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Friday, October 11, 2013


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i'm going to take my examination this coming oct. 6.. sometimes i feel confident that i can make it, on the other hand i felt like nervous.. i only need 5band score. still scary because it's my first time. any advise to motivate me.

oct.26 rather..

Hi Eleanor, I am also taking this exam on the 26th of October too. As Simon, encourages us, more frequent practice will help boost our confidence before that day and we will return here to share our testimonies of great scores like others have been doing in Jesus name I pray.

Thanks to Simon for this powerful practice tool for great IELTS band scores. I just found it today. I am growing my confidence with it. I missed the required band score of 6.0 in Reading by 0.5 (it was so painful) while I got great scores in other segments. I don't want to experience that "near-success" experience again.

Describe a future plan. You should say

- what the plan is
i am planning for out of the country, this will be my first time to get away from my country,i want to make this so memorable so i want to go to the place where i dreamed of. i'm planning to go to Hong Kong, and to see the landmark of it, the Disney land, they say that there is a replicated body of Jackie Chan on the vicinity, and i want to take a picture with it, so i could feel that i had a picture with him.
- when you thought of the plan
i'm thinking to book a trip on the day that i do not have work, because it is hard for me to file a leave, that will be possible on Christmas vacation, maybe before the day of Dec. 25 or ahead of that day.
- who is involved in the plan
of course that day will be special if your with significant family member, particularly my parents and my sisters, in addition with my favorite naughty nephew, this trip will benefit him to be expose to the colorful event and a happy place.
- and say how you think you will achieve the plan.
that will cost too much if i will spend all my access without the help of my sister's contribution.. so i will ask them first if that will be fine for them, after that i will ask my friends who is currently working in the airline in that way i could have a discounts.

any comments will make me at ease..;)

One of my future plan is to learn photography. My close friend and I thought of this plan when we saw a poster advertising a photography course at a bus stop few months ago. I plan to buy an expensive camera and attend that photography course. I want to learn professional photography to take photos on special occasions so that I could have a record of the things I’ve seen or done. I believe that when I finish that course, I would be able to take pictures of my friends, family and interesting things that I see in a professional way.
I like to learn photography because it’s a creative hobby and it makes you notice the world around you. I love capturing special moments or unusual or beautiful images, and it’s a great feeling to be able to look back through the pictures and relive different experiences.

Has anyone just taken the ielts exam on 12th oct? I am really upset about the writing part, as thequestion of task 2 is so weird. :(

The question is most likely:
Economic progression can be used to measure a country.'s success.
Are there any other factors which can used to measure the country's success? If there is one, do you think it is import a than the others?

(Sorry for the wrong grammar)

Hi, Calvin,

I'm new here.
I guess it means some other factors can also make good measures, like the health condition of the entire people, the wealth gap between rich and poor, cultural heritage preservation, to name a few.

Dear Dana
There's a typo in my last comment, should be important* sorry
How about the second question, as the 1st question asks us to define other factors, isn't it obvious to say all factors should be given equal importanc in the second question?

Many thanks

Dear Calvin,

I have to confess that I don't know the first thing about IELTS writing and i'm not about to take the test, simply interested in English.

As for the question, well, i guess it depends on how you state your idea.
The other factor can be more important than the economic progress as long as your words are convincing. Or, these two can be equally important, complementary to each other when the economic progress along can not show a whole idea of success.

sorry that I'm not very helpful.

Hi, Simon,

Or, is it possible that you "listen to your heart" and insist the economic progress be the only indicator that works? It would be hard to talk about some idea you don't really believe in.

Could we do this in IELTS?

Silly me!!!!!
The last message was for Calvin, not Simon.
Sorry, Calvin and Simon, for all the troubling.

Hi everyone,

This is my real story. I think I've expressed it with too complicated ideas. Would you please help me to improve my story in a simpler way with good vocabulary. Thanks a lot!

- what the plan is
I'd like to talk about flying a glider which is a plan I've been dreaming of for a long time.

- when you thought of the plan
The first time I thought about this plan was when being a child my mother told me that she used to fly in a glider when she was young. It was a sport that her friends used to practice when my mother was young because they worked at the airport in my hometown and they had the opportunity of doing so for free.

- who is involved in the plan
I'll try to achieve this goal by my own as none of my friends and relatives are interested in such adventure, but I have the determination of fulfill this dream.

- and say how you think you will achieve the plan.
So, I hope I will be able to take classes of flying in the future and learn the necessary skills to fly in a glider. While I'm saving money for that purpose I'm training myself with a flight simulator I run on my computer. I try to do that on a regular basis in order to be as much prepared as possible.

- extra
I believe that flying is one of the most exiting activities one can think of. My father was a commercial pilot with an experience of 30 years of flying around the world. He usually told me stories about different countries he visited, but what most interested me was the emotions he felt every time he took off, flew and landed an airplane. It was a mixture of power, responsibility and fulfillment that I'd like to feel when I'm able to pilot for the first time.

Hi simon, if the question ask to describe an event, can I talk about a situation that make me happy/angry? Or it must be an event such as festival, some celebrations, etc....???
Thanks in advance.

Can I talk about a funny situation for 'events' topic as well?

A friend of mine took his Speaking Test last week and in part 2 he has been asked to talk about “some activity he wants to experience in the future”. He was supposed to describe the activity, explain why he wanted to experience it, and also explain the requirements for reaching it.

I have prepared the following answer for myself. However, I’m 100% sure that I can’t use such a wide range of vocabulary under the test conditions!:

I’d like to experience rock climbing one day. Actually I really wanna learn this sport in the near future.

I like to experience rock climbing because basically I like outdoor activities that give me the opportunity for being in the nature. Since I am quite light and flexible, I find myself well-suited for this sport. Besides, there is no doubt that it’s a great adventure to be attached to a rock or cliff with your fingers.

I know that rock climbing is a highly physically demanding sport. So, I really need to be well-prepared. That’s why I exercise regularly to build up my stamina. I practice weight-bearing to improve my muscle tone. I also do aerobic exercises, like jogging and swimming, to improve cardiovascular and respiratory systems of my body. Still, I will definitely need a professional instructor who can teach me the principles and techniques of that. I will also need its special equipment, such as a helmet for sure, to protect me from head injury, many tools like different types of ropes probably, special shoes and clothing as well.

I'd like to share my plan with you.my plan is that i am going to open a online store on website ,such as taobao (which is a one of the most famous e-commerce platform in China)
As I am a young mother, since I seldom have time to go shopping in the big mall not only for my family members but also for myself.It goes without saying that online-shopping is really convenience for me to catch up with the fashion and show me a colorful world.moreover, my kid have been enrolled in daycare, I have enough time to do what i really want best ,so it is time to put my plan into reality.
Since I have no experiences in electronic commerce,my friend Susan who have been operating a online store for a long time ask me to join in her team as an assistant to learn how to run a online shop.
I know there should be a long way to go to achieve the success in operating a online store, it is a common saying that well begin is half down, I will try my best to learn the whole working procedure of online-business ,such as finding out the goods resources, design attractive layout on website,set out effective sales plan in terms of different festival ,whatever.....

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