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February 12, 2014


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just wondering, why u don't put Google Ads on your website.???...
u could earn good deal of money, just by putting one or two stripes on both sides of ur website...lol

:D :) (y)

mr xita

they r not interested on money making they have interest in educate others for ielts exam.

Good idea , xita, I think Simon should think about it.

Is it okay to use quotes of famous people in the beginning and ending part?
And which part is better for that?

osmaam and xita

this site is not for making money its to learn

Most of Ielts candidates seems to prefer acomplicated introduction part to the simple one. I raally like your instruction in this site, it 's simple but so effective.

Most of Ielts candidates seem to prefer a complicated introduction to the simple one. However, I really like your instruction in this site, it's simple but so effective


Hi Xita,

I'm sure you're right, and thanks for thinking about how I could earn a bit more money. However, I decided from the beginning not to have adverts or too many links on the site. I'd rather keep it clean, clear and easy to use.


Hi Connie,

I personally wouldn't recommend trying to do that. I think you'll waste time trying to remember relevant quotations, and they won't help your score. Just focus on answering the question with your own ideas and opinions.

Mr. Simon, I can't seem to find the comment with the full essay by Peter Walton. Did he by some chance deleted it?

Good evening, Mr Simon
I need your advice regarding my speaking. I am actually good speaker with rich vocabulary, however, I has been always assessed no more than 6.5 Band in my IELTS exam...
I would be really thankful to get some recommendations from you.

it))) sorry for mistake

Hey,my dear teacher:

First, let me start by showing my deepest thanks to you as we ALL do benefit from ur lessons.I've a huge unknow problem. I do practise everyday reading and listening, however in each time, I do make many mistakes. ALL the times, my score is not more than 6 whether in reading or listening. I don't know what I can do. Furthermore, I did watch all YouTube vids related to IELTS and did answer all questions and tasks in all cambridge books as well. please I'de be grateful if u can share ur advice with me.

Hi Simon,
Yes, this intoduction is definitely concise and to the point. I liked the essay too that Mr. Pete Walton has shared. By the way he helps me with my essay corrections. I must say such a helpful teacher he is! . Most importantly, I like the fact that he gives a very detailed feed back.

Hi Long Thanh Nguyen,
Peter Walton's essay is in the" comments " on 5th February 's lesson, the one about the credit card advantages and disadvantages.

I tried this short one^^^^^In the current time, it's easy for everbody to open a bank-account and get a credit card.However,this service migh put the bank-customers in risk. I think the troubles of the credit card srevice are grater than the benefits.

Hi simon,
It seems to me the introduction wrote by Peter gives a 'strong opinion'.
However, the body parts in his essay are more like to give us a 'balanced answer'.
They are not match, and from his description I cannot see drawbacks of credit cards FAR outweigh the advantages.

Hello there !!

First of all my deep thanks to Simon for his selfishness and desire to educate students with his precise lessons.

Sorry for digressing the topic, but I have GT on 15th Feb, so I deeply wish that someone can go through below passage and find which area( cohesion, coherence, grammar and vocabulary) I am falling behind to reach band 7(every time I fall behind by .5)

WT2: some sports are dangerous. Why people still take place in these sports? What can be done to reduce the dangers?

It is certainly true that some game players show off their interest towards life threatening games. There are various reasons for this and I believe some necessary precautions can be taken to control this obsession.
In recent days, it is often seen that a trend of inclination to play harmful games. One such sport is 'Bungee jump', where the player jump off by 200-300 feet from the top of giant mountain with full of rocks. Ice-skating, mountain-cycling and bull-fighting are some examples of such dangerous and lethal sports.
It is my belief that, two of the major reasons for this kind of obsession are to be adventurous and to set a trademark. People, in particular youngsters are more energetic and dynamic who dare and enjoy any kind of risk because it leaves them abundant amount of rewarding and fulfilling moments. This further motivates to set a benchmark in society that no one beat their record.
However, we can still act against it to protect and save lives. Governments and society should take their part to ostracize this trend. States could come up with stringent laws and policies by educating the youngsters about the potential risks associated with it. Banning dangerous sports can be a companion solution. On the other hand, the significance of society's role is inevitable. Parents and amateur social trusts can bring awareness and comprehend the importance of their well-being in their family.
To conclude, though the sports are adventurous and entertainment, every sport person should understand the real need of playing such deadly games and choose the best sport for them. And, Family members and states should also meet their onus in making sports healthy but not lethal.

PS: I made 4 spell errors which I corrected now. Hence please consider this.

Please someone help me with above request. Just one day left to rectify myself and this is my 5th attempt, really got frustrated.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Dear, you can contact me at my mailing id: arslan_saeed33@yahoo.com, so that we both may able to work out on your essay.

@ Sweety

Dear, If you want to practice some speaking tests in a real IELTS environment, then you're welcome. Here's my mailing id: arslan_saeed33@yahoo.com

Hi Long Thanh Nguyen,

Please look at the essay By Peter Walton

It is all too easy to obtain a credit card and then to run up debts which are difficult to repay. In my opinion, the disadvantages of credit cards far outweigh the advantages.
Many people consider only the benefits of owning a credit card. It is true that a credit card gives you access to money and the facility to pay it back later, like a loan. This could be useful for emergencies or something expensive, like a holiday. In addition, having a credit card is more secure than carrying money around with you. If you lose your wallet or purse, or if you are mugged in the street, a quick phone call to the bank means that the card will be instantly refused if anyone tries to use it.
On the other hand, credit cards encourage people to spend money they do not have. I would never have a credit card for this reason. Debts can build up and leave people in real financial difficulties. When people cannot pay their debts back, everyone suffers: those in debt may lose their homes, the banks lose money, and the whole economy suffers. The enticing message of ‘spend today, pay tomorrow’ should not seduce us into embracing this philosophy. As my mother used to say: it will end in tears.
In conclusion, listen to the advice of the older generation. Do not be tempted by the ease of using a credit card, because it may result in mounting debts which cannot be paid back.
252 words

I want to know where can I find the essay...

I think Abba may be right! I will try to give an even stronger argument against credit cards if I ever write this essay again.

I tried, Abba, to use all the ideas that Simon gave us on his blog, but still to write an essay with a clear and strong position. Like a strict examiner, you made a very thoughtful comment.

i am very weak in writing task.How can i improve this task?

I had an ielts examination today here in England and the question on task two was; standard of health among people is more likely to reduce in near future. To what extent do you agree or disagree this question?

Hai MR.Simon,
Can you help to plan this essay question? It seems to me too difficult to write a good response.
In some countries, small town-centre shops are going out of business because people tend to drive to large out-of-town stores. As a result, people without cars have limited access to out-of town stores, and it may result in an increase in the use of cars. Do you think the disadvantages of this change outweigh its advantages?

I am taking lessons with a former IELTS teacher in my country, Malaysia. The teacher taught me not to give opinion in the introduction. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and save the opinion at the conclusion part. Please help. Which one should be correct?

I hate my life. I've now taken this test 10 times. I need an 8 band in each section to apply for permanent residency in Australia. No matter how hard I try, I always end up missing by 0.5 in one module. Most of the time it's writing, but then, when I do get 8 or above in that module, unexpectedly, one of the other modules drops below 8. Life is so unfair =(

To Steve
Why don't u appeal to recheck? If u got 0.5 less then u should ask for rechecking.I have heard many who did this and got expected result.

Is it okey to right partially in for both agree/disagree or we must take one side ?? Im little confused in that type of topics ..

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