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Monday, October 21, 2013


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Dear simon,
I know it's not related to the post, but this question has really occupied my mind..
In writing task 2:
Is it O.K to write or refer to some unreal facts,examples or statistics?
like these :
ā€¯according to the latest survey conducted by......"
students in IMAGINARY school did that ....

Hi Hessam,

I don't recommend doing that - it will seem forced and false. Just present the ideas as your views, not as imaginary statistics.

Topic.(idea) .. explain...example..
or firstly..example..secondly..finally ..
How to provide good and sufficient supports for the Idea without some false facts? and how a examiner can figure it out ? because I see lots of examples and data in Online essays ..and there are no guarantee if they are correct or not .. will the examiner penalize students for this kinda things?
*** case for instant, this happened in **** school and student did *** ..

hi Simon,
thanks so much for your lessons.I recently took my ielts, and I scored 8,7,6,6 ,in the listening, speaking,writing, and reading respectively. but I need a 7 in each section. please help me, really need to improve on my writing and reading and most especially my time management, since I will be taking it again in November. I feel frustrated AND I NEED U HELP PLEASE. THANKS

I don't have this test, can you help me guys with the book?
thank's a lot,

I always cannot finish the IELTS reading. It takes about 70 minutes when I have done the 3 passages in my daily practice. How can I improve my reading skills?

dear sir ,
I wanted to improve my reading and writing .Kindly help me as i wanted to take up ielts exam after two of months

dear sir
Iam looking forward for your kind help ,as it is impossible for me to attend classes. Please help me to prepare by online and get a score of 7 in each bands

hi Simon
can I ask you about the teacher who can be corrected an essay. how much I have to pay for an essay?

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