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Sunday, February 23, 2014


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Hello Simon,
Can you introduce some ielts part 2 cue card videos ranging approximately for 2 minutes?That will be very helpful for us.Thanks in advance.

Anyone interested in IELTS preparation add skype name: piyush.patel2005

Best regards

Firstly, I really admire evreything you has done to help us to be able to get good grades in Ielts exam. you are so kind.
And I have a question what i really want to ask you. In an informal ielts speaking test which I've recently taken, I managed to ask my examiner to repeat or rephrase the questions some time. So does this inluence my score band?


Asking the examiner to repeat or rephrase does not affect your score however the language you use to ask is assessed so if you make errors or pronounce poorly it could certainly negatively affect you. When it comes to rephrasing or explaining examiners are quite limited in terms of what they can do so don't expect them to always explain words to you.

Hi simon

Why do you turn all the lessons in your website into books?

I hopefully see in the near future

Dear Simon,
I have no words to express my gratitude, you are the greatest teacher that I have ever seen in my whole life. did you know that you gave me a lot of confidence and self esteem for taking ielts exam and getting 7.5 score. I am doing a PhD in midwifery in New Zealand and I need 7.5 for being a registered midwife here, and now I study hard for IELTS based on your advice. I wish all the best to you and your loved ones.

Dear Simon,

About the live video lessons, it's totally OK - you've been doing a lot.

Dear Simon,

Please have a look at question 9 in Section 1, Test 4, Cambridge 9. You have to answer with no more than 2 words and/or a number. The woman says: "Oh, it's a late afternoon talk, at four thirty..." The answer at the back of the book is 4:30. Are they 2 numbers?
If you write "four thirty", it satisfies the requirement of "no more than 2 words," but wouldn't it can cause misunderstanding? I believe the best answer should be "4:30 pm", but then there are 2 numbers and 1 word. Could you please spend some time explaining it?

hi simon
thanks for everything
ı have a problem. when ı study exam, ı saw some falses on the cambridge ielts 9 test 2 section 1 question 2 ( date of birth ) the question is one word and or a number. but on the record say 31 march 1972 but answer is only 31 march
what do you think. is it true and which is the correct answer
thanks a lot

Hi Mahmut,

You can find the answer for your question here: http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2013/05/ielts-listening-clubhouse-or-club-house.html

thanks sjm, your explanation is very clear so now I am more comfortable. Thanks a gain :)

hi simon I have requested u many times please suggest me to hire ielts material.
I hope u answer it

Hi simon,
For live video lessons,you can try http://www.yy.com/, which is popular for live lessons in China. They provide a client but chinese version, If you are interested and need help, you can contact me.

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