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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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In conclusion, though the fame and lavish lifestyles may become predominating factors which indulge many young celebrities, I still believe that there still exists some talented artists who devote their life for art cultures.

in conclusion, athought several celebrities have set bad examples for the young about their success and reputation, there are many other famous people make the role model based on their hark work and effort.

In conclusion, there are many ways to become a successful man. However, the way that makes you to reach famour and wealthy in career by working hard is always respectworthy. And Young people should follow this method.

Thus it is clear that, once person become celebrity his life style and habits are more following by young generation. The tremendous affection of his real talent makes him unique in society.

In conclusion, infamous celebrities creates wrong expression about how success could be achieved in youths, while virtuous celebrities serve as a good model for the youths.

In conclusion,even though there are some celebrities who set bad example for children,there are many more who can be excellent role models for them.

In conclusion, our youth should choose to follow examples set by those celebrities that have worked really hard and achieve greatness due to their positive lifestyle as this form of achievement will last long and make those that follow them impact their generations in time to come.

My personal view is that while some celebrities are famous for their media exposure in terms of fortune and extravagant lifestyle, it remains true that many of them are known for their diligence and real talents and youngsters should learn how to search for good examples from these celebrities.

In the nutshell, although some celebrities are becoming a bad examples to youth, there also has a numerous category of well-know people who influence positively on us. the importance point, I suggest, is how to realize the right people who are to admire.

hy simon
is it essential to give example of any personality to support your idea?
if we dont give the example of any celebrity or famous person would it result in deduction of band?
plz reply

In conclusion, while I agree that there are celebrities who set negative example on young adults, the majority can positively influence the youth because of their personality.

In conclusion, it certainly set a bad example to young people that some celebrities become famous only for their glamour and wealth, but I believe that others with hard work are the excellent role models.

hi simon,

this question seems to me that it includes two opinions.

the first opinion is; "many celebrities are famous for their money and glamour rather than hard work"

the second opinion is : "it sets a bad example to young people",

OR it is just a simple question that has only one opinion?

i found this question is quite similar with <http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2014/11/ielts-writing-task-2-which-part-to-answer-1.html>

are they the same? of different, i am confused.

if you have any chance, can you give me an advise?


In conclusion, there is no doubt that there are some people who become famous because of their glamour and wealth and this have a negative influence on young people. However, I believe that most celebrity may be a good role model for young people by showing their real life story.

I admit that some celebrities negatively influence children as they are getting more attention from the public more for their luxurious lifestyle or stunning outlook than the achievements in their career, but I argue that there are others who can positively affect young people

In conclusion ,there are stars are famous because they have a big amount of money or they are only beauty but there are many celebrities are good example for our children .they have become. As result of, their hard working .I believe that community should give more attention for them .

In conclusion, various celebrities became for its fashion and style not by the hard work, whereas there are many celebrities who get prominent for its hard work. I agree on the idea that effort is worth the price, so if the newly born celebrities not worked to earn it they may need to pay the price in the short period of time.

Hi Simon,
Why you presented an opinion about other celebrities who set a good example for youngsters rather than give an example for famous people who gained fame for their glamorous life style but still considered good role models for other reasons, like charity work and helping who is in need in the poor countries? I think this more specific answer,don't you think?
Many thanks

In conclusion, although there are some celebrities who achieved their fame via their glamour and wealth rather than their accomplishment, I believe there are also many others who rose to fame through their hard work and set a good example for the young.

I want to send a question to Mr simon and you.
I read simon's introduction, but I don't understand clearly Why do you only give your opinion for the second sentence " this sets a bad example to young people". You mean the first sentence is absolute right. Thanks many

in conclusion, it is obvious that some celebrities nowadays are more concerned about welfare and prestigious life rather than achieving hardworks.eventhough we should highlight the role of hardworking models for our adolescents to pursue their goals

In conclusion, although it is undeniable that the instantly-famous artists somehow are portraying such an easy and most-wanted glamorous life to the public, I believe that those who reach their success with sweat and persistence will win over people's hearts as the true inspirations.

to sum up, i once again restate any view that many stars are famous by their private lifestyles instead of contributing their efforts and achievements to our society.This increasingly popular trend can involve many negative impact on the growth of young generation; however, it is no denying fact that some celebrities always try to dedicate during their lives.

In conclusion, celebrities are mainly known as the 'rich people' who did not pay much effort or work towards their life. In my opinion, I think that this would set a bad influence towards teenagers nowadays and inspired them in a wrong way.

In conclusion, someone who become famous without hard working is easy to mislead young people, by contrast these really celebrities still are excellent role models.

Hi Simon,
I've got a question on the issue of singular and plural. In this sentence in paragraph 3, "They demonstrate great effort, determination and ambition, which is required for ...".I am baffled with the "is" after "which". Do you think "efforts, determination and ambition" are bound into a category as a singular then "is" should be used in this case?Thank you.

Btw,Thanks for all the writing suggestions you've published on this useful website, they are all very helpful:)

Hi Alexandra,

It was a long time ago, but maybe I was grouping those three things together in my mind when I wrote the sentence, or maybe I was referring to "ambition" only (e.g. "ambition, which is...).

Reading the sentence again now, I would probably use "are" - you're right that this is the more logical choice!

In conclusion, although some celebrities have set bad examples for young people due to their glamour and wealth lifestyles. I believe that many icon figures of our society demonstrate a success can only be achieved through persistence and hardworking who are truly the role models for the young generation.

Thank you for your suggestion.
To be honest, if I hadn't known it was you who write this essay, I might have thought this essay went off topic because of the thrid phragrah about an excellent role models. I think I need to consider about my way to make an idea. Thanks!

In conclusion, even though some public figures are influencing young population in a wrong way but I believe that the number of famous people who has positive effects on the society are increasing.

Why do you write it like a discussion essay.? There are no reasons for being famous celebrities as a bad example for youngsters! For example they will affect their study performance and the will look for anyway to get money easily.

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