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Sunday, February 24, 2013


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Also it is important not to forget pronunciation when you use/ learn phrases and collocation for the speaking element of the test. You could learn a hundred such phrases but if the pron is wrong, they may end up doing you more harm than good!

From my experience, one should focus on those phrases that find them very frequently in IELTS essays, applying them very often to master them. Some phrases could be used in most essays while the rest are useful in a certain topic.


I got 7 in IELTS essays,thanks !Your suggestions are very pragmatic.

best wishes for every one here.

Hi, Simon

I cannot understand this sentence below.

"It is no exaggeration to say that not since the invention of the printing press has a new media technology altered the way people think, work and play quite so extensively."

what does "not since" mean?

About "not since," it is called "inversion" in English grammar. I suggest you to search the word "inversion" on the web.

'thoroughly embraced' is adj???
What does it mean, Sir?
thank you so much

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