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Thursday, October 17, 2013


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very nice...thank you Simon

Hi Simon,
Thanks for the report! I am really concerned whether I should paraphrase the terms given. My teacher told me it is important to use your own words, but your report shows a range of vocabulary although most phrases remain as in the chart. So can a report with the same words as in the task get a band 9?

Hi Simon,

Thank you for being such a motivation. I have been using this blog of yours for over a week and I can say my self confidence is being boosted as I spend hours practising. My test date is on the 26th of October, 2013 and I wish it would come sooner because you have equipped me with the necessary information to make my desired band score. God bless you for being consistent.

Dr. Joy Ekpata (Nigerian Optometrist)

I now know the areas where I made blunders and how to do better in my next exam. I missed my band score by 0.5 in reading and that almost discouraged me until I saw your blog.
Thank you once more for being a blessing to us.

Dr. Joy Ekpata
Optometrist from Nigeria

hello, I try to answer

- use of present simple and passive
- say at the beginning how many stages are (six)
- describe the stages in more detail in the main 2 paragraph using words like - at first stage; this paper is then..., next; stages four and five, finally
- and of course goooooood vocabulary


1. The use of the passive tense with the determiner "either" and the phrase that begins with the reflexive pronoun "where". Good use of phrasing.

2. The use of two actions in a passive clause.

3. Many connecting words.

4. Changing 'ink and glue' to their
uncountable usage.

5. The usage of a modal verb "can" with the passive verbs "be processed".

The flow chart summarize the steps required for recycling waste paper. There are sex essential stages needed for completing the process of waste paper recycling.

The first and second stages are about bringing the paper from waste paper storage like water banks ,and, isolating the required paper for proceeding with the recycling process from the unrequited paper

Third stage is about moving the paper to paper mill for grinding ; then cleaning the grinded paper from staples ,categorizing this stage as the fourth stage.

Prior the last stage is the fifth stage in which the ink and glue are detached from the grinding mass that has already been cleaned from the staples. At the end of this stage the paper is ready to go to another stage which is the final one.This final stage the grind paper is ready to go to a manufacture machine producing usable paper .


The majority of violent deaths (63 %) were from gunshots. Car bombs accounted for 12%.

Half a million people died between 2003 and 2011 during the war in overthrow their president and the subsequent conflict.

The risk of death at the peak of the US-led conflict in 2001 almost tripled for men and rose by 70% for women.

hi simon

I am wandering in the process or flow chart whether it is necessary to use the verbs, nouns and technical terms used in the chart?

Hi All

Aminta - paraphrasing is a common problem and most candidates paraphrase too much. Natives don't find synonyms for everything and in fact using too many 'alternative' expressions will only lead to the language quickly becoming unnatural. Examiners expect candidates to use the words in the question to some degree (although avoid using a long 'string' - maybe three or more words in a row)

Hesam - All Task 1 Academic answers must contain an appropriate amount of 'data', and this includes diagrams, processes or flow charts, so some use of the terms is necessary.

Thanks! That's just what I thought.

Dear Simon,

I got an very interesting question for task 2 and it asked in Australia in September 2013.

Modern technology has an influence on schools today. Do you think teachers will still have a role in 2050 or the study process will be completely computerised?

Please help us to guide for this question and how we could establish our answer for these types of questions.


Hi Raveen
I think you can have 4 paragraphs:
1. introduction (balanced view)
2. icnreasing use of computer at aschools
3. the importance of teachers roles
4. conclusion

You can search on the Internet and find some ideas.

Hi Simon
Thank you

Great advice sjm. Thanks for your help!

The flow chart illustrates the process of recycling of the paper which will not used anymore.

This process involves six steps which includes waste paper collection, sorting by hand, transportation, cleaning, de-inking and the last step is paper making machine.

Coming to the process, in the first step waste paper will be collected from the public paper banks and also from the business, then in the second step the collected waste paper will be graded and unsuitable paper is removed by sorting using hand and the sorted paper will be transported to the paper mill in the third step.

Furthermore, fourth step includes cleaning, pulping and removal of other materials like staples and then in the fifth step removal of inks and glues by De-inking and then this goes to the paper making machine where the recycled paper is manufactured which is the final step in the recycling process.

Please give ur advice simon for my essay

thank you

hello Simon
in reading section i just read the questions and choose their key words and then i skim the text to find those key words...is this method ok? or it's better to read the whole text before answering the questions?
Thank you

Hi, simon! thanks for this. I haven't seen much examples of the flow chart essay. Most of the model essays are on the line, bar and pie charts. It's a band 9 because of the advanced chart vocabulary, you used advanced grammar structures and the organization is perfect.

I am taking the test on the 26th October 2013 but your blog helps a lot in this short amount of time.
Thanks a lot Simon, I really appreciate it

Hi Simon,
i am also taking test on 26th October 2013. I am reading your blog since last week. Can you please guide me how to control test anxiety. As now at this stage i have a feeling that i haven't done anything.

First of all thanks for booosting my confidence. I have attempted many IELTS test before but never achieved relevent score. well this time I am sure I will get required score. Because after using this website, I have improved mistakes which I have made in past papers. thanks again for this brilliant website.


Thanks guys. I'm glad you found the lesson useful.

It's very useful for me to practise IELST.
I hope I can understand more and write effectively.


Great info. thank you :)

Hello Mr Simon

Thanks for your fantastic explanation

Mr teacher says that when describe a process we should use phrases like

before being sorted
in order to be cleaned
when the cleaning stage is complete

How do you thing Is good advice or not?

Ngoc Anh Vietman

Thank u so much Simon Sir

The diagram depicts the process through which waste paper is recycled.
Overall, this process involves six distinct stages, includes collection of waste paper, sorting by hand, transportation, the two cleaning stages and finally, the production of usable paper using machine.
In the beginning, waste paper is collected from paper banks and businesses, where a high number of papers are thrown away every day. Following that, it is sorted by hand, grading and unsuitable paper is removed. Over the course of second stage is transportation. It means that a suitable paper is delivered to a paper mill. Afterwards, at the cleaning stage, the paper is cleaned, pulped and some materials such as staples are taken out. Once this stage is complete, de-inking stage is carried out, this paper is removed from inks and glues. The last stage ends when a usable paper is produced through the use of a paper making machine.

here is my writing, please give me your advices.

I am quite unexperienced,and I did not realize that I did not make the enough words(133 words):

The flow chart above illustrates how to recycle waste paper.

To recycle waste paper, the first thing needed to do, is to collect those paper which often come from institutes such as banks and corporations. Then, waste paper are sorted in terms of usability in order to elleminate those that cannot be used again.

The third step is to transport waste paper to paper mills specialized for paper processing where the paper will be cleaned, so that unnecessary materials, such as staples, will be removed.

Since the waste paper is usually full of inks wrote or printed by handwriting or printers, the inks must be cleaned to be qualified for further processing. The last step is to tear waste paper into pieces and reproduce them into new papers that can be used again.

The flaw chart shows how to waste paper recycled.It has six distinct process to reuse.

It is clear that it is a numeric process to recycled.The first step is the collected is the waste paper from banks and many sort of business.Then it needs shorting by hand and removed paper from the device.Transportation is the third part of the recycled.Easy way to delivery to paper mill of transportation.Cleaning is the most important part of the recycled and unnecessary materials removed. Then from it removed of links , glues and washed very carefully.Finally Machine had manufactured of usable paper after removed avoided thing and made paper machine.
To sum up,Its clear that wastage paper never should spare.Everything is needed one day.

Hi Simon,

About one of the sentance in the artical, this paper is then sorted by hand and separated according to its grade, with any paper that is not suitable for recycling being removed. Next, the graded paper is transported to a paper mill.

is this possible to write like this way...

Before transporting the graded paper to paper mill, it will be selected by hand, which eliminating unsuible ones.

But it looks much shorter...

Thank you

dear sir,
i have lots of queries regarding essay writing as well as in graph explanation ,,,can u plz give me some tips regarding my queries so that i can achieve 7 bands in writing

flowchart or flow chart?
I think should be flowchart. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Hi cchoi,

Both ways are used, and both are correct. I had a quick look online, and it seems that 'flowchart' might be more common in the US, and 'flow chart' in the UK.

hey man you used to a lot the word "waste"and you wanna get 9 score? are you crazzy?

Given is a diagram illustrating the process, by which, waste papers are recycle. It is evident from the information provided that there are six main phases involved from collecting waste papers to making usable papers by a paper making machine.
Prior to the actual processing of the waste papers, at the first phase it is first necessary for the recycler to collect them from public paper banks and also businesses. In the following phase, they are then sorted and graded and the unsuitable once are then removed. At this point, it is the turn of the transportation phase by which filtered paper are delivered to paper mill.
In the cleaning phase, the delivered papers are cleaned and pulped to be free from other materials (like staples). Following this, they are then di-inked to be sure there is no inks and glues. After this process, as the final phase they are then put in a paper making machine to create usable papers.

Dear sir, please review my answer.

The flow chart demonstrates the information about recycling process of waste paper in six steps. Each steps describe in below paragraph.
Firstly, waste paper is collect from public paper banks such as newspapers, writed notebooks of students and many more and others are unwanted compny work papers from business - centre. After the collection of waste paper second step is shortng of paper because in collection of waste paper there are lots of papers which are not recycle anymore so papers are shorting by quality of paper in terms of grade and unsuitable papers are remove from collection. In third step this graded papers are transport through transportation vehicle and send to paper mill. In paper mill first process on paper are cleaning, pulping and removal of other unwanted materials such as staples. And then inks and glues which are removed by de-inking process. At after the whole process machine manufacturer the usable paper from waste paper.

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