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Monday, March 24, 2014


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Thank you!

Some words seem trickier - for e.g;

affected by cold temperatures =could not be depended on in freezing weather
months were equal in length= 12 months of 30 days

Hi Simon and Friends,

Can anyone please help me in this?? I was unable to find the answer in passage.

Cambridge 2 General Reading Test A
Question 32 :It is improbable that there is a planet hidden behind the sun. ( Y, N, NG)

Passage Matches the words in question 32
This point is the opposite part
of the Earth's orbit, which is
always hidden by the sun.
Could there be another planet
there, essentially similar to our
own, but always invisible?

How come the Answer is YES.

Thanks Simon.
After how much practice person is able to write Academia ielts.

Hi Simon I did IELTS exam on 2011 5 times and 2012 once and 2013 eight times and 2014 seven times and always I got 5.5 or 5 and in reading 4.5 or 5 while writing 5.5 or 5 sometimes this year 4.5 speaking 6 or 6.5 or 5.5 but listening 5.5 or 6 .So ,I sick and tired to achieve 7 in IELTS ,Please help me Dear Simon my email is d.marad@yahoo.co.uk
Plese help me


You have obviously spent quite a bit of money on IELTS registration fees. I strongly advise you to stop doing tests and put that money into a respected IELTS preparation course in your country so that you can at least discover why your scores are too low for your goals.

Hi everybody,

I think

affected by cold temperatures should be :
(could be) depended on in freezing weather

hello Simone,could you analyze full passage?

Hi everyone,
I confuse about what order do you do a reading test? I used to do quite slowly, sometimes, I have to predict a answer, so I was not confident my answer.
Can you HELP me?

Can't understand the first one.

I think
Affected by cold temperatures
= be depended on in freezing weather
Rather than could not be depended on...

Please explain about it Simon..


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