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Monday, August 18, 2014


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Thanks sir for this sdvice.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the tips.

I would like to add another one.

More often than not, the question will have more headings than the number of paragraph and it is very likely that more than 1 heading is similar to the other.

Therefore, if you can identify the right heading, then other similar headings are wrong and can be crossed out.

Thanks sir :).

Thank you Simon and Hellcha, its very useful.

Thank you Simon, i will bookmark your tips.

Thanks hellcha for your tips

thanks simon :)

hello sir.... can you please post some more tips and answers for general writing task 1

Hello:) I am from Ukraine, does anybody know answers for IELTS academic listening and reading sections 16.08.2014?

Hi Simon

Most of the time it is the first 5-7 questions of the passage. What would be your suggestion at this point? Do we need to read first entire passage then answer other questions excluding "paragraph heading" and back to those questions at the end?
I used to go one by one paragraph and heading and that was good for me, but still time consuming.
Is this important to read whole passage first, because I saw some teachers suggest that, do not waste your time by reading the entire passage.

thanks Simon

thank you so much for these tips. I really find "paragraph heading' difficult.

Dear Simon,

Would please tell me why the correct answer for this reading question is C?

Here is an extract of the reading part followed by the related question:

Nicotine and other toxins in cigarette smoke activate small blood cells called platelets, which increases the likelihood of blood clots, thereby affecting blood circulation throughout the body.

17 According to information in the text, intake of nicotine encourages

A blood circulation through the body.
B activity of other toxins in the blood.
C formation of blood clots.
D an increase of platelets in the blood.


Reading the shortest paragraph was most helpful.

hi Simon

some of paragraph heading appears on the last part of the paragraph , do you agree ? and what is the best way to save time in this case ?


Yes , you are absolutely right advising to start with the paragraphs, not with headings because you might lose your time on "trick" headings!!!

I just realized the first tip last night and now I'm reading your tips. So useful. Thank you so much :)

i hope my email finds you wellMy name is Adel edward and i took ielts exam
in december 2012 my score were as follows listening:5.5 reading:5.5
writing 6 and speaking :5i have graduated from high level english school
and my english is fairly good but needs to be tunep up for ielts exam i
already sent mt file for quebec immigration and they give points as
followsspeaking:7-9 (2points) listening 8-9 (2 points) writing 5-9
(1points) reading 5-9 (1points)i want to resit for ielts exam in th
16october 2014 for improving my pointsespecially speaking and listening as
they take total 4 points out of 6 despite , for writing and reading take
1 points per eachso my speaking has to be improved to be from 5 to 7.5 and
my listening has to be improved from 5.5 to 8and also for reading and
writing as well but in second priorty , why not to acheive 7 in writing
and readin gas ielts is passport afterwards for job in quebecAccording to
my case please advice me for correct path (program) to subscribe that will
reallychange my scorea nd acheive my goal .
i reserved for ielts exam on 16 october 2014 and i need your advice
mainly for speaking to get 7 (5 before) and listening 8 (5.5) before
As i have quebec imigration interview during the end of this year
and i need to increase my points instead of 4 to 6 by improving my
score(listening 8 and speaking 7.5) and do my best in reading and writing( as 5 -9) is same according to quebec
so speaking and listening 1st priorty as they give 2 points per speaking starting from 7
and 2 points for listening starting from 8 and reading 1( moret han 5) and writing1(more than 5)

Thank you for the tips.I would follow all of them.However, I think reading the shortest paragraph without the first paragraph wouldn't reduce time.Its my opinion.

Try to find the heading in the first two lines of the para. Most of the time it is there just try to understand the meaning.

I want to know how to practice reading and writing

hello sir
I want to get good score in reading compare to speaking ,listening,writing am taking lot of time to do could you please help me out sir ...

i want help in reading in tittle and searching info from the paragraph
will u please help me out

i want help in reading in tittle and searching info from the paragraph
will u please help me out

i also want help in writing task 1 and 2 i find it really hard

Read the instruction carefully, recently i encountered head matching questions with NB : you may use paragraph title more than once , i.e, same paragraph with two different heading.

Reference Cambridge IELTS 5 - test 3
Academic reading.

Reading the short passage first is basic common sense which many people forget to do. Thanks for again reminding it to all

There is a lot of sense in the approach you are mentioning

I just do a quick Googling, a lot of sites posting their suggestions, but perhaps Simon's are the best, really practical just like he used to do the test, love this site a lot!

Dear Simon,

I had gotten to 6 or 6.5 of my reading score, but currently, it is getting a lower score despite of practicing every day.

Especially, I usually stuck on heading question. I usually read topic and last sentences when I consider these answer.

Is it a wrong tips for this question?

Could you tell us how to tackle with it?
Kind regards,

pls help me in reading sir i got only 4 bands.

thanks your advice, Simon!

Hi simon! i have a problem in "paragraph heading" if we find more then 1 headings for one paragraph so how we will select correct heading?

Thanks for your advice, Simon

I will definitely apply these tips in my future reading tests.Thanks a lot Simon.

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