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Friday, October 04, 2013


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-My future plan is preparing a television program about the handicrafts in every city and district around my country.

- I am planning to apply this program after completing my doctorate thesis. To my mind it is able to take more attention after this degree.

- It will contain the accomplishments of the artisans and demonstrate some samples. I will need an assistant to do this work relatively good.

- I will prepare a sketch with some photographs and video records and visit a television. If they like it I will achieve my plan .

Hello everyone, i also think it will be obvious when we talk about some easier topic. I give you my talk (thank a lot If i have a chance to received feedback)

I’d like to share with you my plan, it's is a small online business in which i intend to sell some cute items and baby clothes throughout social network like Facebook. It will be running in the beginning of the summer this year. However, I will prepare carefully all necessary things before. I will do the plan with my close friend. While I take responsibility for advertising and decorating a small stall, my friend look for some of providing companies and new types of clothes that will attract more customers. There are a lot works we will have to do but I feel so excited and these works will not be too difficult. Furthermore, I also think I will have a little bit nervous because it will be the first time I bravely open a business. But I believe that it will be successful because online business is a new trend around the world and many people in my country enjoy shopping online usually. Moreover, I think the online babies -clothed market will be took a lot of attention from office- women who do not have a lot of time going around and searching something for their babies.

I got my results today
L 8.5 R 8 W 6 S 8
over all 8 but I required 7 overall with 7 each :(
do u suggest rechecking for writing ?

I took Ielts from London is there any other centre from uk you suggest?


Please clarify below:

1) Text: 4 x 35P stamps with airmail labels, for sending postcards to anywhere in the world.

Question: How much does it cost to send a postcard by airmail?

My Answer: 1.40P
Actual answer: 35P

I feel my answer is correct, can you please confirm which one could be the answer.

2) If you send something by either international recorded or international registered, what does the person receiving it have to do?

My answer: Signature
Correct answer: Sign on delivery

In this case, my answer is correct or not?

3) Answer should Not be more than three words

In this case, if the answer from text is "trees and public parks" (4 words), is it acceptable?

Or else, do we need to modify that as "trees and parks"?


Hi Simon ,
Time and again I am unable to do well on Reading and Speaking Section , I have failed to score 8 on both of them , I need to score an 8 on each , can you guide me pls.
I find it extremely difficult to score 37 responses correct on a reading section

My future plan is to start my days from tomorrow on wards with an exercise in the public park to stay healthy.I realised it when i analysed my hectic life ,where i found myself caught in the cobweb of unhealthy atmosphere and food.
Well,my friends also want to join me and we are thinking of a trained teacher ,who can help us to achieve our aim of leading a balanced and healthy life.
last but not the least ,i will try my best to achieve this plan .Again I have to manage my time properly so that i can get enough time for myself in the morning.Apart from this ,I have to make myself determine enough to grasp the opportunity as it is sure hurdles will come on he path.

Hey sir ,

Today, i got my result it was very low from my expectation i got jus 5 band overall and just 4.5 band in writing even i used idioms as well. Now i am totaly disappointed from my result.and in speaking examiner did irritate me alot now who is responsible for this .....

Could you tell me please how i can improve my score from 5 to 6.5 and there is any option for re-evaluation of exam please share me
Thankyou ...

Here is my response.

I think I have prepared two lines as an introduction. Is it good or a bad idea? I have read some books arranging their speaking like this. Is it ok?

People plan their future activities to get better of the time and the resources. I have a future plan which will surely change the course of my life. Here, I would like to talk about my plan of getting married.

I belong to a traditional Indian family and in my family I have elder brother who is already married and having the best time of his life with his wife. Recently, I met one of my friends from my college. She is married and she is really happy. She showed me a photograph of his husband and her little daughter. I have never seen her so happy ever before. That moment I realised that its time for me to move on. I am also nearly 30 and I also wish to experience of being a father.

I told my brother and my sister in law and they both were really happy that I am interested in getting married. All my family members as well as my relatives will get involved in such occassions. In India, its an occasion when all of relatives and close friends join us for this ceremony.

So, soon after my decision, my sister in law made my profile in some matrimonial site. I also believe in arranged marriage so she looked around for a pretty good, well educated girl for me. She called around her relatives and friends for a competent bride. I think I will find a beautiful girl soon and then we'll have some time together to know more of each other and if we find each other suitable, we'll surely get married as soon as possible.

There is one mistake. I also wish to experience "being father" rather than "wish to experience of being a father".

sorry for that.


Dear All,

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Here is my description to share with you all:

Let me talk about my plans for this upcoming Christmas holiday.

Just a few weeks ago, my friend in Argentina contacted me and told me that he and his family are planning to visit the San Francisco Bay Area during the holidays. Since he is one of my best childhood friends and I've been living in the area for several years, I didn't hesitate and offered to be their tour guide.

They plan to stay here for only a week, and my plan is to drive my SUV and take them to some of the most popular tourist spots within the city of San Francisco, which includes the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, and the Coit Tower. I'm also thinking to spend a day to tour some of the most famous wineries in the Napa Valley. And if they are up for longer drives, I'm also willing to take them to Lake Tahoe and the Yosemite National Park.

I've always been good at making travel arrangements. As soon as my friend can confirm their dates, I will start doing research on hotels and restaurants, and try to come up with a detailed itinerary so that they can know what to expect during their stay.

Oh, since they will be here during the winter, which tends to be rainy and snowy, I will also have to constantly check on the weather forecast and make changes if necessary. The point is to be safe throughout the entire trip and find alternatives if the weather doesn't cooperate.


I would like to talk about my plan for the year end holidays.

A few weeks ago, my children had asked whether we are going for a holiday this year. After thinking about it for some time, I have decided to bring them to Australia for a holiday.

The plan is, we would go there for a week. I would rent a car and drive them around the tourists spots. I would also bring them to visit my brothers and sisters who are staying in australia. Also, I am considering bringing them to the beach too as the kids love to swim and they enjoy water activities.

I will make a detailed plan to make this holiday a success. First, I would make sure that I get the flights to Australia. Then, I have to start making reservations for hotels. I prefer to stay in hotels as it is more convenient for us. Then, I have to look out for cheaper car rental for the 1 week. Next, I would need to study on what places to visit and on which day. I also have to make sure that I get the directions to go to those places. For our visits to my brother's place, I have to make sure that they are aware that we will visit them so that they can be around during that time.

There would be plenty to plannings to make the trip a success. I do hope it will be an enjoyable trip.

simon, I did a speaking test today, but in part 1, the examiner kept asking me why even if i did not finish talking. Does this mean i will get a low mark?

Is it true useful to depict a story about a serious or a film to other people for increasing speaking level?

dear sir, iwould like to know how to improve my reading score i he attended exam 5 times but didn t get require score for my reading

Hi Dear,
How are you ? i have iles exam net moth , but i don't no how parepar it pleas help me

Great answer .... it never occurred to me to transform this question into, basically, a description of my hometown (alrady prepared). Would you get away with it though ?

•At this stage of my life I have a number of plans for the future.
•One of my plans is to climb a mountain. By this I mean not just any small hill or mountain but a big, snowy mountain, just like the ones professional mountaineers climb.
•This plan has been with me for many years now. I never really had the resources or the time to pursue it before. Now that I have completed my graduation I can see my plan turning into reality soon.
•For this plan I will need to enroll in a mountaineering institute. I know of a few in the states bordering the Himalayas such as the one in Uttarakhand. It is called the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Such institutes are the perfect place for enthusiastic beginners who have very little experience in mountain climbing. They offer a wide range of courses from beginner’s level courses to advanced level courses.
•In order to achieve my goal I need to save up some money to pay for the fees of the course, any equipment, gear or clothing that I might require and money to travel and pay for accommodation. The other aspect that I have to work on is my fitness. Prior to the commencement of the course I need to start training to become physically fit. I need to begin training at least 6 months in advance.
•Then I need to set aside about 6 weeks for the actual course. The course begins with a 2 week fitness program which involves various fitness routines along with teaching of skills needed to survive in the mountains. After this the group begins the actual climb. The peak is chosen so that it is relatively easy to climb. The entire climb will last about 4 weeks.
•I hope to do this in about a year’s time. It has been a dream of mine for long now. I hope to accomplish it soon.

Nice your program

i don't know my future plan can you help me with my H.W I have a H.W about ( talk about your future plans ) and I don't have any ideas and i am 15 years old in the secondary school in grade 9 . plz help me ?


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