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Saturday, June 21, 2014


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oh that's it. Now I know it. I think it will be useful for writing test that I can write without making mistake. thank you

I do not understand what you mean :(((

Annyone has answer key of the test 21 June?

Hi mahaa,

Have a look at Thursday's lesson. The lesson above is connected to that.

Hi simon
I just wanted to ask if its important to write the over view in task 1 especially in bar charts and line graphs? As I think writing an over view for a process diagram is easy but for a line graph it seems I'm repeating the overview again in my main body paragraph....I don't know if it happens with others but I usually end up with a long introduction too...I just pray that I get a diagram on 12th july!!

Hi Simon,

In my view, this is a great advice and without using correct collocation in writing task, we would not able to get 7 bands. Look at the Writing task 2 Band Descriptors for 7,8 band one.

On top of that, it also helps to get the best score in speaking module.

To get better command over this, I believe that we have to use correct collocation in our routine lives because normally, we write and speak what we used to think in mind for that specific topic.

I think we always work hard without perfect method and we mostly failed. We have to work hard, but must be smart as well.

Thanks for the making great change in our mind.

BIg thank you once again


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