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Friday, February 28, 2014


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If let me choose a subject to be cancelled from school, I may choose a course about art. Art is a subject that is an abstract for many people to understand. Many questions about art have no certain answers. Different people have different perceptions, so it is obvious to get different answers. Another important point I think is that art need a free mind to give new life to it. So we can not frame them into old ideas. We can replace it with seminars or research group. In this way everyone can have their own way to think about it.

hello everyone
I got my result today for February exam overall was 7 but not in each module I failed only in writing (6) so disappointed .

Hi hibba
good result and you will have 7 or more in
each part inshallah soon .me too I need 7 in each
part but I couldn't manage more than 6.5
please can you share you experience in R ,L& S
because I stuck with scor 6 in R &L .
Good luck.

I would like to talk about a subject that I think should be removed from the school curriculum.

The subject is civics, one of the branches of social science. It was a nightmare for many students in my school and I can still remember that we were being pressurized by our teachers to memorize the exact definition of civics stated by the scholars.

I think it is useless for the children because it has no practical application in our later life. People now a days are concerned enough and aware of their duties and responsibilities to the country as well as about their rights. I don't think that children need to master this subject to learn about the concept of citizenship. I can't remember what I was taught in my school about civics.

If I had to choose a substitute for civics I would choose history. It is much more interesting than civics and tells us about the true events that happened in the past. Just as individual people learn from their mistakes, societies can learn from the mistakes made by previous governments or leaders. I think it would be more educational and helpful for children than civics.
(P.S The last 2 lines are copied from Simon's lesson about history topic.

I don't know whether I have got the right idea but it was civics I used to hate in my school days.)

I am going to talk about a compulsory subject that our teenagers are forced to learn in order to be graduated from secondary school.it is Arabic.
Well, I think it is relatively a useless lesson and children are only tought this lesson because of religious reasons.it is not an international language, so it offen has no positive effect in our children's prospects. So it is only wasting of best time of students .
If we put this subject a way from our secondary education syllabus, we would be able to focus much more on international language such as French or English.
Although it seems that it will never be put a way.

oops sorry!!!!!!!

Children can learn from the mistakes made by previous governments or leaders. (NOT societies for this context)

thanks pearl, great ideas

hi khairia
you could contact me on my Skype:h.aimly2013

From my point of view there is one subject which should be removed from school's system and it is music due to this subject has to be individual choice for every student.

-I wouldn't say that the subject should be removed , but I believe that maths gets over complicated from high school and that takes away a lot of energy and time , students spend a great amount of time solving complicated structures , equations and many other geometrical problems that not all students would use later on in life.

-I think that students should be taught psychology and poetry, right from primary school.By learning about psychology children would be able to understand human behaviors with logic and reasoning and that will not only be useful in their adult life but it can also help to stop or prevent bullying at schools. When children will have the basic essential knowledge about the science of human mind, they will be better prepared to deal with the complexities of practical life.

-Furthermore, more time should be given at schools to discuss and learn poetry.The reason why I think so is that, the poetry changes the way how we look at the world. It enhances the romance for nature and can help children learn to appreciate beauty of many things that otherwise we all tend to take for granted.As it deepens the imagination it can certainly encourage children to be more creative.

Looking forward to see Simon's useful suggestion in tomorrow's lesson!
( not much difference the way I practice at home or do in the test( Lol))

I am going to talk about a important school education topic that i think no need in school education program.I think health,singing and even art related subject don't need in school program and those sort of subject non credit.That non credit subject should change and given most future related subject,such as basic computer,learning language.In school every subject essential we know,but better to the future instead of non credit subject.Day from day enhance every computing process and English is the international language.Every where any business or any job dependent to the computer.It will be very helpful for the students .Finally i want say,everything is important of the school and study is the best weapon of success.

Hi Simon,

I'm not sure where I could say thank you to you.
I got my IELTS result yesterday. That was my 3rd attempt and I got my required score.
L:9.0 R:8.5 S:7.0 W:7.0
I really appreciate your website, especially for task 1 because that was my weakness.

Anyway, thank you for your effort and I really appreciate that.
My tip for other candidate: try to imitate every thing and remember them till you can output naturally.

Hi Sean,

Congratulations, Great scores! And a very good advice that you shared, wish you Best of Luck!

Hi Sean,

Congratulations!~ You have got a great score which is admired by most of us.

Could you please share some more tips about your experience?

Hi Sean
congratulation ,can you please share your
experience with ielts and your way to prepared
for your L& R and the sources and books you
you used to got this Great scores .Congratulation
again .
Good Luck.

Dear Simon,

I do thank you for your great effort for everyone who need a hand in IELTS. I took the IELTS in Feb and need band 7 in each module. My girlfriend and I studied together to achieved the required band score and she did it because of your extremely useful website. ( WE ) Thank you wholeheartedly.

I was not that lucky as my score were L 8, R 7.5, W 7 and S 6.5 with O 7.5. However, as I was confident in speaking to a certain extent, I have applied for the remark. I hope positive for it. I will let you and everyone on this site know when the result comes out. I am planning to take IELTS in March again, too.

Simon, I do thank you with all of my heart because you are really a good and kind teacher who helps everyone educationally and emotionally via your website. Thanks to my teachers, I feel quite confident in writing task 2 but it was your band 9 writing task 1 collection which enables me to use different synonyms and easy methods for writing task 1, thus making me happier with writing. THANK YOU:-)
You are one of our English teachers. 'May you be happy and healthy, Sir.'

Hi Sean And PTA, congratulation again..Good luck yo you in your life...Please share your writing and reading experience, especially writing Task 2... I am looking forward to your response....

Saiedeh ...
All nations and preaple are proud of their languages...even if they are not international!!
Except you ...shame

Describe a subject that you think should be removed from school education programmes. You should say

- what the subject is
- why you think it is unnecessary for children to study it
- and explain what you would replace it with.

I would like to talk about music as a part of school's system. From my point of view the subject should be removed and being as a personal choice for every student. Quiet a lot of people are not able to feel and understand music because they do not have ability to be musician person,however, they can achieve noticeable result in mathematics or physic. Otherwise if a person
interested in music and want to be successful in it, he or she should spend much more time in another special musical school. I believe that nowadays in school's system lack of time on physical exercises which is vital subject in human's life.Therefore musical lessons can be replace with physical one.

I found prepared answers for this qeustion
from Mr Simons Task-2 wrting lessons,,page (2) and I did some adjustments on it
The subject which shuld be removed from school syllabuses particularly at primary school age,would be foreign language.

The main problem is that young children need to study other subjects which can be considered as more important than a second language,core subjects in most primary schools are the mother tongue language, mathematics and science.

In addition, lessons in a new language take valuable study time away from these key disciplines, as well as causing confusion in the young learners.

I Also tink that lessons in the new language could delay the development of a child’s first language,so it would be better if that subject replaced by more additional classes for physics,maths or biology beacuse student find thses subjects hard in learning.

I would like to talk about Design and Technology that is usually taught as a subject at the primary school. In my point of view, D&T is not sighnificant and crucial for children. Because, as you know there is a art lesson and in this way kids learn how to creat or design something. As a consequense they don't need D&T. Furthermore, children waste their time while learning D&T. Instead of it they can join PE (sport) lessons for being strong and heathy or they can go library for developing their reading skills. Otherwise sometimes parents tend their children to be creative , due to it they think D&T has a vital role in pupils thoughts. We can not deny that, yet there are usually D&T clubs that avaliable at the primary school, and if they want to gain D&T skills they can apply such clubs which are free in charge. For instance, British Schools arrange such clubs for primary courses. I would like to emphasize that even kids can learn D&T deeply in this case. Finally, they will econom their time in a correct way, because they will spent time on reading or will play variuos games for getting rid of energy, as a result can learn time managemnet from their childhood.


I would suggest that art should be taken out of the school curriculum. I think that art can be practiced at home as part of fun activities or a way to spend leisure time. It is very abstract subject and I believe that a really talented child will pursue his or her interest in the subject whether it is taught at school or not. I believe it is a waste of time if a child not interested or not good at it has to suffer through the subject that is neither useful nor necessary in the real life. In addition, I believe that it is quite awkward for a teacher to grade work of a child who is really bad at it; you don’t want to be unappreciative of his efforts and have to grade his work positively regardless of the outcome.
The curriculum that art could be replaced with is math. Algebra, fractions and other math related concepts are very practical and needed in the real life; for example, multiplication and division is something we rely on on every day basis. Of course there are other math related concepts that are more complex which I think could be studied on the more in depth level, however are not because only so many hours of math are intended for a given studying year. I think that most of us have problem when purchasing paint for a house, there it is the question how many gallons do I need for a room 10feet wide and 15 feet long. I know that most of us go to the store hoping that the sales clerk will do the difficult task for us.

Maha... Thank you for your comment.

Khairia... What I used for L&R was only Cambridge IELTS books. Especially for listening, in my opinion, you should listen to them as many as you can. And if possible, you would try to listen to them twice as fast as normal speed so that you can feel more comfortable when you listen to them at normal speed. With reading, my tip is to be interested in and enjoy reading passages. Everytime I answered reading section, I always enjoyed passages so that I was able to answer questions more easily.

Orhan... My tip for writing task 2 is not to think the contents too much. Which means trying to collect some general ideas that you can use for different subjects. In my opinion, most of ideas on this website would cover several subjects. For instance, ideas for advertising are used for globalisation, consumerism and so on.

Thanks Sean...Good luck to you...

there are several subjects which are taught in schools some of them are not important and some are important. I thank so that sport theatrical subject should be taken out of school education programs because many student think that it is complicated compared to other subjects. students are pressurized by teachers to remember a large number of questions and even writing on their note books. they have to pass an examine and whenever they have been unsuccessful and feel frustration which affect adversely on their other examine. it is certainly true that having sport perception more important but the subject must be practical rather than theatrical. eventually students would pay a more attention and by playing sport games they can leaner a lot thanks

i want a speaking partner ,anyone who is native English speaker or otherwise add me on skype....fariideeba

Hi Orhan,

For Listening and Reading, I practise the Cambridge books and Test Plus 1,2,3 on gmat website which is free for downloading lessons and books. It helps me a lot. Regarding the Writing Task 1, I like to recommend you to download band 9 collection essays on gmat website which is contributed by Tr. Simon. I usually used a technique to think for alternative ideas in addition to a given statement in the Writing Task 2 for Agree or Disagree Questions. I used one paragraph for 3 problems ( also their causes to expand my essay a little ) and another paragraph for 3-4 measures for mentioned problems for Problem Solution Essays. I always tried to used synonyms wherever relevant in Writing. I hope it helps you :-)

Agree or Disagree ( 4 Paragraphs )
Describe an idea with some reasons
Describe against the above idea with reasons
Conclusion ( as in the second body para )

SOY ( 5 para )
Some people think that...( 2 reasons )
On the other hand, there are many others who ... ( 2 reasons )
In my opinion, ...( 2 more reasons for second body para )

I am just a leaner so I share what I know and use ( my approach ). Please advice me where relevant and I hope all ielts takers pass the ielts with required band scores QUICKLY!!!

Im going talk today about the subject that i think we can removed to the school programs. I think ministry of education should be replaced art section by foreign language such as English, Chinese or Japanese from primary school. Children can study second language early, beside that they can acquire them quickly. i think that if children study language from the beginning, they will speak foreign language more well than older people. Kid will have a good job when they grow because foreign comapny need it nowadays and in the future.

i want a speaking partner ,anyone who is native English speaker or otherwise add me on skype....ashikengineer

Dear readers honestly I don't have any special opinion which subject to remove from school curriculum but one of you mentioned to remove was Arabic .FIrst of all Arabic is an international language thuogh one of you said it is not ,secondly nowadays many studets who graduate from in its universities go to Arabic countries because of job apportunities therefore I,m not in favour of removing this subject from school.I myself is not Arabic and not saying this because of my self storage.regards

Dear silver
i totally agree that arabic should be removed from all the schools materials .
the reason of course to be included is the religion . Arabic is very difficult and difficult specially grammar . and there is many accent and vocabulary for each country totaly different from the education . even who works ia any famous gulf country of course he use english all the time not arabic and all the letters and memos ae in english . even any big company in any arab country use english or french a little not arabic . arab student in any year of eduction always suffer from difficulty of arab grammar and once they finish school i swear that no one remember any info from it due to not using it at all

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