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February 26, 2014


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Thanks !

Got it!
One thing I really feel frustrated is that I have no access to videos on Youtube, so I can't watch the videos in your lessons. Is it possible to download the videos for us or any solutions? :-(

thanks you


Could you please advise me, who you recommend to get the essays corrected?



First,Moreover,In sum

hi Simon,

I'm so happy to find your webpage! It is very useful!
And I will come to visit your page EVERYDAY!

Love you!

Br, Aada (from Beijing, China)

Dear Mr. Simon,
Could you please suggest me some ideas about this topic:
" The costs of international travel are decreasing and tourism is growing.
Do the advantages of increased tourism outweigh the disadvantages".
I'm a rookie in Ielts, so I often lack of strong ideas, please to help me sometimes.
Thank you so much and best wishes for your useful website!! ^-^

Dear Simon,

A quick question here -
Should there be a "that" in the sentence?
...the cost of living in a city is usually much higher than "that" in a small town or village.
Or not necessary?

Thank you.


I just want to summary the basic structure that Simon uses in this paragraph:

SS1 + Explain the reason
SS2 + Example
SS3 + Explain the result.

TS: Topic Sentence
SS: Support Sentence

You can see that this is really a structure easy for us to try in your test.

By the way, I have the same question as "dana" has about the 'that' in SS1. Can anyone please help answer it?


I should say "make a summary" or "summarize" in my previous comment.

Sorry for my mistake.

Thanks for your writing a lot. I really want to concentrate on studying ielts to drive at a given ielts band score. I have not known exactly which level of english writing I am at the present. Also, I want to get your essays written for ielts band score in detailed, but I have not found them in your website yet. I am wondering why you dont arrange your website devided in to listening, writing, speaking and listening part for an exact level band such as ielts for 7 band score. If you can do that, I think users as me will feel more satisfied and more grateful for everything you did.
thanks for your reading!!!

To begin with, follow by, afterwards, Lastly

Alex, that is a really good summary of the paragraph structure.

Hello Simon sir, If i have three points then can i write in the following manner?(1,2,3 are paragraphs)
1.1st point+example and 2nd point+example

Hi it has to be summarize not summary :)

Initially, Furthermorer, Last but not least

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