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Saturday, May 25, 2013


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very true. Sometimes i understand quite a few complicated words which i havent heard in my life but i try to read between the lines to understand . Never use them again . :-S
I dint understand the meaning of the sentence:- He was granted a licence to mine in the area.
does it mean i wasnt given licence and he got the licence in the area?

Any help pl ..

can u help me out in this.

Hi all

Just took my test today in India.
Did well in Listening And the writing task 2 was:-
To educate young people is the most important task for the governments all over the world.
However educating Adults is more important and so the governments should spend more public money on this.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

I did my test today also. The listening and reading part were quite easy than I expected. In fact, most of the practices I did from the Cambridge text were much more difficult than the exam itself. Great thanks to Simon's principles; i was able to quickly locate the part of the text where the answers were located. Although I have not seen my score, I believe I am going to do well.

I did my test today, the reading and writing were quite good, but The listening was a bit too fast for me.

General Module
Task 1
your friend wants to visit your country and need your advice, write them a letter telling them the best time to visit, compare the methods of travelling round the country and recommend some places they can visit.

task 2
in some countries, schools open before and after normal lesson hours to look after children whose parents are going to work. does this have more advantages or disadvantages to the children. explain your answers and draw examples from personal experience or knowledge.

Hi all and Shafva

I think the meaning of the sentence is:-
granted license to mine MEANS the he was given permission to do the act of mining (extracting ores and minerals from the earth)in that area.

hope it helps!

Hi shafva

I think the meaning of the sentence is:-
He was given permission to do the act of mining
(extracting ores and minerals from the earth) in the area.

hope it helps!

Hi Simon,

It is a bit irrelevant to this post's subject but I want to ask. I'm kinda confused when I'm writing a task 1 essay. Do you think this sentence reads fine? I'd be really happy if you answer. Thanks. /Esra/

In 1950 the average family spent 72.1% of their money on housing but this proportion decreased significantly by almost 50 % to only 22 % in 2010.

Hi Mamta,

Could you please share what did you write in the test with that subject?

Kindly thanks

Hi Huan
After reading this topic in the exam I concentrated a lot on what was asked in the question. I then adopted Simon's approach to the structure and I disagreed with the statement
2 line intro then my opinion i disagreed that adult education programmes should be more preferred as young people also need to be properly educated.

1st main BP:-
on the one hand it is understandable that adult literacy programmes should hold a vital place in government's agenda.
then i proceeded by supporting with an example.
importance of such educational campaigns to the grown ups and to their children.benefits to society and country
2nd BP:- on the other iwould argue that to educate young people is equally important.
Firstly,i wrote that these people are the prospective professionals. explained it further
Secondly, young blood, more energetic and enthusiastic, should be given proper educational chances with an example.
4th para:- conclude it with my opinion in the end

Thanks Mamta.

hi simon...
i know what is all about ielts, but i dont know where i will start to study. Its really hard for me the basic english grammar because i took for granted that once since when i was elementary years. I want to take ielts this coming october, could you please help me or give me some advises where will i begin? Thanks in advance, greatly appreciated.

I am planning to take the academic for my employment purposes in australia. Could it be possible for to make it atleast 4 months to prepare. I am not good in english very well, but i am willing to strive harder in order to get my aim score, it is also my first time to take the exam. Thank you.

Hi Mamta.

Thanks so much. Hope you get your desired score.


Hi Ken08,
Hope you are well.

I believe you should start by improving your English Language as starting then you pass the IELTS test and get your score.I suggest you take English lessons but do not depend on them so much.Acquiring a new language and mastering it needs a lot of efforts and self-study to be able to improve your langauge and get your score.If you can't afford English lessons,Then you can find several self-study websites like the British Council and many other resources.It's always good to follow simon's lesons here.Start from the old lessons in the archving section to get used to the IELTS questions.Also try to find a speaking partner to practice speaking with and you may both help each other by doing homework together in Wrting or Reading and Listening.It will take alot of effort and the period will depend on your current level and your time and effort dedicated to study Englsih.

Good luck.Youc an do it :)

hi soha,
Thanks for your advices. I am currently working now in a hospital, I have time but when i face in my laptop i am really distructed with my facebook. How many times i tried to promise my self but i do not have a focus. Can you help me to suggest also for any books for my vocabulary? Million thanks from you.

I have friend also who took the exam last may and she got l-9 r-8.5 w-7 s-7. I am so overwhelmed of what she got, and I told myself that i can make it also. In terms of my speaking, we tried once to practiced but in between the questions i cannot answer really, it takes time for me to make a sentence.I pity for myself why i cannot speak english as much as anyone else.

Sorry if this post looks repetitive, but a good dictionary can really help students understand the usage of the words.
When learning a second language, the dictionary should be your best friend!

Suggested free online dictionary:

Kindly explain the meaning of this task

in some countries, schools open before and after normal lesson hours to look after children whose parents are going to work. does this have more advantages or disadvantages to the children. explain your answers and draw examples from personal experience or knowledge.

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