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January 23, 2013


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Hey Simon, i really nee you help in this topic essay:
"These days couples decide to have children later in their life. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? How is it affecting the family life and society?".
I think in this essay, although there is a question "do you agree or disagree with this statement?" but the type of this essay must be "causes and effects + give opinion', not "agumentative essay + effects". An i think the orientation to do this essay as follow:

- Introduction: rephrase topic + give opinion ( agree or not)
- Body 1: causes (also reason to support for agree or disagree)
- Bady 2: effects (answer to the second question)
- Conclusion

Please help me, i am really confused. Thanks so much!

describe an unusual job? I have no idea? Could anyone help me?

Hi simon,
can you help me plz in this question

is this statement true or false?

The surface of the Great Pyramid is covered in polished limestone slabs

IN the passage
Originally the exterior was covered in highly polished limestone slabs.

Hello Sarahe, I've found for you 10 Most Unusual Jobs

Hi Simon,

Here is my paragraph:

Most people contend that if the country has increasing life expectancy, they will have to deal with numerous problems. First of all, there would be growing numbers of elderly people, who are at their retirement age and entitled to their pension. Moreover, the government has to expand the expenditure for better health care, new facilities for the old. In conjunction with this, a smaller percentage of young people could cause a crisis in the labour supply and a decrease in consumers’ demand as the old usually buy less than youngsters. Ultimately, this could lead to a slow economic growth rate which affects all aspects of life.

Words: 106.

I only use 2 ideas and add some reasons. Is it ok and could you tell me how to improve it?


From a financial point of view,it can have a negative impact.Because older people usually rely on government's benefit and pension.Government raise this money from working people's tax.That means there will be more burden on working people,and if there isnt enought working people than government might not be able to collect enough money that they needed to support elderly people,which can affect nation's finance department.In addition,health sector might face problems such as long waiting time for appointment,as aged people are more likely to suffer from different diseases,and they require more time as they present with complex conditions.

To avoid problems that can arise with the increase in life expectancy following measure should be taken.First of all, government should create more jobs in order to get more tax from people,and increase immigration to compensate the number of elderly people.Also,authorities could reduce the benefits to unemployed people.With regards to health sector,health authority should introduce more screening programmes to stay elderly people healthy or disease free.

Thanks Makhabbat
but I have a question ?
Is it possible to talk about work which are less unusual than this list! I mean one thing that is unusual for me but usual for others!

It is quite obvious that by increasing the number of aged people in society, government will confront a myriad of problems. As the number of the pensioners’ increases, the state will be having heavy responsibilities to shoulder to meet the basic needs of them by putting heavy taxes on younger working groups. Furthermore, the old need to be taken care of, so another group has to be spent money on to deal with the problems may arise in this respect and It is again a kind of burden on society and the young to provide their healthcare and housing.

Well Sarahe, I think it is possible, in speaking part we have to develop our own opinion. You have to focus on grammar and use good vocabulary. Not necessities to tell true story, this is only my view.

And you can tell about everything that you think. From my point of view they judge how you can use your vocabulary and how many mistakes you make, even if you tell them that you were in the Moon


There are some good contributions in the comments above!

I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer some questions in a lesson once a week (usually Saturdays).

Dear Simon,

First of all I really want to convey my gratitude towards you from the bottom of my heart to running this wonderful website which is providing a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills to the people who want to do well in their IELTS exam.

Actually, I have just received my IELTS score and I am very happy to share this with you, because I have learnt a lot from your lectures.

Well, my score is as follows:-

L - 7, R - 8.5, W-7.5, S - 8, O - 8


Hi Rakesh
congratulations on ur score
I am planning to write my ielts on feb 3rd can u please tell me which is the good way to start the preparation

hi sir
ur ielts site was excellent and it helped me alot.
i had my ielts coaching from princeton review,as my tutor had told me that in writing TASK 2 i have to either completely agree or disagree(advantages/disadvantage)
ie.,to stand on one option.But by referring to ur site i have noted we can write the essay in balanced way i mean both advantages and disadvantages.
so could you pls tell me the correct method to follow?

i m confused among two question statements
1.to what extent do you agree?
2.do you agree or disagree with this statement?

my questions is that
a.are these r same type of question
b. will introduction, views and conclusion will be same
c.where they both fall( in discussion ,opinion r both)
d.can we discuss both views for each

Congratulations Rakesh!

I'll try to answer some of the other questions in a lesson this weekend.

Hi Simon,
I am a student struggling with IELTS WRITING, as my score always flutuated between 6.5 and 7. I thought I was confident enough in writing, because I am a Law student who always write good essay. But the result turned out to be rather disappointing.
Do you have some suggestions for me? And where can I get the full-mark sample answers?I know there are some model answers that have been marked "very good answer" on the back of the Official IELTS Practice 1-8. Are these full-mark answer?
Many Thanks~~~

Hi,Simon I have recently found this website and it is really helpful. Thank you.

I have read many comments students wrote as Simon cannot write all comments.
I am taking an ielts test this saturday in Newzealand. Only 5days left but there is no one to check my essay. I would appreciate all comments from you guys.( I spent 45min to write this essay and my goal score is 7).

Topic: Some people say that news media is becoming more influential today in peoples' lives and it is a negative development. To what extent do you agree of disagree?

Along with the constant progress of the global broadcasting condition seen on the current living standard, a growing number of people are influenced by news media. Some people believe that this trend brings adverse effects on people's lives. Nevertheless as far as I am concerned, the news media has brought more advantages than disadvantages.

It is true that modern people are situated in an unlimited information society and influenced by news media through televisions, radio, newspaper and the internet. This phenomenon has become appeared due to the development of technology.

It cannot be denied that there is a variety of benefits of the news media. To bigin with, it is much easier to access to all kinds of information compared to in the past, so people can widen their general knowledge and obtain up-to-date news. In addition, people can help each other as they know global as well as internal issues through the news media. For instance, when severe natural disaster occured last year, many organizations and people provide help vulunteering to build new shelter and sending food and clothes.

On the other and, some drawbacks caused by the growth of news media should not be underestimated. Information from news media could be biased as most media companies are related to the government. Governments push the news company to write adavantageous articles for them. Therefore some people think news media is unreliable and affect people nagatively. However, modern people can nowadays obtain various information from different companies so they can distinguish what they should accept or not.

In conclusion, in my opinion, the benefits of news media far outweigh the disadvantages.

Hi simon ,

i am confused about the use of could,could have,would, would have.

please give your opinion as early as possible.
i am sitting for IELTS on 2nd February


i think you didn't convince your reader of your point by the paragraph before your conclusion. it delivered a confusing point.

(P.S. That is just my opinion... others may give their comments too)

:) princess k

Note: Simon, can you please comment on my essay? What score will you give for this essay? Will appreciate much. Many Thanks@ Rabin
It is a fact that innovative developments in the field of medicine and food industry have led to the increase in the mean life span of people in industrialised and affluent nations. This is good achievement. However, it has inevitably brought problems in these countries which, in my opinion, can be solved by initiating some measures.

One problem is increase in old population causing youth unemployment. As old people are working long, the opportunity of work for newer generation has diminished.It becomes hard for fresh and young people to compete against experienced elderly counterparts for various jobs available because they do not have experience or very little experience. The consequence is that they are not selected for the jobs and they have to stay idle. Slowly, they start becoming frustrated and are inclined to drug addiction and crime. Thus, increase in ageing population has led to many social problems. Governments have to spend a large amount of money for rehabilitation of drug addicts and criminals,out of tax money.

To address the problems brought by ageing population, we can take few precautions and actions. Firstly, the retirement age can be brought down. This will help to offer opportunities of employment for youth. Secondly, selection criteria of many jobs should be changed. For instance, age criteria for entry level jobs can be set to 25-35 years old. Thirdly, more aged care homes can be established for old people to ensure that they are well taken cared of.

To sum up, increase in ageing populations has brought problems such as unemployment, drug addiction and crime affecting individual and society as well. However, if we carefully plan and take appropriate measures, the problems can be solved slowly and eventually and we would be able to create a balanced society.


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