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Friday, November 01, 2013


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It's unfortunate, but I must say that VERB TENSE is the kind of basic grammar that many students tend to overlook/disregard, even those who are targeting band 7!

For those wishing to review/improve their grammar skills, here is a useful resource from the British Council website:

hello, Simon,
in speaking part 3, is it ok to say something such as "I am sorry I do not have a good idea of why ...., but I suppose that..." when the examiner asks a question I am not familiar with.

I have a problem in distinguishing some vocabularies,such as respect, aspect, perspect. Could you tell me how they are used?

Jenny - it's absolutely fine. In fact it's a good thing to be able to express different levels of certainly in the speaking test because that's what natives tend to do and it can show a nice range of spoken expressions. Remember, it's not a knowledge test.

Hi Simon,

In speaking part 3, when examiner ask us question related to part 2, do i need to give answer with more than 3-4 sentences or there is any pattern??

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your valuable advise on this website.

I have a query, I had my IELTS speaking on 6th Nov 2013. In the part 2 I was asked
Describe a building/apartmnet which you like
1. Where it is
2. when did u visit
3. Why you liked and what is the importance

I have answered
saying apartment which I lived why I liked will this answer be apparopraite for the above question.
Or they were looking for answer w.r t unique buldings or apartment.

Please let me know the answer


Hi I just completed my speaking Test here is Sri lanka. Well, The first question was where I came from ? secondly He asked me I am living in a house or apartment. then asked me what is the most like bedroom and why

Second part of the Test was I had to speak 1 - minutes in his topic

Describe a Beach side of my country
You you visited there
what are the activities that people can do. etcc.


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