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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


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Here is my introduction.
Parents whose children study in non government institutions should not pay dues that back up the country’s educational structure. I completely disagree with this statement. In my view, everyone should equally pay the taxes regardless of their status.

It is true that some parents who are sending their children to private sector need not like to pay tax for state education system.I completely disagree with this idea and I believe that everyone should support free schooling system.

Education is the most vital factor for the individual success in the life.Free schooling and affordable university facilities should be available to those who like to pursue their career.
In order to live in a fair society,where everyone is treated equally ,it is necessary to contribute to the society irrespective of their private schooling.By doing so,they are providing equal learning opportunities to every single person in their nation.For example, in the UK ,the education system is well organised and the children receive proper education and knowledge similar to the students in the private institution, which is considered to be a fair system.

At the same time , more students will get motivated to work hard and reach their potential if they thought that they are in a fair educational organisation.Hence, they would therefore be better prepared for job market.On the other hand, if parents do not support the learning system by taxing , there seems to be a demotivation among the students,moreover, they might be depression and lack of self-confidence and indulge themselves in criminal activities due to insufficient learning experience.Only children children and young adult from wealthier families would have access to the best learning opportunities.This kind of inequality,ultimately lead to success of some but harm the prospects of others.Finally, countries economy will fall because of lack of qualified individuals.
India, as an example, still remains in the list of one of the developing country due to practising this kind of disparity between the students.

In conclusion,I believe that every effort should me taken to facilitate equal educational opportunities to the students and both the parents and the government should work together for their countries progression.

Parents wants the best education for their children and in some cases public education does not satisfy parental requirement and therefore they choose private education. However many believe that they should not be required to pay the tax funding the state schools, I strongly disagree with the fact and believe everyone should support the state school education.

Parents who enrolled their child in private schools are required payment of taxes in holding up public learning institutions. Some people believe that these families should be excluded from this payable. I completely disagree with this notion. In my view, everyone shares equal responsibility in paying taxes regardless of their status.

Please guys, give me your opinions.....

It is argued that families who use private educational institutions instead of the state ones should not pay taxes to fund public education. I completely disagree with this view, and I believe that all people should contribute equally to public education.
The state education system is an essential element in well improved societies, and therefore people should fund it in all possible ways. For example, in most developed countries such as the UK, Germany and Canada, people have the same access to social services like healthcare, welfare and education, which are funded by taxing people’s incomes whether they use these services or not. Thus, if parents, who send their children to private schools, were allowed to not pay their taxes, healthy members of society would also have an exception because they did not use public healthcare. In this case, the whole society may suffer from the shortage funding of education and other services.
In addition, when people refuse to support the state education system, it will be incapable of providing a sufficient standard of education to students. This can encourage parents to use private schools, and, consequently, low income families may not be able to afford sending their children to private school. Besides, parents and single people should contribute to school taxes even if they do not use this service, because a better public education creates better communities, which in turns can be beneficial to all members of society.
To conclude, although some people do not use public education, I believe that they should support this sector for the sake of the whole communities.

Hi Simon
It took me about an hour to write this essay. Do not be surprised when you seed that I used most of your sentences from your other essays.

It is sometimes argued that those who send their kids in independent school should be exempt from paying tax because they do not use this service from state program. I strongly disagree with this idea.

On reason in favour of paying less for those who have their kids in private school would be that they do not use government facilities and services for education. I believe this to be a very short-sighted idea. The government contribute to the running of different services which are used in both public and private setting. For example the children from both dependent and independent school use services such as library or public transit on their daily basis, which are public and assured by government tax money. Moreover, teacher and instructors even in private schools are educated and trained in colleges and universities where are operated and supported by money from the government.

Another reason why it could be argued that we need to p[ay tax even if our kids go to private school is (would be) that money which is collected through the tax system is inseparable for using in different services. The state budget is intended to be used for other services, such as health, infrastructure and security, which are vital for every country to function properly. If a group of citizen avoid paying their duties just because they do not use them, there would be others who exempt themselves from services such as transport or library for the same reason.

In conclusion, although it sounds persuading that to not to pay tax for services that you do not use, it can cause chaos and financial problem for the government of providing proper services for their citizens.

Hopefully I am not too much off the track.

284 Words


I tried to write different introductions for this questions.

Many families send their children to private schools ,as they promise better education .Although these families are not taking advantage of state education facilities ,I disagree with the idea that they should not pay taxes to support this system either.

Most parents prefer the private schools over the government education system.as these families are not using this government facility, I personally agree with the idea that they should not pay taxes to support this system.

Most people do not avail the facility of education provided by state.However ,I partly agree with the idea that they should not pay taxes to support the education system

Many families do not take advantage of the government education facility and prefer to send their children to private schools.Although, they are not utilizing this system by choice,I partly agree with the idea that they should not pay taxes to support this system either.

Hi Simon, thanks for your experiences about IELTS exam shared in this website.

Nowadays, a host of parents prefer to send their children to private schools. While there are some good arguments in favor of charging free for the private education, I believe that they should also be taxed to support the state education system.

Hi everyone,
Please comment, and give advice for my essay.
It sometimes argues that parents who take their children to non public schools should not be forced to pay money for taxes to support the public education system. In my point of view, I completely disagree with this argument for some reasons.
Sending money thought taxes to build up the state education system is responsible of every civilian. Many people even do not have children still need to spend for educational system. So it will be fair and equality for everyone when they must have responsibility. When a family decides to spend their children to private school, they often do not take care about tax that is small part compare to the other pees. No rule forces parents spending babies to these schools and the government always support them give children to public schools, where is free fees.
Furthermore, state education system is a fair and freedom, which is support by taxes. This system often considers wide and good services with low cost, which is equality for everyone, which is vital for development of nations. If parents who take children to private schools did not need to pay tax, it would encourage the other also have the same actions. As a result, this may erase all government’s efforts for equality education system. Furthermore, if the state school did not receive enough money for running, it would be effect to millions of students who come from less wealthy families. This will cause long term effects not only these children but aslo on future development of society.
In conclusion, for all reasons mentioned above, I bilieve that the families whose children study at non public school should still be obligated to pay taxes to help state schools.

Hi Simon! I prefer a balanced opinion to the rest. here is my essay. thank you!
It is true that there are many parents send their children to non-public school and they need not to pay taxes for support purpose to education system. While I agree that parents only have to pay for the private school where their children are studying, I believe that taxation on them is necessary that helps government to improve educational environment.

On the one hand, I agree that spending money for a school where children are following, is adequate for a family. In a private primary school, for example, they reinvest their school fee to build up the highly qualified environment for the next generation in the future. Moreover, paying money for school consume the parents so much that another cost could become a burden in some ways. Many poor families do not have much choice because of disadvantage conditions such as geographically distance or public school’ complicated politics.

On the other hand, I believe that tax payment is everybody’s responsibility, although their children are not the public school’ pupils. For example, Government increase fund that allows them to improve the state educational system such as school’s facilities and Highly Qualified Teachers and most money sources come from taxation. If people only pay for private school without being taxed, the development merely appears in the small proportion of school system. The authority in my country, for instance, attempt to support for disadvantaged pupils by scholarships that lead to the equal educational opportunities to society.

In conclusion, while some factors should be considered in paying taxes when families have children studying in private schools, I believe that taxation on everybody would create a more equitable educational environment.

I m fail 3 times in wairting.

is anyone there appearing on tomorrows exam?

To Simon.

You mentioned before that evev if you want to have a strong opinion,you can talk the two views. However, now are contradict to what you have said before....! Which method should we follow?

Thank you

Please check my work.. I am scheduled to take my exam on 28th this month. Actually, Im now on cram to learn the easiest way to answer writing questions.. I’ll appreciate your help. 
It is sometimes argued that parents whose children are studying in non-government school facilities should not be obliged to pay revenue that assist government funded education facilities. Although I agree on this view, I personally believe that these parents are not exempted for tax payment.

On one hand, there are good arguments for not obliging these parents to pay taxes. One argument is that, sending children in private school requires parents to be financially stable. Aside from monthly school tuition dues, they should allocate money for their children's school activities, homework/projects, daily transportation and food allowance. For the above reasons, if they are still required to pay taxes, additional burden will be on their back. Another argument is that, why to pay taxes that support government education system if in the first place they are not utilizing it. Most parents prefer to send their children in private school because they believe that the teaching and facilities in there are a way better than in public school.

On the other hand, being a part of a society, parents have the responsibility to contribute to state revenue by paying taxes without any exemptions. The tax contributions of each people are allocated for government's projects whether you will be benefited or not. In Philippines, for instance, all railways are accessible only in city center, so only the people living there or nearby will be of advantage but on the other hand, people living in the countryside has an irrigation system to maintain their farms. Also, paying taxes is a way to extend your indirect help to unprivileged people. For instance, people who are unable to send themselves to study can access the government funded school facility. As a result, you help both the government by reducing the illiteracy rate and at the same time letting the poor people access the right to education.

In conclusion, parents with or without children studying in private school have the responsibility to pay taxes without exemptions.

Hi Simon,

This essay took me a while to undertand what the state education system is. However, I finnaly decided to write the essay as following. I am appricated comments from anyone.

Today, education taxes have continuously become a main important part for study of children and society. There remains a question that parents paying a tax in private school should exclude the fee for the state education system. I completely disagree with this statement due to the following reasons.

First of all, the contributions of tax not only cover the study at school but also outside school resources and facilities. These resources and facilities are precisely supported and managed by government. For example, in many countries, Singapore and America in particular, children in both public and private sectors are benefit from the after school care programs and the school buses. This example clear shows the tax supporting from government responsibilities are important for all the kids. Therefore, this is one of reason that paying taxes for state education system should not be ignored.

In addition to this, the school taxes are used to control and manage the equality of teaching and learning for all children. For instance, the teaching documents and syllabus in school should follow the standard level and frame of the state education system. Otherwise, the study outcome of children may not meet requirement and unbalance. This is extremely example which links the need of taxes for government work to standardise and stimulate the outcome learning of children. Thus, it gives another main cause why people should pay taxes for government education.

Following this look at the contribution of the government in facilities and management system, it is necessary that paying taxes for state education system are crucial for children studies. Therefore, families should include these in their payments as well.

(272 words)

don't you guys think about the opposite opinions? in this case, shall we lose marks because of not considering the different ideas?
Hope Simon can advice.

Hi Simon and others
Your comments are highly appreciated.Thanks

It is sometimes argued that there could be a tax exemption for parents whose children study in non-government schools. I strongly disagree with the idea that tax free is applicable for those families.
On the one hand, tax amount are to finance government expenditures. It is not only to support education, but also to support other public goods and services such as social security, healthcare and national defense. In the US, for example, approximate 60% of tax dollars fund for these three services, while the portion for education is less than 6%. Beneficiaries of government supports are not exclusive for either tax payers or non-tax payers: It is totally unfair for people who pay taxes as they receive the same service and quality from supplier, government, in comparison with the others who are out taxation.
On the other hand, If the state budget were not enough to cover its spend due to not collecting enough from individuals and corporations, government would go bankrupt and it is clear that critical public services would have been diminished or stopped. All citizens including people whose children enrolling private schools are significantly impacted. For instance, crime rate goes high and threats every single inhabitant when authorities are unable to a maintain police troop at the level required because of shortage of funding from levies. In the situation of the amount collected is less than spend, government has one choice when maintaining its normal operating activities by increasing taxes. It is again to make the society more unfair.
In conclusion, in my opinion, paying taxes is responsibility for either families who send children to public or private schools.

It is true that many parents are sending their children to non government institutions do not need to pay taxes to back up the public education. I completely disagree with this statement. In my view, everyone should contribute equally to support the free education.
Education is a basic need for the population as a whole. Parents with private schools should pay for strengthening the state education system. They should contribute because they are high income people, and also they can afford the expensive private schooling. By doing so, free public education will be accessible to many more needed students. For example, currently in India, all families are paying education taxes for enabling free educational resources to pupils whether they study in private or government school. If this kind of trend continues, it will boost the economy of the country. Thus, it is clear from this example that why families with private schools should pay for government schools.
Another reason is that being a good citizen of the nation everyone should come forward to support the free education. Public schooling should be accessible to all those who look forward to pursuing a skilled career. If these families do not pay revenues to stabilize the national education scheme, there will be a big loss to hard working students. This will lead to anxiety and stress among students who cannot study in private schools. For instance, Bangladesh is a country, where children from wealthy families can only accomplish the best available educational facilities.
In conclusion, I believe that everyone should contribute funding public education system.

It is sometimes argued that the parents need not to pay taxes for the local education system, if their children study in independent schools. I, however, strongly believe that all citizens have their responsibilities to contribute for public institutions.

On the one hand, it is undeniable that everyone being part of the society is required to send money to support the nation education system regardless of their status. Generally, most high-income families who can afford the expensive tuitions would like to place their kids to private schools, in order to receive the best and most meaningful education. No matter what types of schools the parents choose, the youngsters remain to be welcomed to enroll in public schools since it is the people’s basic right in their country. For instance, while these wealth families lost a handsome amount of dollars and then could no longer pay for the independent school’s fees, their children may easily transferred to a public school.

On the other hand, all students reap the benefits of the educational institution, as every year the government appropriates a huge sum of money for both public and private schools. Therefore, private schools’ students enjoy the faultless facilities and resources in their schools because of the government’s fund to a certain extent. In addition, the government provides different kinds of welfare for our new generation, including transport subsidization, school textbook assistance and so on. In fact, extremely few people do not employ these advantages of the government.

To sum up, it is clear that all parents are necessary to pay taxes for the state educational institution, due to their national duties and the use of government’s educational resources by their children.

Hi Simon, I am taking the test on July 10, please take a look and give me your opinion on how i did this, thank you.
Parents who can afford to send their children to private institutions should not be taxed just so to support the country's expenditures.I firmly disagree on this idea.

On the first place,the government is not solely spending money for the educational system.All of government's programs which includes the medical, social, structural and many others are intended for every citizen of the nation. And speaking about structural aspect, we all know that having accessible roads and bridges is of paramount importance to our everyday living.And our government is oblige to provide proper services to the people and such expenditures comes from the taxes we pay.So helping the nation in revenues all of us benefits from this and not just for those students that are enrolled in public schools.
Another reason to support this issue is that,as a parent, we need to understand that it is our obligation to pay our taxes even if we send our children to private schools because it is our duty as a citizen of this country.It is a mandate and we do not want to take the risk of the consequences of not having improvements in our society just because we do not participate how to uphold our nation and the need of the people.The government is for the people, and whatever we do to help governance, will also bring us advantages.For example,revenues collected government can also help or aid the needs of most people who are living below standard or in the poverty level, especially on the medical needs.Public hospital is one of the most important department where taxes are spent.The social needs, like recreation facilities are of paramount importance to our needs.
In conclusion, whether we send our children to private or public schools,taxes must be paid.We as a nation can never go far without the support of the people.Giving back our revenues to the our country will bring enormous success to the nation we live in and for our children's future.

I don't have enough words to say 'THANKYOU'. I hardly used anything other than this site to prepare for my IELTS exam and the results were better than my own expectation.

My suggestions:-
- While going thru difference categories, go from their oldest post to the latest post. There are many key advices given du tring the initial posts that might help you getting started.
- It is OK if you miss some questions during the listening task. As Simon pointed out many a times, forget about those and concentrate on the next ones. It is easy said than done. If possible one should try such situation during their practice sessions to be ready for same. I couldn't follow this advice during my test and hence suffered.
- Nothing can beat the Simon's ebook for writing part. You will never regret the money spent on this ebook. Rather as per me, if anything can prepare you for the writing part, it is ONLY that ebook.

My Result:-
Listening: 7.5
Reading: 9
Writing: 8.5
Speaking: 8

Overall: 8.5

Good luck to the students and thanks a ton to Simon for the wonderful site and ebook.

As regards education, there always remains the heated debate concerning whether or not families who prefer private schools should be required to pay taxes which support the state education system. Personally, I strongly hold the position that taxes imposing on such families are undisputable for some reasons.

Firstly, it is undeniable that the more affluent families are, the more responsibilities they carry to help the others. Indeed, the vast majority of people prefer state education rather than private one in light of the financial status. For example, private schools with unaffordable tuition fees requirements are out of access of unfortunate children who were born in poverty. Therefore, without the help from those rich families, it is apparent that the poor is definitely put under a great deal of difficulties.

Secondly, not imposing taxes on those families, the government inevitably keeps a huge amount of money out of reach. It’s obvious that only being rich do those families send their children to private schools. For instance, in Viet Nam, those children who come to international school are always the fastest ones to have access to high tech devices which are widespread known as luxury items. If the government’s budget couldn’t have access to the money, the facilities of the state education apparatus, which is among the most significant factors to assess every country’s development, will not be well – equipped. As a result, those schools are not liable to strongly promote either academic researches or other academic goals.

In conclusion, I reaffirm that in respect of taxes payment, not only families who prefer state education system but also those who send their children to private schools are absolutely responsible.

June 21,2014

Manila, philippines.

Many people significantly change their careers during their working years.
What do you are the reasons for this?
Do you think it has a positive or negative effects for the society?

@AMIT Can you please tell me one thing about this book, Is it containing full essay. My weaken part is reading and writing an essay. Is it cover reading for General Test as well.

Can you please help me with this book

Hi everyone,here is my essay. Will you give me some comments? Thanks a lot.

Nowadays, many parents prefer to send their children to private school and some argue that they should not be taxed to support the state schools. I completely disagree with this argument for the following reasons.

First of all, governments raise money by taxing working people and spend it on several purposes not just for education. It is without a doubt that governments are responsible for public services, such as infrastructure, security or healthcare system which are vital to keep a country function properly and each individual in our society is benefited by those services. Hence, tax is equal to everyone and we need to obey this duty.

On the second thought, people who choose private school are wealthy ones in general so that they should share their richness with society and one of the best ways to do that is paying tax adequately. Consequently, governments will fulfill their budget for carrying out and supporting citizens who are living in poverty or unable to work.

Last but not least, if fathers or mothers who have their children studying in private schools are allowed not to pay tax because they do not use the state schools, many others who never access some public services such as library or transport have the right of being free from tax as well. This scenario will lead our society to a situation of anarchy and chaos because the government was not successful in maintaining the law.

In conclusion, I would say that I am totally unconvinced of the argument that somebody who use dependent services like private school should be free from tax.

Thanks for eassy....it helped a lot...I am writing ilets next month I.e 30th may 2015 please help me....

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