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Sunday, September 21, 2014


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Thank you so much for helping us study Ielts everyday. You are the best teacher with amazing lessons that inspire us to conquer Ielts test. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Oh, Happy birthday to ielts-smon.com. Indeed it is an amazing website with full of useful advice about ielts. I happened to know this site less than a year and I have to admit this is the best and you are simply an amazing teacher.
So, Happy birthday website! and Simon please keep it up (here passing you a cup of coffee for a lovely sunday morning;) (too early for wine))) :))

Happy birth day. Congratulations.

Happy birthday to ielts-smon.com! And thank you for helping us!

i truly appreciate your efforts to help us so far with ur website much tks :) , and i can say this is the best site that i'ever known about ielts , it's amazing and you 're really a great teacher ( i don't exxagerate :)) ) hope u always be healthy to keep this site working

Amazingly, you have been doing a really great job Simon.
I must say thank you so much for being the most inspirational English teacher ever.
I have been studying on this website for more than 4 years. Nevertheless, it is always the most fascinating learning resource I can think of in the first place, especially for writing and speaking.
Again, thank U so much Simon!
I wish all the best for you.

Thanks for helping everyone and best of luck for future ..!!!

I do love u simon, although I haven'e met you yet. You have changed my whole life. Thank you for everything

We love you Simon,carry on with the good work.

Happy birthday to your blog, you doing good job.

Wish many more years of BIG heart towards endless support to those in need of IELTS score....Thanks for helping us all :)

Happy birthday to your site! Thank you very much for your help us, people, who study English.

Happy birthday!
Thank you Simon, i regularly visit your website and have acquired many useful materials . Finally with my effort and my friends' help I have got four 7 (reading 8.5,listening 8.5,speaking 7.5,writing 7.5)and meet the requirement of immigrating to Australia.I am so happy.I love this country and now im able to stay here and enjoy my life here.
Just a message to people who are still working on this test,:be persistent and patient,working on every detail ,if you fail this time,it doesnt matter,learn from the mistakes you made.All the effort you put in will be the precursor of your tomorrow's reward.I have tried a few times and during this process ,some of my friends or even my cousin told me,maybe you should stop trying,it is just so hard for you.However,i didnt care about what they said.Eventually, I got what I desired.It involves a lot of hard work ,but it is definitely worthwhile.

Great. You are a Champ.

Yeah! that's Great! Happy birthday simon! Thank you so much for what you do for us during 5 years!

Congratulation Simon. Good luck for next achievements!!!

That's great Happy birthday Simon.com successful in future ..congrs..

Congratulation !
I'm very grad for your website ;)

Happy birthday ielts-simon.com

happy birthday, Simon's IELTS. You are the best and most dedicted teacher ever. millions thanks for your effort and hard working. Thank you

Thanks you so much for giving lots of meaninglul lessons.
Happy Birthday to Simon's IELTS.com

Happy birthday and thankyou for your kindness advice

Congratulation!!!! so excited to know that. Hopefully, u can write about Ielts forever :)

Congratulation Simon. I have learnt a lot from your website. I particularly like the way you handle the writing task 2 because it is simple but effective. Wish you healthy and happy!!!

Happy Birthday.
This website is really helpful.
you're a great teacher, Simon.
Thank you a lot :)

many congratulations!

Happy Birthday, the most useful IELTS website—!!!
I can't image when the IELTS world lives without you and your web.
Wish you be healthy :-)

Firstly,I congratulate you on your website's 5th birthday. This is the first time I have known your website. I hope my English skill will improve with your help.
Best wishes to you,

Happy birthday. I also want to say thanks for your posts not only for the IELTS test but also for the usage of English.

You are wonderful teacher! We all love you.

Happy birthday to ielts-simon.com, thanks Simon for your kindly help to ielts English learners.

Congratulations! Your website provides the most practical lessons ever. Thank you so much!


Your website is the best one. This is my opinion.

Hello Simon,

I really appreciate you and your working on your website. I have commented on your website for asking some points. First, My scholarship will be done after one month exactly. I still need to get best idea for reading and listening. Some people say that go to question and underline keywords, then go to the passage. I think this is not working with me so far. I also about listening, I usually practice by IELTS test practice. Is this make sense? What should I do sir? What tips do you want me to do.

I know that you want me to write this in your website, but I did not get answers because you may not know about it.

Please, I am going to get your e-book. I am studying English language in U.S.A. Please help me if you could. I need 6.5. This scour is requested to my university. I cannot miss my ambition.

I really appreciate your work and time.

Have a nice day.

Happy birthday to your blog.Thank you very much for your interesting website.

Happy birthday! Thank you very much for your useful lessons.

Happy birthday!
This website is very useful for the Ielts learns.
Thank you so much for your support!

Happy Birthday My Lovely Teacher Simon.. Best Wishes

Woooooww, happy birthday!!!
You are great teacher, thank you sooo much for teaching us. God bless you.

Happy birthday!!!
Thanks so much for what you have done. I get lucky when decided to the road of IELTS and know about you. :)

Happy b'day.
You are the source of motivation and inspiration.Thank you Simon sir.Great effort,dedication.

Congratulations on 5th birthday!!
Thank you very much for supporting our adventure!

Happy birthday to the best website.

This website provides in depth knowledge and the best tips regarding IELTS learning, as well as opportunities for IELTS candidates worldwide to share experience of ielts test. I am very grateful for your help, Simon.

Best wishes

Hello Simon,

To be honest, now I cannot be happy, yes passing 5 years and still online daily is awesome, but I should confess that this is exactly the time when I started preparing to IELTS.

Happy birthday

Hi Azita Jegar,

You should not be discouraged. Believe me that you are not the only one.

Best wishes

Congratulations ))) i found many valuable information through this website ... thank u Simon for helping us .. u a the best teacher :)

you are the best ielts teacher i have ever seen!
best wishes! ^_^

Happy birthday Ielts-simon.com!!

Happy Birthday!! Thank you Simon,
I appreciate what you have been helping.

Happy Birthday! Thank you so much!

HBD!! ielts-simon.com is the best! Thank you Simon!
Best of luck to you and to me and to everyone who will be taking ielts. =D

Happy Birthday and thank you

Happy birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to this super awesome website <3
It's so kind and generous of you who keep doing this for 5 years Simon.
Although we're not seeing you or taught by you in person, we can really feel you as our beloved teacher.
We're in desperate need of help to practice and I'm glad that we found you.
And we appreciate for every single lesson you've been offering so far.
*long live this website for the sake of all IELTS doers*

Thank you a whole, whole lot.
Sending love from Burma =)

happy birthday! all the best!

Congratulations and more power!!

I really appreciate your work and time.

Happy birthday ielts-Simon.com ...!!!:) this is the best ielts website !!!..:) thank you very much indeed Simon for doing this great job for us !!!

Happy birthday ielts.Simon.com. I am writing to present my gratefulness to Simon. When I feel frustrated with ielts,I happened to surf the website. It helped a lot indeed.

Have a nice day today! This site brings enormous opportunity for IELTS learners that helps do better in achieving the goal as expected with the help of you, Simon. You are great in mentoring student with your stunning motivation techniques and vigorous skills as well as widened knowledge which you have attained over the years. We bless you for your exciting endeavor for teaching English which is effective and self-starter. Keep enjoying the day with full love of spirit and cooperative professionalism. Best wishes. Md. Mahbubur Rahman (Sharif)

Wow! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the amazing comments guys!

Many Thanks for your great job!!!!

Happy birthday's simon
Thankyou very much to help us learning ilets every day

Happy birthday ielts-simon.com. Many thanks your lessons everyday <3

Thank you very very much for your generosity, and your kindness. Greet from Taipei, Taiwan. This world will become better because of your virtues.

Happy Birthday ielts-simon.com.

Many thanks! Simon

Thank you, Simon. Congratulations!

Thank u simon. Your site is really a big help for all of us.
Keep up the good work :)

Thank you Simon.
This is best website ever!
From your sharing, millions of students have been helping regarding professional English education. I hope you are very well.

We love you Simon,carry on with the good work.


(( plus, the 21st September is also my birthday as well, cheers! ))

Thanks simon ...happy birthday to this wonderful website

Thank you mate , I already passed the exam but still looking your web-site. Don't give up till 25 years :), there are a lot of people visiting this website to learn something on daily basis. i passed my exam then completed my master and now doing my PhD, i changed the locations ,uni's but still i am in the same class(simon's) !!!.

Thanks Simon,

I got my last marks yesterday and I finally got what I need (after several attempts). Thanks to you and Peter, and I'm sure I'll continue reading this site because is part of my daily routine.

Way to go,Simon.

Thanks Simon!!

conglatulations simon
thanks for your website

thank you simon. 2009-2014, full of memories.

Congratulations Sir, keep up the good work!!!

Happy birthday and thanks you so much for your good job, Simon :)

Happy Birthday to your site ielts-simon.com. I pray for your good health to continue helping us.

Thank you and Congratulation Simon. This is the BEST ielts site.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your site is the best and very useful!!! Happy 5th! More years to come, cheers!!!

lots of love for you simon, you are really helpful to all of us who prepare for ielts and are interested in english language!

Happy birthday to ielts-smon.com!

Best Wishes!

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