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Friday, September 19, 2014


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Hi, Simon.
I have paid for your e-book.
Can you tell me when I will get it?
Best Regards,

Hi Elnara,

I've just sent the ebook. Best of luck with it!

Good topic and best answers .thanks sir..


Anyone interested in practising English speaking can join me.

Skype: piyush.patel2005

pls give me some tips to hw I prepare the speajing exam bez my exam held on 11 oct or speaking may be before 11

I have watched your video about ielts speaking for band 7( discribe a person)
please give me some lesson like this video or a book give some good sentences
thank you so much :)

Hi simon! Thank you for all the tips and easy to understand study plan in your lectures...I now passed the exam! Glory be to God in the Highest!

Hi,Simon! I have just know this your page. I like it so much, You are great!Thank you very much! But Should I study from today's lesson or I have to star form the first lesson on september 2009?

Oh sorry, I was wrong. It mean Should I start to study from today's lesson or from the lesson on september 2009? Thanks!

I want to practice English.So anyone interested can add me on skyp for practice.You can reach me at paraya220.Thank you.

hi, everybody, I want to practice speaking English. my skype is baochaupy. contact me if you want to practice too

1) Is it better to get advice from a friend or a family member?
Both friends and family members can give us good advices, but I think it depends on the kind of the problem. I mean that it is better to get advice from the person who has more knowledge or experiences about the similar issue. For instances, if I have a family problem or get trouble in love, I will ask my mother and my older sister for advice. In case I have an issue in my work I will get advice from my friends or my colleages.
2) characteristics to be good advicer
I think, firstly, a good advicer should be a good listener.
to be able to give good advices, he or she need to be insight into the problem.a good advicer should be objective to know exactly the nature of our problem and don't mis-lead us. Besides, he or she should have the ability to make the right answer and encourage people to talk abt their problem but avoid judging them.

3) Career decision I think should be belongs to each individuals. I mean that we should have the main responsibilities to our own important decision to do with our work or our family. So the final career decision need to be made by ourselves. We can get advices from family members, from friends or career consultant agent only for reference. In my opinion, we all need lead our own lives, start from making our career decision by ourselves

hi guys...
am desperately looking for a speaking partner...my last score was 6.5 and i need 7 for each module..so..anyone interested plz reach me on skype..my id krishnanunnykk...thanx

Hi Simon, Could you pls send me the e-book via my email: ktmt1070@gmail.com or post the link pls. Thank you so much.

Dear sir,
can i use "Family celebration" description for "Describe an event"

Hi! I'm desperately looking for a speaking buddy. I will take the IELTS 3 weeks from now but I have never been confident with speaking. I hope someone can help me... I need a 7 in speaking. Thank you

Hi! I'm desperately looking for a speaking buddy. I will take the IELTS 3 weeks from now but I have never been confident with speaking. I hope someone can help me... I need a 7 in speaking. My skype ID is jcfa819. Thank you!

I also have a problem with speaking.. I have been using this site quite a lot and my ielts results were okay. I've got 7 and 8 on the other subtests and OBS..but 6.5 in speaking and I need at least a 7 in all criteria.
How can I make it a 7? thank you.

you are genius sir love u alot

I need at least 7 in speaking. Thus, want to talk with some passionate people. skype: mhziko

hi simon,
i am suffering a problem in all side writing , speaking , as well as reading. when i go to sit for exam, everything becomes indiscipline. how can i improve my bad situation?

how much is the e-book?

I want to get a deep knowledge about how to answer true/false/not given of reading module.Could you please help me with it.

I think it depends of what advise that might need. In some reason parents and other relatives in our family can give an advise they are more experiences and reliable. In the other hand friends also can do and help an advise but in a different way. For example about your love life it's easy to talk that topic in your friend than to your mother.

An adviser should be a good listener. Someone's who can figure the problem before he/she can react. And aside from that a good adviser is one that you can trust, give details and how to solve the problem and also able to ask the right questions and encourage others to find answers.

I can say that it's mixture of both things. If we are have one dices ion with regards of our career we ask our family members. However I believe that the final decision is in individual, and we are responsibly of whatever we make.

I think the most important quality for a good adviser is being patient and trustworthy.if you couldn't trust someone thou you can not put that issue down to him , its sensible.

Elnara Shakarova ,

Hi Elnara. I guess, you are from Azerbaijan. If yes, then we are compatriots.

1. Well...obviously, it depends on the nature of issue, whom should we consult for advice. For example, colleagues might offer better advice if it's something about our studies or work. Well.. for most matters,I consult my family first when I need some advice.

2. I believe that a good adviser needs to be a good listener, and most IMPORTANTLY, should be a person whom we can trust that he/ she will suggest something which is best in our interest ( sincerity does matter!).

3. I think it's always good to consult someone who can offer a wise and sincere piece of advice. However, sometimes, if the advice given by someone doesn't equate with my intuitions, I rather feel more satisfied taking decisions according to my own instincts. The reason is : if the choice that I make, turns out not so good , I don't regret as much as if it were suggested by someone else.

Hello everyone, I need a partner who can together practice Ielts speaking with me. My skype contact is "binhduongvana4".
Add this contact if anyone have need of talking

I Hv problem with the cue card how I can improve it

And my paper is on 27 June

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