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Monday, March 18, 2013


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I think B is the answer.

D is my answer

I think A

B is the Answer, I think!

Although the first paragraph define what is future shock but its not the suitable title
so , I go with D-D_D-D_D

My answer is B

my answer is B.

my answer is B.

my answer is D




I think the answer is B.

Hi Simon,

D is my answer.

Thank you.

I beleive that the answer is D beacuse the passage discusses the effect of change on people.

A : is wrong,I beleive it is a trick and it is related more to paragraph 1 not the whole passage.
B :is wrong becasue the passage is not only about the definition .Too specific
C : is wrong because the passage dose not talk about the writer career


I think the answer is: B
Because I prefer to read the first 2 lines or maximum 3.


B ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am sure

i think,
the ans: b

"A" is the best answer.




My answer is B.


D is my answer

I think it's D

I guess it is B.

I think it's D

hi simon and everyone, im new to this blog. i found this blog very useful.
can u help in this reading passage to choose correct answer pls.(no more than 3 words from text)
1) at the time of the great fire of london,
the weather was______.
passage shows the summer of 1666 had been uncharecteristically hot and dry.
2)people built new buildings out of____
in passage, most of london was rebuilt using stone and brick, materials that were far less flammable.
whether to write summer or hot and dry for 1st. stone and brick or less flammable materials for 2nd. thanks in advance.

I think "D"




Hello Simon. My answer is B. The first paragraph tells the Toffler's definition of future shock and the second expresses how the shock take place in the future. Is my opinion wright or wrong,please?

I think the answer is : D


The answer is D

I'll go for answer B because the entire passage is explaining about what the "future shock" means.
First, he says it is the name of the book and also a particular mental state.
In the second paragraph, he even gives it a more detailed explanations and samples about the "future shock", and adds "the majority of social problems are symptoms of future shock."

The above is my opinion and welcome to receive any suggestion.

The answer is C

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My answer is B

I should say B would perfectly fit.

Hi guys,

I presume that the answer is D.
The answer B(What is “future shock”?)should present a description of the futur and used the furure tense as "will".
But, on the first sentence, the descrption use "is undergoing" meaning that the evolution process is already started.

Please Simon, can we have the answer?

Hi, my answer - A,B,C and D )))))) well from my point of view the correct answer is B ......, but I am not sure, cos I also thinking about D )))))

I think D is the correct answer.

I think D is th eright answer

Answer is D


my answer is B

B, I think

My answer is B. And i tottaly agree with Andy's explaination.


I think i will go for B.


Simon please correct us if we are wrong. My answer is B. C is wrong because the para starts with a focus on Future Shock and then it continued defining the the term. The para ends again in an alternative term for Future Shock. So it was all about Future Shock.

My answer is B





Hi Simon,

I want to know what are the latest speaking topics for ielts exam. Also I am planning to take GT exam on 6th April and I am confused for which should I go for : IDP or British Counsil?
I would appreciate the prompt response as I have to register for the exam as early as possible.

Jagdeep Kaur

Hello Simon.My answer is B.

Very tricky).

My assumption
C - is definitly wrong, as it's not mentioned in the passage.
B - covers only the first paragraph of the passage.
So it's either A or D)).
D - looks ok, as in many parts of the passage the words change and society are mentioned a lot, but I tend to think, that this passage is more about his vision of the shocking future and following consequences. So, my attempt is A :)

A) A shocking vision of the future.

True answer is D

Hi everybody,
I think B is the best answer :D


of course B!

I will go for B. (^.^)/


My answer is B


B is correct.

A is wrong because the passage is about people's reaction to the future, not a particular vision of the future.

C is wrong because there is nothing about his whole career.

D is too general - the passage is about a specific reaction to change. We really need something about Toffler or future shock in the title.

B is the best title because both paragraphs talk about future shock: the first paragraph contains a definition, and the second paragraph explains how future shock can occur.

I was dying to know the answer :)

Thanks Simon for your explaination.

My ans is D

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hello Simon

I am satwant.I have tried Ielts acedemic training two years ago and i go overall 7 bands.Now,i have to do General training,bu i am little bit nervous.I don't know anything about his type of IELTS.I hope you would help me.

my answer is B

my answer is A

If you look at the whole paragraph it is completely talking about future shock.
As we see, at first , the middle and also at the end of the paragraph we observe the exact words of future shock.

hi.m new in this blog.
plz m very confuse to solve list of headings & mcqs.is there any trick to slove.
i need help in reading.
its my 1st attempt.
plz reply.


Hello Simo,

My answer is D.

D is correct

Titles must contain all the sentences of paragraph. Therefore, my answer is absolutely B.

Hello nice to see you ,Mr. Simon my answer is B .Could you give me an correct answer? Thank you firstly.

Hi simon
D is my answer

D is the answer ( as he describes about the enormous changes of the society)

Hi Simon my answer is D



hi simon. in my review center, the teacher told us to read the 1st 2 sentences only and from that we could get the title (for title selection). Is this advisable.?

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