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Sunday, October 06, 2013


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Hi simon, i just want to share the score ive got on my last GT exams last september 21. Its a 7, im really shocked because i didn't finish the task 2 actually i was pressured by the time because i put so much effort on task 1. The composition of my task 2 essay would be an intro, 1st paragraph, no 2nd paragraph literally but i had a conclusion. What can you say about this? Have u encountred something like this before?

Is it possible to get a flat 7 if u didnt finish your essay? Thanks!

u got 7 without completing writing task 2?bt this is a very good grade for writing as far as my concern...

Hi Simon
I got 6.5 in writing.I do not know where am I wrong.Can you give me some suggestion please...


It's possible and I have seen it before, but you must have done a very good task 1, and you probably reached the word limit (250 words) or close to it in the essay. Also, you got a favourable examiner.

Arushi - it's not possible to advise you what is going wrong without examining samples of your writing, because it really could be any part of the test.

Thanks Simon for this post. My students usually focus on heavy words. Recently, I've been teaching collocations to them. It has improved their vocabulary tremendously.

Dear all,

I'd be happy if someone answers my question;

How should we write on answer sheet when we're required to write 2 answers for each question?
For example let's assume a gap fill question that has 2 gaps and one answer.(answers: friday and sunday)
so, can we write like each of these:"friday, sunday" or "friday-sunday" or "friday sunday" on answer sheet?
will we lose any marks if we write like those above?

Focusing on core collocations remains smart, even savvy advice. While deploying some strong academic verbs (suggest, allude, demonstrate, indicate) remains a sensible strategy, they must be properly used. Sometimes it seems like some English language learners pick the most obscure words to memorize and it can easily backfire if a noun is used as a verb.

HI, I want to give general ielts i nam very scarred last time i had given Academic i score 5 bands plz let me know want should i do .i need 7 bands for PR.Thxz.RONIKA

Hi,Plz let me know from where i shd get coaching for Ielts.

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