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Friday, October 18, 2013


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Hi everybody. I have a totally unrelated question. Does anybody know which one is correct? "northwest" or "north west"? Google search gives both results.

I gave my speaking test yesterday and I was asked to answer this as task 2. Surprised to see this question being answered here. :)

Hi simon
I have some questions about writting
1.Can I use interrogative sentence in TASK2?
2.Some writting books told us that we need to add some data and proverbs to intensify argumentation (sometimes we should even make up some dada) Is that appropriate?
3.If the question of TASK2 is "which do you consider to be the major influence?" or "do you agree or disagree?" Dose that mean i should just choose one side instead of having a compromised opinion?
4.how do IELTS examiners grade TASK1? I mean does the content overweigh lexicon, cohension and sentence?
Looking forward to your reply.Thank you!

Hi Simon and all,

I have a question regarding academic task 1.

Simon tells us to write 2 sentences for overview. But what should we do when we can't write more than one sentence in the overview because the graph or diagram doesn't contain enough information to write the overview in two sentences. I specially saw yesterday's writing task 1. Simon wrote overview in one sentence and joined it with introduction. I faced same problem while I was doing a bar chart given in Cambridge IELTS 4 PAGE 78.

Does anybody find it hard too? It would be better if Simon shows us how to analyze that bar chart given in the book because I have found it tricky.

hello simon and all,
first i want to say you thank a lot for making this effective website. i am from india in gujarat ahmedabad and i want to take exam date but i am confuse that which examination centre is better for ielts exam from my city there are two centre first one is british and second one is british.
please give me answer.

simon hello hope you are well , in truth I need to achieve my degree and band 6 as I feel I'm missing a bit to get this band. you do not know what issues may come in the exam or something. or do not know how that in truth I feel that if I could know that will come in the oral exam would be easier , or that say the theme for the writing,
greetings and I hope you can help ..

Hi simon and all
I am new to this web side, but going through the advise for long time.I grateful to you.last time(FORTH TIME on 28.09.2013) on my IELTS exam I got w-6.5,r-7,l-4.5,s-7. I am going to take exam on 09.10.2013.I need band 7 for each.is it possible to get my target on next time? can you give some advise?

Very useful site...But do we find the correct answers.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to use them when I'm writing new lessons.

Ara - answers are always in the 'comments'.

Hi simon. I appreciate your concerning. Could help please to improve my english fluency

Hi Simon, I hope that you're doing well. I want to ask you why you've used (I did notice) not ( I noticed). Thanks for your advice.

Hi simon,
today was my speaking test. i did it well. my grammer and sentence making was good. also fluency was good. i answered all the questions and i could not finish the topic. before this he stopped me.
it was good. but i am worry about, i could not use any strong vocabulary. so what do think? can i get 7??

Hello everyone...
i gave my speaking test today n it went ok...
Can i know ur name?
Where r u from and from which part of country?
What does polite mean?
Who taught you to b polite?
Were you polite with someone?
Do you like history n why?
Do you watch some historical television programmes these day n why?
part 2
Describe about a statue or about and art
what is it?
Where is it?
How did you came to know?
Have you ever been there?

Part 3
Define art?
The rest questions i don't remember.....

simon I need 6.5 at writing but i cannot get 6.5.Also I am writing 2 or 3 essay everyday can you recommend something in order to reach 6.5.

Simo, you are a genius. You seemed like somebody who is born to teach, I mean you have a niche for it. Lots of thanks!

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