questions presented that is why i got 6.5 on both exams. although i have pretty good scores on the other parts. pls help me? Do i still have enough time to read and memorize the ideas on your book? thanks.
best regards.

Hi smb,

Here's the link:


You might not have time to memorise everything, but you'll at least have some key ideas for the most common writing topics.

Good luck!

Nothing can be regarded as excellent as Simon's lessons.

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