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September 20, 2014


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I got my result:
Unfortunately I need at least 7 in all skills and overall 7.5.
Dear simon, do you think that it is a good idea to take the next exam very quickly in next 3 weeks or it's better to do it in next 3 months?
I really need your suggestion.


Dear, you must work out on your writing and reading skills. If you have enough time to practice a lot, then you'll be ready after 4-5 weeks. I hope this time you may get your desired result. Thanks

Simon could give us some useful websites in order to improve our reading score .. like websites that have articles .

thank you

Hi simon
Just want to thank you as I got my results today
Your site really helped me and you are absolutely right, with hard work and practice we all can get our required band
Thanks again

Hi every one
Today's test
1) listening was a bit easy
2) reading was not that hard .. Probably because the last one was medical
3) writing
Task 1: 2 graphs of the ground floor of a library
The set up at 1995 and at present with a lot of alterations
Task 2 : do you agree that the government has a role to control the amount of violence in the TV and in films, will this reduce the level of crime in society ?

I have to score minimum of 7 in all parts with overall 7.5 ( GMC registration)

This is the best site ever to score high in IELTS

Fatima, can u write the essay for us? I will write one as well. Thanks a lot for sharing the questions. Best of luck

Thank you mavi

Hi everyone, please help me to answer the concern below

Yesterday, my task 1 was about describing changes of Livertons docks between 1980 and NOW. When I say about the current construction, I used past tense; for example” Today, a new sidewalk for sight-seeing was built along the river and It’s also worth-noting that the right-hand side crane was no longer existed”

I wonder whether my sentences were right or not, please help me :(

Thank you very much

There do seem to be is correct, as there are many same structures like this that we use DO before verb to emphasis.

I do like..

@ Nazanin,

I'd like to have your email to contact if you wish. Please send me an email to my email:


Hi my husband will take ielts exam on last week of January and he felt really nervous.He was not confident to take the exam because he known to himself that his not good enough. Please help us.. Any advice or books that could help him?

Hi Simon,
I tryed your way to search structure grammar but i coudn't find that i nead !
can you show me a web where i can search any structure grammar thay i need ?
thank you so much !

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